What is going on in America?

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Yes, I know that the story of the day is the Hamas flotilla. Scroll down and read my column on the issue from today’s Jerusalem Post. I am going to be interviewed on the Laura Ingraham show today as well as on a number of other talk radio shows in the US and I am working on another column on the subject.

But still, I have had a sinking feeling about the US since I read a piece in Politico over the weekend. I don’t want the fog of the present crisis to make me forget to mention something that I consider to be deeply disturbing and even frightening.

With that preamble, here goes….

Is the US becoming an anti-Semitic country? Certainly the comfort level people have expressing bigoted sentiments towards Jews is rising.

Take this bizarre article posted on Politico on Saturday. It runs under the startling title: “Israel Groups ante up for Harman.”
Jane Harman has a pretty good pro-Israel record in Congress as Democrats go these days. In all likelihood it was her pro-Israel position as much as her pro-Iraq war position that got her in trouble with Nancy Pelosi who passed over her for chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee.
Harman is facing off against an anti-Israel Jewish woman named Marcy Winograd in her Democratic Congressional primary.
Given these facts, it would make sense, as a matter of course for Israel supporters to contribute to her primary campaign. 
Against this backdrop there are two hair raising aspects to the Politico article. First, that anyone would consider it notable that supporters of strong US-Israel ties support Harman.
Second, as it works out, the sums involved are insignificant. All the website had to report was that in recent weeks she received $12,500 in contributions in addition to $500 she had previously received. That’s it. All this supposedly objective news website could come up with was $13K in American Jewish support going to Harman. 
And this was worthy of an article why?
The only explanation that comes to mind is that Politico thinks there is a problem with American Jews contributing money to political campaigns. Why else would this non-story be worth telling?
And by the way, I can’t think of an instance where Politico pointed out donations from American Muslims to Congressional candidates, to Obama or anyone else. Given the proven links between many American Muslim charities and terrorist organizations, it would seem that those donations — even in minuscule amounts would pass the newsworthy test. But $13K in Jewish contributions to Harman? 
I find this very disturbing. 
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  • Kenny 06/01/2010 at 9:43

    Are you serious? Today, where the world is reflecting on an act of piracy by the state of israel in international waters, you are blogging about Jane Harman, and questioning whether, the only country to back Israel is anti-semitic? You need to wake up. I mean seriously, dont you ever wake up and question your support for a nation which is guilty of some of the worst human rights abuses in the world today.

  • DaveP 06/01/2010 at 9:47

    As the Muslim population in America increases, Jews will increasingly find themselves marginalized. It will also affect Israel’s relations with America, to the detriment of Israel.
    That much was predicted more then a decade ago. And yet, Jewish leaders have been, and still are, the strongest proponents of immigration, including Muslim immigration to the USA.

  • DaveP 06/01/2010 at 9:51

    Dr. Jaques Gautier: Who Owns Jerusalem?
    http://thewestislamandsharia.blogspot.c … salem.html
    Eventually, it all boils down to Jerusalem.
    This is a fairly long YouTube split into 5 parts. The 4th and 5th are particularly good, when Dr Gautier is asked what Israel needs to do to improve reconciliation – its not an answer the presenter expected.
    This video needs to be seen by everyone, particularly Israelis, and specially Israeli politicians.
    Please publicise it.

  • Steve 06/01/2010 at 10:18

    America has always been an anti-Semitic country it’s just that the Germans make them look good -don’t forget how FDR sent the St. Louis back to Germany and refused to allow any military operation against the concentration camps let alone bomb them – accidentally stumbling over a concentration camp is not a deliberate military operation that could have saved thousands of lives. Yeah I know there are many decent Americans but then there are a few decent Germans too. I grew up hearing how Hitler did a lot of good things for Germany but he was just a little bit of an extremist – to my naive young ears it sounded so anti-Nazi.
    It gets worse. American Jews are cowing themselves into submission. The Jewish Journal now reads like a Peace Now rag and a recent contributor was on that Flotilla. Senator Diane Feinstein made an anti-Zionist remark and is clearly in the meshumad camp of Rahm Emmanuel.
    There are some bright spots. Ed Kroch has been critical of Abu Bama. Unfortunately he still has the idee fixe that Hillary Clinton whom he has supported for so long was kidnapped by Abu Bama (in fact this F-ing Jew Bastard thinks she has been a lying anti-Semite all her life) and there is a rally in NYC supporting Israel’s action against the Flotilla.
    Among the goyim, Tom Nighthorse Campbell who is running for the Republican nomination for US Senator of California was portrayed by some stupid American Jews as possibly having political difficulties due to his “pro-Israel” stance whereas in fact he is a lousy anti-Semite who defended the terrorist Sami al-Arian.
    It’s been a little while since I’ve been verbally slapped in the face by an anti-Semite but I’m expecting it again soon and they’d better duck fast.

