Obama’s green light to attack Iran

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Arctic winds are blowing into Jerusalem from Washington these days. As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's May 18 visit to Washington fast approaches, the Obama administration is ratcheting up its anti-Israel rhetoric and working feverishly to force Israel into a corner.

Using the annual AIPAC conference as a backdrop, this week the Obama administration launched its harshest onslaught against Israel to date. It began with media reports that National Security Adviser James Jones told a European foreign minister that the US is planning to build an anti-Israel coalition with the Arabs and Europe to compel Israel to surrender Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

According to Haaretz, Jones was quoted in a classified foreign ministry cable as having told his European interlocutor, "The new administration will convince Israel to compromise on the Palestinian question. We will not push Israel under the wheels of a bus, but we will be more forceful toward Israel than we have been under Bush."

He then explained that the US, the EU and the moderate Arab states must determine together what "a satisfactory endgame solution," will be.

As far as Jones is concerned, Israel should be left out of those discussions and simply presented with a fait accompli that it will be compelled to accept.

Events this week showed that Jones's statement was an accurate depiction of the administration's policy. First, quartet mediator Tony Blair announced that within six weeks the US, EU, UN and Russia will unveil a new framework for establishing a Palestinian state. Speaking with Palestinian reporters on Wednesday, Blair said that this new framework will be a serious initiative because it "is being worked on at the highest level in the American administration."

Moreover, this week we learned that the administration is trying to get the Arabs themselves to write the Quartet's new plan. The London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi pan-Arab newspaper reported Tuesday that acting on behalf of Obama, Jordanian King Abdullah urged the Arab League to update the so-called Arab peace plan from 2002. That plan, which calls for Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights and accept millions of foreign Arabs as citizens as part of the so-called "right of return" in exchange for "natural" relations with the Arab world, has been rejected by successive Israeli governments as a diplomatic subterfuge whose goal is Israel's destruction.

By accepting millions of so-called "Palestinian refugees," Israel would effectively cease to be a Jewish state. By shrinking into the 1949 armistice lines, Israel would be unable to defend itself against foreign invasion. And since "natural relations" is a meaningless term both in international legal discourse and in diplomatic discourse, Israel would have committed national suicide for nothing.

To make the plan less objectionable to Israel, Abdullah reportedly called on his Arab brethren to strike references to the so-called "Arab refugees" from the plan and to agree to "normal" rather than "natural" relations with the Jewish state. According to the report, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was expected to present Obama with the changes to the plan during their meeting in Washington later this month. The revised plan was supposed to form the basis for the new Quartet plan that Blair referred to.

But the Arabs would have none of it. On Wednesday, both Arab League General Secretary Amr Moussa and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas announced that they oppose the initiative. On Thursday, Syria rejected making any changes in the document.

The administration couldn't care less. The Palestinians and Arabs are no more than bit players in its Middle East policy. As far as the Obama administration is concerned, Israel is the only obstacle to peace.

To make certain that Israel understands this central point, Vice President Joseph Biden used his appearance at the AIPAC conference to drive it home. As Biden made clear, the US doesn't respect or support Israel's right as a sovereign state to determine its own policies for securing its national interests. In Biden's words, "Israel has to work toward a two-state solution. You're not going to like my saying this, but not build more settlements, dismantle existing outposts and allow the Palestinians freedom of movement."

FOR ISRAEL, the main event of the week was supposed to be President Shimon Peres's meeting with Obama on Tuesday. Peres was tasked with calming the waters ahead of Netanyahu's visit. It was hoped that he could introduce a more collegial tone to US-Israel relations.

What Israel didn't count on was the humiliating reception Peres received from Obama. By barring all media from covering the event, Obama transformed what was supposed to be a friendly visit with a respected and friendly head of state into a back-door encounter with an unwanted guest, who was shooed in and shooed out of the White House without a sound.

