• Ann Hansford 08/29/2010 at 3:01

    Thank you for standing up for Israel becuase they are our strongest ally and it seems that our president is alienating them which I believe would be detrimental to the United States. Also, I love latma TV and want to learn Hebrew so I can enjoy it without reading the subtitles.
    Ms. Glick you are awsome.

  • Baruch 08/29/2010 at 15:00

    Shhhh… Quiet…
    That sound you hear is America about to do a right turn – a very right turn this year…
    And, at least according to Bibi circa 2001, isn’t this what Israel wants – a Republican administration?
    And so, shhh… Quiet… Just watch how the MSM plays right into the hands of the military-industrial complex, if not outright being in bed with it!
    Some may call what is going on in America foolhardy or even repugnant. Yet, I call it predictable and a foreshadowing of events that will unfold to Israel’s long-term security interests, which by the way is part and parcel of America’s long-term strategic interests in the Middle East…
    Of course, just sayin’ is all, ya know…

  • Marcel 08/30/2010 at 7:45

    Israel arrested a Jerusalem resident,Amad Awad today for contacting a foreign agent.
    Isn’t this what Netanyahu and Barak do regulary ?
    The Prime Minister goes to Washington to recieve orders from his handlers on driving out Jews from their homes and towns,killing and destroying their spirit and lives for a false peace that will never happen under this Road Map.
    In fact Netanyahu will do more damage than Awad and he and Barak are safe to bring destruction back to Israel from Washington next week. Someone in Shin Bet should interrogate him upon his return and ask him if he is an operative for enemy foreign agents ?
    That ‘interrogation’ of Netanyahu would make a good latma video don’t you think ?
    Break free from your leash with the political puppet Prime Minister who does more damage than Amad ,We’re all waiting for this long overdue video Caroline.

  • Edgar Davidson 08/30/2010 at 8:36

    I greatly appreciate the work you are doing. The anti-Americanism of American leftists like Oliver Stone that you satirize here is, sadly, repeated many times over by the anti-Zionism of leftist Israelis like Gideon Levy of Haaretz.
    I have highlighted some interesting examples of this here (ncluding at the end an incredible example from the Israeli film industry):


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