  • US citizen 06/01/2010 at 10:45

    Only one possible explanation: Mammon. By condemning pro Israel support they believe they can curry favor, in order to make more money, with the anti-Israel population of the world.
    It’s like the network morning shows I saw today. On one, the Greek guy was castigating the guy that exposed Acorn. On the one that covered the Olympics the white guy was castigating the guy that lived next door to Sarah Palin. Networks obviously hate the investigative journalism being conducted by independent journalists to the further decline of the network’s audience. No wonder people are more drawn to the web than the hatred spewed by the purchased network media.
    I don’t know what airlines make but I suspect that every time they raise rates their revenue decreases but they still keep raising rates.
    And the car companies, rather than reducing the price of cars, in order to sell more, they spend more money trying to sell them which further reduces their profit.
    Praise The Creator God that we will not be judged by how much money we have nor by how many humans think well of us.

  • independentpatriot 06/01/2010 at 11:06

    If you had been reading Politico you would find it becoming more and more of a left-wing shrill voice rather than a legitimate purveyor of political news. You would also find that those who post on politico are following in the footsteps of the anti-semites of the HuffPo and Daily Kos, not to mention Obama’s Organizaing for America. Politico is probably playing to what it thinks is its base reader instead of to any legitimate new story.It is also part of the litrugy of the left that the Jews have too much power in the US. It is not surprising that a pro-Obama website would pick up on that and galvanize their readers to that point.
    It is not so much the idea that such a story exists as that it is becoming mainstream among poltical elite to question the participation in politics of citizens of this country because of their Jewish heritage. It is also right out of the playbook of the Obama administration, since an anonymour source accused Dennis Ross of dual loyalities, because he did not back Obama’s policy towards Israel.(Because we all know that you have to be disloyal American if you disagree with the new Messiah.)Then the next step in the Obama narrative of course, will be the falacious accusation of diecide against Obama by his Jewish apostles when all of Obama’s polciies fail.
    As long as the anti-semites run rampant in the democratic party without legitmate Jewish concern and that the Jewish leaderhip is afraid to call out a President of the US and his cronies for their anti-semitism then the Poltico stories will continue to appear. The Jews themselves are hiding their heads thinking this will all go away. Did that 70 years ago. Didn’t work out too well for most Jews did it.

  • Arius 06/01/2010 at 11:27

    It was during the 1990’s while intensely studying the foreign meddling in the breakup of Yugoslavia that I detected the Progressive/Islamic/Fascist alliance. That disease is now manifesting in the US. It is anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, totalitarian, and intolerant. It is a mental disease sweeping through the Western world. Israel will need to hunker down, and should never give up its nuclear weapons which not only keep its Muslim enemies at bay but also cower the Europeans and the US, cowards and dhimmis that they are.

  • Geoffrey Britain 06/01/2010 at 11:28

    Many Americans are becoming anti-Israel. There remains a very strong core of support for Israel. The majority of Americans remain supportive of Israel but the propaganda of the left is slowly changing that, especially among young adults who are most vulnerable to the left’s lies and distortions.
    Kenny above is a perfect illustration of that dynamic. He has obviously swallowed whole the blatantly inaccurate omissions of fact, distortions and outright lies of the left and its propaganda organ, the Main Stream Media.
    The left is Israel’s greatest enemy not Islam.
    That is because the left is systematically subverting Israel’s ability to defend itself against Islam.
    Israel can survive Islam. It cannot survive a world united against it and that is the left’s strategy against the West’s ‘point man’, Israel.
    The left is following Hitler’s maxim, tell a big lie often enough (that the Palestinian Arabs are the victims of Israeli aggression) and if people have no contrary information, they start to believe it.
    The left has won in Europe, has been winning in Israel and may yet win in the US.
    The left has spent the last 50 years inculcating its view, its narrative, into academia, the schools, the media, the military and throughout society and we are seeing the fruits of that effort.
    The first step in confronting an enemy is to study their strategy and the tactics they use in pursuit of their strategy’s goals.
    The thing to keep in mind at all times is that the left’s entire rationale is built upon lies and a distorted view of reality.
    That is of utmost importance because a house (rationale) built upon a foundation of sand (lies) cannot stand. Neither can the left’s rationale when exposed to the truth, which shall set the ‘blind’ free.
    It is for all of us, our mission to get the truth out, in every way possible.