The Obama White House's bald attempt to force Israel to take full blame for the Arab world's hostility toward it is not the only way that it is casting Israel as the scapegoat for the region's ills. In their bid to open direct diplomatic ties with Iran, Obama and his advisers are also blaming Israel for Iran's nuclear program. They are doing this both indirectly and directly.

As Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel made clear in his closed-door briefing to senior AIPAC officials this week, the administration is holding Israel indirectly responsible for Iran's nuclear program. It does this by claiming that Israel's refusal to cede its land to the Palestinians is making it impossible for the Arab world to support preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Somewhat inconveniently for the administration, the Arabs themselves are rejecting this premise. This week US Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited the Persian Gulf and Egypt to soothe Arab fears that the administration's desperate attempts to appease the mullahs will harm their security interests. He also sought to gain their support for the administration's plan to unveil a new peace plan aimed at isolating and pressuring Israel.

After meeting with Gates, Amr Moussa – who has distinguished himself as one of Israel's most trenchant critics – said categorically, "The question of Iran should be separate from the Arab-Israel conflict."

Just as the administration is unmoved by objective facts that expose as folly its single-minded devotion to the notion that Israel is responsible for the absence of peace in the Middle East, so the Arab rejection of its view that Israel is to blame for Iran's nuclear program has simply driven it to escalate its attacks on Israel. This week it opened a new campaign of blaming Israel directly – through its purported nuclear arsenal – for Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Speaking at a UN forum, US Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller said, "Universal adherence to the [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty] NPT itself, including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea… remains a fundamental objective of the United States."

As Eli Lake from The Washington Times demonstrated convincingly, by speaking as she did, Gottemoeller effectively abrogated a 40-year-old US-Israeli understanding that the US would remain silent about Israel's nuclear program because it understood that it was defensive, not offensive in nature. In so doing, Gottemoeller legitimized Iran's claim that it cannot be expected to suspend its quest to acquire nuclear weapons as long as Israel possesses them. She also erased any distinction between nuclear weapons in the hands of US allies and democratic states and nuclear weapons in the hands of US enemies and terror states.

The Israeli media are largely framing the story of the
US's growing and already unprecedented antagonism toward Israel as a diplomatic challenge for Netanyahu. To meet this challenge, it is argued that Netanyahu must come to Washington in 10 days' time with an attractive peace plan that will win over the White House. But this is a false interpretation of what is happening.

Even Ethan Bronner of the The New York Times pointed out this week that Obama's Middle East policy is not based on facts. If it were, the so-called "two state solution," which has failed repeatedly since 1993, would not be its centerpiece. Obama's Middle East policy is based on ideology, not reality. Consequently, it is immune to rational argument.

The fact that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, all chance of peace between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel and the Arab world will disappear, is of no interest to Obama and his advisers. They do not care that the day after Hamas terror-master Khaled Mashaal told The New York Times that Hamas was suspending its attacks against Israel from Gaza, the Iranian-controlled terror regime took credit for several volleys of rockets shot against Israeli civilian targets from Gaza. The administration stills intends to give Gaza $900 million in US taxpayer funds, and it still demands that Israel give its land to a joint Fatah-Hamas government.

REGARDLESS OF the weight of Netanyahu's arguments, and irrespective of the reasonableness of whatever diplomatic initiative he presents to Obama, he can expect no sympathy or support from the White House.

As a consequence, the operational significance of the administration's anti-Israel positions is that Israel will not be well served by adopting a more accommodating posture toward the Palestinians and Iran. Indeed, perversely, what the Obama administration's treatment of Israel should be making clear to the Netanyahu government is that Israel should no longer take Washington's views into account as it makes its decisions about how to advance Israel's national security interests. This is particularly true with regard to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Rationally speaking, the only way the Obama administration could reasonably expect to deter Israel from attacking Iran's nuclear installations would be if it could make the cost for Israel of attacking higher than the cost for Israel of not attacking. But what the behavior of the Obama administration is demonstrating is that there is no significant difference in the costs of the two options.

