• Bradford Stephen Kyle, Texas 05/04/2009 at 23:43

    Is that program on at 12pm Eastern Daylight time?

  • Marc Handelsman, USA 05/04/2009 at 23:50

    Sounds like matter vs. anti-matter. Hopefully, they’ll all be Zionists after the debate.

  • Baruch 05/05/2009 at 17:03

    Actually, I think the program begins at 11 a.m. Here is the link to the schedule: http://www.kcrw.com/schedule/schedule_news
    You can stream KCRW on i-Tunes/radio if you are a Mac user.

  • Phil S 05/05/2009 at 20:25

    Caroline you should have told us you were going to go last. I did not need to listen to these traitors who especially the peace now (should be renamed Death Now) rep who keeps saying Nethanyahu is not going far enough (off the edge of the cliff)

  • A.M. Moore 05/05/2009 at 20:59

    Kick their teeth in Caroline!

  • Baruch 05/05/2009 at 21:02

    Caroline, too bad you were not given a chance to speak after the Palestinian gentleman offered his remarks about the abolishment of the State of Israel and there being no Palestinian state either. But there really was not a need for you to do so, because you had made the point earlier in the show that the issue of Palestinian statehood is not an issue, and the reason given to back that up was inherent in the gentleman’s remarks themselves.
    At the core of the debate over Palestinian statehood is not the establishment of a Palestinian state but rather the dismantling of the Jewish state.
    I know you must have been champing at the bit to say something, but the point you made was basically proven by the Palestinian gentleman on the show.
    Interestingly also, is that listeners need not have even known about Iran or terrorism in order to understand the illogical nature of the argument favoring Palestinian statehood, and once again your argument about the “linkage” factor was proven correct as well.
    Great job today!


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