  • ephtog 06/01/2010 at 11:38

    All you have to do is listen to Rev. Wright. Then you’ll understand the present occupant in the White House.
    Historically, Totalitarians have always been anti-semitic. Why? Because as G-d’s chosen people we disseminate and teach the Seven Noahide Laws (with logic). That is why we are chosen.
    Totalitarians are against the Seven Noahide Laws. Look at the Liberals/Socialists in the Democratic and Republican Parties who claim to be tolerant of perverted lifestyle choices (and regularly coerce people into them), stealing (the government and the political elite are exempted), murder (the government and the political elite are exempted)…etc., idolatry (worship the government and its leaders for they are the source of your sustenance), Blasphemy, animal cruelty (the environmentalist movement; and the government’s reluctance and/or refusal to build sand bars to protect the fishing industry and wildlife in La.from the BP spill), and the break down of law and order (for example Holders insistence that there is no good and evil).
    It is no wonder that tyrants like the jihadists and the socialist/collectivist/Fascists are allies to destroy Israel.

  • naomir 06/01/2010 at 12:40

    The question is not so much “Is the US becoming an anti-Semitic country?” as “Why are American Jews, for the main part still burying their heads in the sand?” Jews have always been discriminated against even here in the “land of the free.” Unfortunately with the new administration in power this hatred has raised it’s ugly head loud and clear. I shudder to think of the consequences of our inaction.

  • Marcel 06/01/2010 at 13:37

    Eventually you will figure out that America no longer exists as it is judged from above and now cursed from top to bottom.
    Reality is setting in and the false hope you maintained in America and democracy are being swept away by the outgoing tide.
    Many could see this coming years ago under Bush 1,Clinton and Bush 2.
    It has gone from bad to worse even under Bush 2 when the delusional idol worshipers ignored all the evil he did against Israel so that they could hold onto the lie.
    The majority chose to ignore reality to keep their false hope alive,America their god of peace,savlvation and great white hope for Israel (Idol)
    How is it possible that a friend/U.S. would think of carving up little Israel to make another radical Islamic state and keep Pollard imprisoned so long.
    I saw the reality back in 1993 (Oslo) and gave up on phony America then.
    Wake up,it’s time to leave the no longer promised land and now cursed land.
    Bad economic times always makes for good scapegoats to blame and there is a mad mob mentailty in the air.
    Most American Jews will not survive what is coming as they are too comfortable in Babylon to leave,a repeat of the 30’s all over again.

  • Phil Safran 06/01/2010 at 15:57

    Non Jews always exaggerate the influence, numbers etc of Jews. Sometimes it is anti Semitism sometimes it is not. When I graduated college I heard a non Jew say that 95% of the students there were Jewish. The real number was about 35%.
    What this does show is that Israel needs to learn to stand on its own. A policy that is overly dependent on American support is not a viable policy long term.

  • zsa 06/01/2010 at 16:05

    Since this administration has been in office I have seen news stories like the one in Political. Of course this was to be expected.
    This morning when I went into work, I had to deprogram a coworker who was being filled with lies about the situation over the weekend. Funny thing was, the man filling the coworker with lies is a Jew who wears a keffiyeh in solidarity with Palestinians. Seriously.
    With the propaganda so prevalent and the demented running the show, it’s surprising articles like the one you describe haven’t come sooner.

  • Concerned about US 06/01/2010 at 19:55

    It seems to me that we have the security issue turned upside down. According to Ezekiel 38:14, Israel is secure from its greater enemies, such as Turkey, Russia, Syria, etc., as well as its’ lesser enemies. Not that there won’t be conflicts to engage in.
    The US, for years nominally guaranteed Israels’ security, when, in fact, it could never absolutely guarantee its’ security. Why should anyone be surprised that the current president, given his affiliation with the religious group that he had for 20 years, is hostile to Israel?
    But that is irrelevant. There is a real guarantor of Israels’ security than the US, according to Ezekiel.

  • Anonymous 06/01/2010 at 20:14

    Caroline, the answer to your question regarding the US becoming anti-Semitic is YES. We are, unfortunately, over all, unconscious and an OBAMA NATION! As we continue down our slippery slope of impotence we will be of no threat or of no help to you and the Jewish nation. Please keep your eyes/heart on the “problem solving” nation to the north…GERMANY. The anti-Semitic question need not be asked. Keep up your information war. May you continue to receive the grace you need to release the truth.