By blaming Israel for the absence of peace in the Middle East while ignoring the Palestinians' refusal to accept Israel's right to exist; by seeking to build an international coalition with Europe and the Arabs against Israel while glossing over the fact that at least the Arabs share Israel's concerns about Iran; by exposing Israel's nuclear arsenal and pressuring Israel to disarm while in the meantime courting the ayatollahs like an overeager bridegroom, the Obama administration is telling Israel that regardless of what it does, and what objective reality is, as far as the White House is concerned, Israel is to blame.

This, of course, doesn't mean that Netanyahu shouldn't make his case to Obama when they meet and to the American people during his US visit. What it does mean is that Netanyahu should have no expectation that Israeli goodwill can divert Obama from the course he has chosen. And again, this tells us two things: Israel's relations with the US during Obama's tenure in office will be unpleasant and difficult, and the damage that Israel will cause to that relationship by preventing Iran from acquiring the means to destroy it will be negligible.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

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  • Marc Handelsman, USA 05/08/2009 at 18:46

    Before the inevitable conflict with Iran, Israel needs to recalibrate its relationship with the US, and produce its own military equipment. Because the damage that Israel will cause to the US-Israeli relationship, by preventing Iran from acquiring the means to destroy it, will be considerable. It is better for Israel to restructure its relationship with the United States now, than wait for the US to cut off military assistance after the IAF destroys Iran’s nuclear sites. Finally, Israel needs to prepare for the day when America will not help anymore.

  • Marcel Cousineau 05/08/2009 at 18:54

    This U.S. plan is the final solution repackaged and handed over to the Jews by a treacherous ,smiling ‘friend’.
    ‘on ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des œufs’
    Israel ,you are the main egg for the omelet which the globalists are cooking.
    You now receive the reward for years of loyalty and obedience to a strong ‘friend’,and ally.
    Lured by America’s superpower status you ran to for peace only to be devoured and crushed.
    You ran into the trap.
    Since the start of the land for peace scam signed on the White House lawn in September of 93′ Israel has always religiously obeyed her lords and masters ,incapable of ever saying NO. This is chattel Israel,the pawns reward for her loyalty and obedeince.
    How easily you were seduced by your ‘friend’ ,foolishy believing peace would come by being disobedient to God and obedient to America,Babylon in dividing up His land.
    In your foolish pride you refused to listen to the few voices who warned you of the trap you were falling into,you never could imagine America leading the charge for your destruction,still many hold on to false hope, lies and delusion instead of seeking Hashem.
    How foolish Israel have been to ignore Hashem and grovel before America’s Pharoah’s all these years for no peace.
    It was a big mistake not to annex Judea and Samaria and go along so easily,so willingly with the fake U.S. peace process,big mistake.
    You were too trusting in your false god.

  • Timothy Kriete For Israel FOREVER MORE AMEN 05/08/2009 at 20:48


  • Daniel l. Katz 05/08/2009 at 21:32

    At this point, I have to throw up my hands and say the world has gone mad.
    Caroline, I do not know how to contact you directly, but I do have a very important topic, made more urgent by recent events, which I cannot post in a public forum. Please rely to my e-mail address.
    Dan Katz

  • adam, usa 05/08/2009 at 21:54

    Israel should seek out new friends and allies. Would the prospect of a Chinese Mediterranean naval base back Washington and Brussels off a bit?

