Monthly Archives : February 2024

360 degrees of hostility: The Biden administration and Israel

The Mothers of IDF Soldiers group led a demonstration last week of army mothers, reservists in the Israel Defense Forces, bereaved families and other concerned citizens outside the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. They demanded that President Joe Biden stop leveraging power to force Israel to resupply Hamas. The following day, hundreds of Israelis, including parents of soldiers, families of hostages…

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VDH: Hamas and Hezbollah think the U.S. will not help Israel

On this week’s episode of “The Caroline Glick Show,” my guest was noted American classicist, military historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson from the Hoover Institute at Stanford. Prof. Hanson and I talked about the state of American politics and culture, and how it will affect the Middle East and Israel. Will the progressive takeover of American educational, political…

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