  • David 06/01/2010 at 20:35

    I was very glad to see that you have developed Latma and are focusing your energy on helping to shape Israeli opinion, which is all that really should matter.
    Too much time, energy, and money are squandered on our diaspora “brethren”, who seem to specialize in stabbing us in the back.
    Sadly, from a historical perspective, there is nothing novel about this (to say the least).
    I don’t think another dime or word should be squandered on Jews who choose to live outside of Israel. It is not that I do not care about them (I care deeply), but, in the end, it is only the beliefs and opinions of Israeli’s that will shape this great country and lead us out of the current, horrible slump.

  • pluto the dog 06/01/2010 at 22:32

    Jews are being marginalised and face threats everywhere, including in the US. Wake up and smell the roses Caroline. Freedom lovers where ever you are in the West now is the time to fight back.

  • Steve 06/01/2010 at 22:58

    Abu Bama has just expressed his condolences over the Turks who died. Of course he is yet to expess any condolences over the Israeli who was nearly beaten to death by the IHH thugs. Bibi the Dhimmi has decided not to prosecute any of the thugs who beat the IDF soldiers in the boarding of the Flotilla ship.
    Furthermore we’ll see whether Bibi the Dhimmi lets UN or other international investigators into Israel to interrogate the IDF soldiers like some sort of war criminals. Finally the Irish supported, Rachel Corrie is on the way to Gaza and we will see whether Bibi the Dhimmi knuckles under and lets it through. Such is the absolute lack of leadership in Israel that no principled resistance to slander can be expected from the PM or anyone else in his coalition.

  • ahem 06/01/2010 at 23:43

    The problem is that America has a communist–possibly even a Muslim–in the White House. In 2008, 50% of the American public–including 78% of Jewish voters–proved to be, frankly, too stupid to recognize evil when they saw it. It’s the result of the marxists taking over the media and the academy 50 years ago.
    Now that the very radical, gutless, and incompetent Obama is fashionable, all of his braindead and disproven ideas are once again fashionable; socialists and totalitarians are popping out of the woodwork. Even Woody Allen thinks Obama should be a dictator. (!!??) The world has gone mad.
    This is my way of saying there are fashions in thought. Right now anti-semitism, marx, statism, class warfare and Islam are in fashion.
    I don’t understand what is wrong with secular Jews who undermine themselves–that’s beyond my ken. They should be ashamed of themselves. They can not protect themselves from harm by distancing themselves.
    Most Americans–Americans you seldom hear from other than on the internet–despise Obama’s foreign policy and are especially distraught to see what he is doing to Israel and to our other honorable and long-standing allies. He has a distinct genius for weakness; it was a certainty that he would bungle his way to WWIII. I guess we’re here.
    No, the vast preponderance of Americans are not anti-semitic. The idiots in the White House, too many Democrats, and most of the news media are anti-semitic. Israel has a lot of support from Americans, including me. Whether we have the power to have an effect on the way events roll out is another matter. But we’re with you.

  • tracy 06/02/2010 at 0:14

    My whole life I’ve been brought up to respect the Jewish people and their special relationship with God. I’ve studied and worked in the arts and have, since college, been keenly aware of the enormous contributions of the Jewish people to our nations cultural richness and uniqueness. I was tickled when a Jewish associate told me before moving from TX to the Big Apple that they don’t call it Jew York for nothing. Bring it on, I thought. I’ve enjoyed many many friendships with the Jewish people I’ve met in the arts and have felt lucky to be so enriched by the diversity here in NYC.
    As a registered Democrat, I was eager to support a viable black candidate and was excited as the next person, until one day in January of 08, I was listening to NPR like a good little liberal-leaning voter and heard someone talk about the “trouble Obama was going to have with Jewish voters with regard to his church in Chicago”. I immediately Googled the name of the church and lo and behold: stark-raving Anti-Semitism. My heart sank. I was at once shocked, disgusted, infuriated, confused and disgusted again.
    This confusion would only grow as I learned of the overwhelming support for Obama from the Jewish community.
    My God. Did 88% of my Jewish countrymen simultaneously lose their collective minds on Nov 4, 2008???
    Not to diminish the seriousness of the issue, but the tide of anti-Israel or worse yet: just plain old anti-Semitism comes as no real surprise given the personal history of this virtual unknown my naive Democratic brethren (of many faiths) so foolhardily swept into office.
    But I will stand by Israel and I will stand by her supporters. I will stand by my Jewish neighbors and countrymen. I read the Bible. I only wish the Bible was as cool as twitter and facebook and all that other garbage out there occupying the A.D.D. generation that buys whatever Obama and his cronies say hook line and sinker.
    One final thought: on the heels of this past Memorial Day and watching all the movies on tv: reminded yet again of the horrors of the 3rd Reich, I feel a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering if the world is forgetting… we CANNOT let the world forget. We CANNOT.