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 05/08/2009 at 23:20

    Caroline, I hate to repeat myself but I will.
    I recently emailed you and said PM Netanyuha should call off his meeting with Obama.
    Don’t give them the opportunity to express
    their stupid will on Israel.
    He will be ganged up on by these nit wits. Don’t give them the opportunity.
    If Obama the Muslim president wants to meet let him come to Israel.
    Can’t say much for Joe Biden, just consider the source. He is from hunger.
    On top of that you have a chief of staff (sissy) Rahm Emmanuel a Jew. He should hang is head in shame.
    How stupid can you get when you say Iran’s nuclear ambition was caused by Israel?
    Of course blame Israel for the failure of this administration to deal with Iran.
    That’s what you get when you elect a Muslim liberal left president and his party.
    They don’t have the guts or stomach to fight terrorism or deal with the likes of a county such as Iran.
    All in all, Israel is the scapegoat for the US failure.
    How asinine for this administration to insist Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights.
    No way. Israel is the home of the Jews.
    Take the Palestinians and let them settle in Jordan, Egypt or Syria.
    Israel has to keep her nuclear arsenal on the table.
    I said before, PM Netanyuha needs to sell the American people who I believe support Israel.
    Time may be right now, especially with the Tea Party on the move.
    Americans want their country back.
    Another big disappointment is Liberal American
    Jews who don’t have the guts to stand up and be counted.
    Israel the only trusted democracy in the ME and the US wants to abandon her for what?

  • Phil S 05/09/2009 at 1:12

    Marc, bullseye. Israel has to be a nation that can say no to the USA. Oddly they were such a nation in 1948 and 1967 and they were much weaker militarily than they are today. A real government would make domestic arms production with the goal of ending dependence on foreign arms the number 1 national priority. During his first stint in office Nethanyahu was going to eliminate taking American aid. Whatever happened to that idea.
    Adam, in some ways I agree, but do we really want to replace dependence on the USA with domination by China. The good thing about the USA is that is you tell them no, they usually leave you alone. Communist Chinese are much more aggressive.

  • Dan 05/09/2009 at 3:31

    Not necessarily suicide “for nothing” in return.
    Israel is, as I mentioned earlier here, the sacrifical lamb to procure “peace” between the West and islam.
    The United States has now officially made clear that is now subscribing to the arab narrative. A brief explanation of that narrative would be helpful here. To wit, nothing is wrong with islam, and nothing is wrong with the Arabs, and to the extent that there is something wrong, that is SOLELY due to the Jews, and their creation of the state of Israel, which has served as a catalyst for whatever problems exist.
    Which makes the solution pretty easy.
    No Israel, no problem.
    The right of return is but a device to allow Western politicos and Western establishments to evade really thinking about what they’re intending.
    When Daladier returned from Munich, at least he expressed private disgust with what he had done. Some residual honour remained that could at least feel shame.
    The West doesn’t intend to fork over Israel and feel subsequently burdened by anything like shame or guilt. Which is why the arab narrative is so handy. It isn’t Western cowardice that guides policy, rather it will be Western generosity, broad-mindedness and of course, that trump card du jour, “tolerance.” Israeli reluctance to go through with the program only reinforces the idea that Israel is recalcitrant, warlike and belligerent, not to mention racist.
    You guys are up the creek.
    I suggest doing what you know needs to be done. And I don’t understand what you’re waiting for. Are you going to sit around and wait for this coalition of anti-zionism to reach final perfection, or are you going to move NOW on Iran.
    NO diplomacy is going to avail against Tehran; and
    NO economic sanctions are going to be imposed with sufficient teeth to stop Tehran’s Manhattan project.
    Which leaves the IDF.
    So what are you waiting for.
    What did Eisenhower tell the troops embarking on D-Day? Do you recall? I’ll remind you, he said “The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere go with you.” As then, so today. The hopes and prayers of all of those devoted to the truth, the hopes and prayers of all of those who despise terror, in short, the hopes and prayers of all decent people everywhere go with you.
    Obama does not mean you well. No man sits in the pews of a raving anti-Semite year after year, unless that he is that he concurs with what he’s hearing. That man actually allowed that raving hatemonger to stretch for his hands over his children, in some sort of dark annointing.
    He’s your enemy, albeit an enemy with a smiling face, and a cult gathering to boot.
    Obama means you ill, as he means the United States as well.
    Europe is completely compromised with tens of millions of belligerent “youths” ready and eager to take to their streets.
    China is no friend of liberty, and the Japanese still don’t have sufficient self-confidence to embark on an independent foreign policy.
    But though goverments everywhere seem against you, —————- for the very simple reason they are………………. it DOES NOT mean you are without allies.
    And one of those allies is telling you its time to cut the diplomatic games, saddle up and go after your enemies.
    They started it, they’re the ones issuing blood curdling threats.
    You tried diplomacy. You tried, IN GOOD FAITH, everything possible to avoid this confrontation. Which means your consciences are clear.
    GO GET ‘EM!

