Video – The Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage

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Linked below is Latma’s latest video in which our studio interview Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage. He discussed the recent violence in Gaza between Hamas and al Qaida cells.



You’ll recall from my recent posts that Latma is a satirical Hebrew-language media criticism website that I edit. Our most recent video – in which our anchors Elhanan and Ronit interviewed the Swedish “foreign minister” about his government’s refusal to condemn the reports in Sweden’s mass circulation tabloid Aftonbladet alleging that IDF soldiers kill Palestinians to harvest their organs, has already been viewed by some 90,000 people worldwide and was reported on in Sweden’s leading broadsheet Dagens Nyheter.



I hope you enjoy the video below, post it on your own websites and pass it on to all your family, friends, and nodding acquaintances.




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1 Comment

  • Marcel 09/25/2009 at 2:24

    The ending was brilliant.
    For too long the mindset in Israel has been to respect and not lampoon the cult of death in the hope that this unwarranted and undeserved respect for the new nazi’s would engender a kinder and gentler Islamofascist towards Israel.
    It hasn’t worked at all.
    Israel’s kindness to evil Islam has been a dead end.
    It’s good too see evil protrayed as evil and not twisted into something that it is not as the West has attempted to do with Islam.
    They don’t want to offend the offensive Saudi’s and the intolerant Islamic world with the truth and so the Bush’s and Hussein Obama’s LIE and call Islam a great religion of peace.
    I do hope with the help of Latma that the brainwashing can be reversed.
    Keep buffeting the wall of taboo’s that protect this evil curse that pollutes the whole earth and threatens Israel.
    Don’t be like so many who are fearful and intimidated by this lie that enslaves so many billions of souls.
    As David brought down the filisten giant Goliath ,so will evil Islam be brought down and then Arab and Jew will live side by side in true lasting peace.


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