  • Michael 06/02/2010 at 0:22

    We as a nation (US) are cursed for turning away from YHWH. We continue to kick him out of every aspect of our lives. The Anglo-Saxons are in for a brutal existence. I have a feeling it is too late to change what is coming. Just look at the joke we elected to lead our nation. He is the Anti-Christ. He is a friend of the world which by default makes him an enemy of YHWH.

  • Pilgrim 06/02/2010 at 1:02

    Israel should take the Gaza strip. I am shamed of our goverment here in America for not completely supporting Israel. God has made it clear in the bible about opposing Israel. That is a no no. Israel should sink every flotilla.

  • nombre 06/02/2010 at 1:03

    Maybe soon American jews will quit supporting the demise of Israel. Step one is to stop the bleeding. Take care of your own. Right now Israel’s best friend is the American Protestant. Which makes zero sense. This means stop voting for the muslim kisss-ass B.Hussein Obombers of the world. This means organizing boycotts and every other type of political protest such as against orgs that support this type of action. Americans Against Hate Dot Org is good in standing up against the CAIR fascist pigs, but we need more *INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT*.
    Looks like WW3 got kicked off today. The West needs to understand that we are not fighting humans, we are fighting barbaric animals (Islamofascists) who look like people. We must outsmart them just as if they were a bear, a snake, or a crocodile. GOD BLESS ISRAEL!

  • Polymath 06/02/2010 at 3:37

    First, I think, Harman is being caught up in the backlash against the Democratic incumbents.If she voted for Healthcare, and the Stimulus, and has not stood up against the Obama/ Holder machinations in regards to the Intelligence Committee, and/or the Black Panther case in which Holder refuses to prosecute and hand over intel
    requested by the Committee, along with other
    information it has requested and been stonewalled by the DOJ, and if she voted in favor of the
    Cap and Trade the house passed, she can be very leery of re-election.(See the Washington Examiner piece on “Obamacare Under Water” for latest stats on support for the Healthcare as the facts are coming out.Furthermore, the Economy, jobs, and the Debt and Deficit are continuously skyrocketing out of control.
    Jane Harman is, also, an extremely wealthy woman,
    and her district must be aware of that fact.
    Also, Pelosi could be interfering with contributions as some form of retribution.
    Anti-Semitism has always existed in the US, if just under the surface.I have lived in the “alternative” universe of the non-Jewish world my entire life along with the Jewish Community.
    From the top of the scale to the bottom, growing anti-Semitic can be such a natural part of a familial culture, people are not cognizant
    such attitudes are actually anti-Semitic.
    Having said all of that,Israel has overwhelming support, yet too many people who would favor Israel even more if they knew the Truth,do not read press and media that informs them of it.They are too often duped by AP, ABC, BBC, etc.They don’t see, or hear, the Jews sticking up for themselves, and the Arabs are always screaming and getting headlines.They are immensely frustrated as are countless Jews who don’t understand where the hell the Jewish leaders are.Many Jews are waking up.It’s difficult for most to admit how wrong they were and misjudged Obama.Simply because he was Black,
    or whatever one cares to label him, doesn’t mean he knows what he is doing, or is competent to be President.Obama’s anti_Israel stance has actually compelled the Rep.s and the Dem.s in the middle of heated, bitter, debate about Healthcare, I believe, to divert and come together to draft resolutions of support for Israel.
    Remember, Rush has many more than 20M people who listen to him per week.Hannity has substantial numbers as does Mark Levin.(Levin read most of your piece from Monday on the air, Tuesday night.)Yesterday, they all came out very strongly for Israel.That’s a nine hour stretch plus earlier shows dug into the story.Hagee and the Christians United for Israel are not sitting down for all of this, either.Personally, I would see if I could get syndicated on the CBN news service, and come,here, and tour the country and talk to church groups,small and large organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, and do it for as little money as possible at this time.Everyone is looking for leadership, and some form of reassurance that their views are being supported-somewhere.The instability and uncertainty, and insecurity are leading to total confusion.I would venture to say, the Majority of the country is afraid, and recognize that the President and Congress have turned against the People.Their voices are not being heard, nor is their will being carried out by their elected officials.The Military and Vets are being placed in simultaneous difficult circumstances and positions.There are no less than 50M Vets in this country and more than 2M in the service.They are all of voting age.
    We see the President and Holder are discarding the laws and the Constitution and we don’t know what to do.Just look at the Ariz. situation.Obama refuses to guard the borders.
    People are asking, “What country is he President of?”And don’t discount the treatment of Israel, especially, Jerusalem.
    Obama and his thugs do not understand what attacking Jerusalem means to many Christians.
    It digs into their their spiritual core and
    mixes with their superstitions.Often, the concept of Jerusalem and what it means for Redemption and Salvation and their concept of going to Hell.These are, in the end, irrational
    premises at the base of the very core of their belief system .It was a very, very stupid blunder.
    They have no idea in the Administration what they have done by doing all of this.
    People are merely trying to hold out until November, if they can.
    Tonight ABC radio news reported Obama does not ‘agree’ with, or support,the Gaza Blockade, or isolating Gaza.There’s more, but I must sign off, now.
    One more comment.Along with your piece in regards to Israel and the Muslim countries outside of Iran, why doesn’t Israel show force , fast and furious,because that is what the other countries are looking to Israel for, since they are so ill prepared.Israel on an almost daily basis is thrown under the bus.It can, certainly, commiserate with the Saudis, whom Obama has stabbed in the back several times, after making promises.He is not trustworthy, and they know it.That creates more instability.
    He has given one country after another a ‘designer nightmare’, just for them.
    I have a question.Why doesn’t Israel take Turkey and the Gaza crashers to Court? It was they that broke the law,after all. Carolyn