  • Ted Moran 05/09/2009 at 3:55

    Sadly, Israel is out of friends, options and time. What saddens me the most is this was done by JINO’s (Jews in name only.) Without the JINO’s Obama would not have won. American Jews purposefully sabotaged the rally against Iran because of Sarah Palin. Now instead of a Vice President giving support to Israel you have one telling them the must drink Jim Jone’s Kool-Aid and smile. G-d forbid if they don’t smile, perhaps people will question the Obamafurher’s vision. What is a paradox is that American Jews are now Israel’s worst enemy and Evangelical Christians are becoming her last best friend.
    I guess the reason for Jewish apathy in the US towards Israel is the fact they they are here, in a place that they feel safe and comfortable in, while Israelis spend every day on the front lines. It is hard for Americans to imagine going grocery shopping with an Uzi slung over your shoulder or to go to work with a .45 riding on your belt. We are going to remember here in America soon what Israelis already know, which is freedom is not free.
    Netanyahu may be a politician but he is no ones fool. He must realize that his two greatest challenges are stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear bombs and the economy in that order. If Iran gets the bomb, or if the Taliban takes control of Pakistan’s arsenal they will use it against Israel. While the Taliban and al qaeda are dangerous they do not have any immediate plans to intimidate the Sunni governments in the Middle East. Iran would use its nuclear weapons against Israel for just that purpose. They want to clearly demonstrate that they have them, and that they are not afraid to use them. They know that the common Arab on the street wants this to happen. So really what does Iran have to loose with a first strike?
    Netanyahu has to look Obama in the eye and tell him, thanks but no thanks. Israel goes not need his help committing suicide. Netanyahu needs to know that Obama may have been elected President but he is not Constitutionally qualified to be President, and any agreements made with him are not enforceable. The truth is if Bibi was to say this on US television Obama’s marginal popular support would evaporate instantly, and he needs to look Obama in the eye and tell him that this is exactly what he will do. It would also put him on the defensive domestically, and would cast a pale shadow over both him and the democratic controlled Congress. If Netanyahu does not stand up to Obama, than a mass suicide like what happened at Masada will be the only mercy Israel receives.
    Let’s face it, only a Muslim would use a nuke against Israel, so Israel should develop a simple doctrine that any attack against Israel using a weapon of mass destruction will be considered an attack by all Muslims and Israel’s response will be to level specific and published targets within 15 minutes. These targets would include Mecca, Medina, Damascus and Tehran.
    If a person honestly looks at history they can see an unbroken succession of anti-Semites. From pagan Rome, to Rome under Constantine, to Roman Church, the Roman empire under Hitler, and now Arabs. If Jews do not take care of themselves I see no one else ready to.

  • Geoffrey Grider 05/09/2009 at 6:58

    This has all been documented in the Old and New Testaments of the bible quite extensively. All the nations of the world will rise up and attack Israel, as it has been foretold from long ago. Obama is not your friend, he is quite the opposite. His people, the Muslims, are who he is championing. Israel, trust in the LORD, and be ye ready…for the time of Jacob’s Trouble will soon be upon you. Caroline, great article. Very detailed and very accurate. I put a link to it on my Facebook page, and am telling as many people who will listen to me. The End Days have arrived.