  • Scott Lazarowitz 06/02/2010 at 7:24

    No, the U.S. is not becoming an anti-Semitic country. It has been becoming a socialist and fascist country since well before FDR, and Israel is an overtly militaristic, fascist country as well. The Israeli government treats Palestinians as 2nd and 3rd class citizens, and they get away with it because we’re all supposed to feel guilt that Jews were persecuted by Nazi Germany. But we can’t say that because we’ll be accused of being anti-Semitic, even though I’M Jewish, and I’m sick of all this now.
    The U.S. government is becoming more and more totalitarian at the expense of individual rights and the Israeli government is also more and more totalitarian, as it restricts both Jews’ and Arabs’ rights of free speech, freedom of the press, and otherwise voluntary exchange and private associations.
    Just as the U.S. government needs to dissolve and let the states have their freedom and independence as was originally intended by the American Founders, Israel needs to allow the Gaza territory to have sovereignty and independence, allow the Gazans the freedom to use and profit from their own natural resources, and maybe then there won’t be the blowback in the form of extremist violence against Israel caused by the Israeli government’s policies of intrusions and persecutions against Palestinians.

  • David 06/02/2010 at 7:54

    Caroline, you still have my vote for Prime Minister!

  • avsion 06/02/2010 at 8:09

    Trying to view ongoing events with as long/wide a perspective as I can, I think this era of rising anti-Semitism is different, in that the leaders of it have in fact been Jews – Jews who (in Israel and abroad – people like Haaretz journalists, TAU academics or Chomsky, to give some examples) have mentally/ emotionally/ spiritually distanced themselves very far from the Jewish people or Judaism or Israel, and who consequently feel a deep psychological need to justify their rejection of things Jewish by laying claim to ‘higher’ morality and by accusing their ex-brethren of despicable deeds.
    This is really not just a ‘war against the Jews’, but a ‘war by ex-Jews against the still-Jews’ – i.e. ex-Jews de facto in whatever way, even if they retain the label of Jews and make use of the prestige of it in their war against other Jews. The ‘self-hating Jews’ as they are called are not followers, they are leaders – that’s my point here.
    The goyim were at first surprised by this Jewish leadership against the Jews, then timidly welcomed it, and now have joyously let go and indulge in it, being so permitted and encouraged to do by Jews!

  • yuval 06/02/2010 at 11:42

    Dear Caroline
    There is nothing new about anti-semitism in the USA. Having been the recipient of antisemitic remarks on the job, and finally a dismissal on antisemtic grounds, I know. Still, as countries go the US is the least antisemitic of all, with strong strains of philo-semitism.
    Jews did not vote for Obama because of his views. They voted for him because he is non-white. It was a reverse discrimination vote, McCain losing because he is a white war-hero. The NPT is a non-issue because Israel is a non-signatory on the one hand, and the two years grace period is exactly the time needed to bring down the Iranian Nuclear aspiration, and expand the EV insertion that it will make oil redundant. Having lived through the six day war when Israel was totally abandoned, this castigation is peanuts.
    Look at the facts. 9 Jihadis are dead. all the others can do is bleat and whine, they were led like criminals from the ship and to jail, then kicked out the door. Most Americans applaud, and the Europeans are green with envy. Let Norway wallow in Arab immigrants if they so wish. Let Sweden be awash with Arab crime and violence if they relish it. Let the Jews in America realize their fortunes go with Israel, not vice-versa. Keep well and do not lose heart.

  • Arius 06/02/2010 at 17:05

    Marcel is right, and I have similar thoughts. To me it’s ‘America no longer exists’. What this means is that the America that my father came to in 1915 and that I believe in no longer exists. It exists in our minds but not in reality. America is now in its late stage of ‘creative self-destruction’.
    Israel, Armenia, and other small peoples that are defending their identities need to hunker down. Islam is on the march and hell is on its way while the West believes in make believe fantasies.

  • E P Cohen 06/02/2010 at 17:11

    Dear C Glick.
    America blockaded Cuba.
    Russians backed off from that fight.
    Arabs run into a blockade, and they fight.
    We are in for trouble.
    E P Cohen

  • Thom 06/02/2010 at 20:17

    RE Kenny’s comment.
    Surely Kenny, reading sites as these, you can overcome that nonsense you spout. Israel, like the U.S., has faults, sure, but don’t forget they are the ones that help the underdogs, not blow them up and their children. Seriously, Kenny, wake up before it is too late.

  • Walter 06/02/2010 at 21:02

    yuval said,
    on June 2, 2010 11:42 AM
    “…Look at the facts. 9 Jihadis are dead. all the others can do is bleat and whine, they were led like criminals from the ship and to jail, then kicked out the door. Most Americans applaud, and the Europeans are green with envy. Let Norway wallow in Arab immigrants if they so wish. Let Sweden be awash with Arab crime and violence if they relish it. Let the Jews in America realize their fortunes go with Israel, not vice-versa. Keep well and do not lose heart.”
    Well said yuval!
    Stand up Israel.
    Do what is righteous.
    Do not be ashamed, or fearful, of doing what is righteous.
    And let the world, go to hell!

  • Obamination 06/03/2010 at 2:35

    Everything is coming together exactly like the Bible says it will. The whole world is turning against Israel, even the USA. God is in control. Jerusalem is God’s city. God made a promise to the Jews and that Israel will never be destroyed no matter how many terrorist Arabs attempt to do so. World War III will be over Jerusalem. World War III is coming soon. Here’s a warning to all of the Muslim nations. When you fight Israel, you also fight against God. God will defend Israel. Damascus is going to be totally destroyed. It will happen. Why ? Because God has declared it in the Bible. Watch for it. It’s coming soon. Any Muslim who wants to spend eternity with the one true God of the universe must denounce Islam and convert to Christianity and ask Jesus to come into your heart. Do it now before it’s too late. Blowing yourself up in the name of Islam guarantees you a one-way ticket straight to hell.

  • Anonymous 06/03/2010 at 4:33

    Yes, and it became exponentially more acceptable to express it verbally and in writing since The Israel Lobby was published and received so much attention.
    Priot to that, in my own experience, aside from the occasional remark here and there, two former students by then in their 30’s, who adored their teacher from years before — me, who kept in touch with phone calls on their progress over the years, called for advice, sent cards for the holidays, etc., casually told me they totally believed The Protocols was the absolute truth — not even giving a moment’s thought that it might offend or even disturb me.
    When I asked the second one “Do you really believe that?” His answer was “Duh!” When I asked if he believed I was part of it, there was silence.

  • Anonymous 06/03/2010 at 4:49

    P.S. The two students were from entirely different backgrounds, from entirely different regions of the country.

  • Obomination 06/03/2010 at 19:13

    If you are offended by me saying that ISLAM is Satantic and that Allah is Satan himself, you need to get over it, because it’s the Truth ! Sorry, there are no 70 virgins waiting for you in paradise when you blow yourself up in the name of Islam killing Jews and Infidels. Less than One Nanosecond later after blowing yourself up, you will find yourself in the pits of Hell with demons laughing at you because you will never escape for eternity. Eternity in hell is the guaranteed destination of all followers of Allah and Islam. Guaranteed ! Time to tell the truth about Islam. The Koran is a lie ! Where do you think Muhammed is right now ? Muhammed is waiting for you in hell ! GOD, the creator of the universe, is on the side of the Jewish people, and GOD himself has promised that Israel will NOT be destroyed. GOD has written his name on the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is GOD’s city, it is NOT for the Arabs to have. It never will be. So Mr. Islam, Mr. Muslim terrorist, do yourself a favor and immediately DENOUNCE ALLAH, denounce Islam, and ask the GOD of the Jewish people to forgive you and ask the GOD of the Jewish people to show you WHO his Son is. Do it now before you wake up in hell.

  • usabruce 06/04/2010 at 7:52

    Israel needs to mount a PR campaign aimed at American Jewry to educate them away from the Left. The Amer Jewish voting bloc is desperately needed for the mid term elections in Nov to break the stranglehold that the Left now has in America.

  • Linda 06/04/2010 at 23:05

    Marcel/June 1
    You are so correct and the Christians are next, I mean the true church not the Emergent Apostate church. I pray for Israel/Jerusalem for true peace, but there will be no peace I’m afraid until the Prince of Peace comes! Yahweh(names) is also Jealous/Ez.39:25-29;Ex.20:5&6

  • Jane 06/05/2010 at 0:37

    I’m an American. America is not anti-Semitic, but our president has chosen to encourage anti-Semitism in those people who are. I will never understand why; I am humiliated; and I ask Israel to believe that America the NATION is still on its side even if the current president is not. Even hard-core liberals in the U.S. Congress are extremely uncomfortable with Obama’s words and actions and are speaking out against him and in support of Israel’s recent actions. This surprises me and gives me hope.

  • Pro-justice American 06/05/2010 at 18:28

    The US is not anti-semitic – there is by far a strong bias against Muslims. But the current asskissing support of Israel is limited to right wing Christians and Jews.
    To most Americans the money spent to prop up Israel is our tax dollars being pissed away when they could be much better spent on domestic issues.
    To many in the US Israel is nothing more than Serbia’s twin – a paranoid, brutal and thuggish ethnic group pretending to be a modern state.
    From our standpoint, Israel is a small rabid terrier constantly attacking everyone at will because they know the US will protect them. Serbian leaders are tried for crimes against humanity while Israeli leaders have state visits.
    Zionists were terrorists who colluded with the Nazis. Settlers are a hate group just like our KKK. Right wing bigots like you and your fans love to think people hate you because of who you are. Wrong. People hate you because of how you act.
    Israeli commandos are pirates just like Somalis but the US will make sure only one group is punished for its crimes.

  • Tracy Learner 06/07/2010 at 23:09

    The U.S. is not anti semitic nation. It is the most wonderful nation in the world for a Jew to live in. (Canada too). There has never been a time in Jewish history where the Jews have been so free to live their lives as they choose. I also might add I never experienced the anti Semitism and anti Americanism that Caroline Glick talks about growing up in Chicago. I also grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and never came away with those type of feelings.

  • J 06/11/2010 at 12:01

    I find it interesting how many comments state that we Americans are prejudiced against Israel and Jews. I wonder how many of those people have spent time here.
    There is nothing in our constitution or rules of citizenship that speak of religion or ethnicity. No preference. Can you say the same?
    I’m sure we have some prejudiced people. There are 300 million of us. But we also have rule of law with equal rights for all. Can you say the same?
    From the small sampling above, you certainly have some prejudiced people – or do you think that’s “common sense”? – the shrill call of bigots everywhere.
    You left before 9/11, Iraq and Afhanistan. Trust me when I say that those of Arab appearance have it much worse here than Jews. Worse than the Latin American immigrants. Worse than African Americans.
    I support Israel, but there are limits. If you wish independent policy from us, stop taking our money. 90 billion in non adjusted dollars since 1949. Please do the ROI for us that you speak of in your editorial. I’d love to see the math.
    We value productivity, good citizenship and loyalty to our nation. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Or maybe you don’t need it. After all, what’s a few hundred billion (adjusted) between friends?
    And one last thing: Are you now an Israeli citizen, dual, or did you renounce your US citizenship? If you don’t like us, and see no good in us, do us that favor. We’d hate for you to be so torn – citizen of a country you dislike so much and to which you so easily condescend.


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