  • Qanni 05/09/2009 at 7:02

    Looking at the history of Israel, maybe the best thing would be its destruction! Let them all go back to where they came from and prosecute ALL the war criminals. Viva Palestina! The Israelis are the real terrorist there.

  • Bill K. 05/09/2009 at 7:47

    Netanyahu should go to Washington and his meeting with Obama with this demand: “Either you deal decisively and urgently with the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons or we will. Until then any deals with the Palestinians are off the table.”
    What Obama and every preceding American Administration cannot seem to comprehend is that Iran is the linchpin of militant Islam and the source of instability in the region. When the reign of terror of the mullahs has been collapsed and Iran’s nuclear capability destroyed, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and the Syrians will find themselves suddenly out in the cold. They will immediately become far more tractable. This is the way to peace in the Mideast. Not the self-immolation of Israel that Obama demands. This would lead almost certainly to war and with a good probability of a nuclear one at that.
    Netanyahu must not compromise on these demands. This is a life and death decision for Israel. In any compromise between life and death only death wins.

  • Bradford Stephen Kyle, Texas 05/09/2009 at 7:52

    Ms Glick,
    Are you aware of the logical fallacy constituted in presuming ideology and reality are mutually exclusive? Implying the false alternative of subjectivist vs pragmatist ideology? The solution: objective ideology (see Ayn Rand’s Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology). May I suggest you meant to say Obama’s ideology is subjective, i.e., arbitrary, and, inevitably, his policies are not subject to rational argument.

  • Marcel Cousineau 05/09/2009 at 14:05

    As Pharoah Hussein works overtime to court the Islamic world away from Russia by betraying Israel ten times over, Putin the better chess player comntemplates his next move.
    You will soon understand how this is much bigger than just ‘Iran’.
    The big picture and bigger agenda is not only from the perspective of our limited minds and skewered mortal view.
    We approach the cosmic showdown of the ages and time is running out for God’s enemies ,especially Islam.
    Putin knows(he thinks he does) this is checkmate time while the Chicago street organizer in the White House is drunk with power and swallowing his own vomit.
    The temptation grows for Russia to thwart Obama’s plans to endear himself to the moslem world.
    Even the pope is getting in on appeasing the Islamic world at Israel’s expense
    The awesome thing in all of this is ;
    It’s God’s plan ,God’s trap for ALL the nations.
    Israel’s part is to trust Him and stop trusting the criminal,perverted,liars,scum and appeasers to evil Islam leaders of the Nations.
    ‘You will come up against My people Israel like a cloud, to cover the land. It will be in the latter days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me, when I am hallowed in you, O Gog, before their eyes.”‘
    Ezekiel 38:16
    The big picture we need to understand is that the God of Israel will be front in center of all attention when all of the dust settles.
    Iran,Russia,U.S.,ect.. are just the proud useful idiots as the big curtain comes down on them and their doomed plans.
    Israel will be the head of the nations and no longer the tail.
    Who else could accomplish this but the Holy One of Israel.Thats where our focus should be ,not on the American public’s support or any mortal hope which has proven to be hot air and more delusion.

  • Baruch 05/09/2009 at 17:09

    To be perfectly honest, I am extremely glad that this is happening because I completely agree with Marc Handelsman’s comment. The only way in which the government of Israel is going to guarantee the survival of the nation is by “recalibrating”, as Marc puts it, its ties with the U.S. The central focus of this retooling effort is by Israel producing its own military equipment. Remember the Lavi fighter jet? Israel actually produced it until pressure from the U.S. forced Israel to cease production of it because it competed with their own fighter jet production.
    Please keep in mind some important facts, however, which is that the U.S. federal budget deficit is swelling and the interest on the debt is expected to triple in just ten years, while individual income taxes are projected to double as predicted by Obama’s own budget. For the U.S. to be in a position to dictate what Israel should or should not be doing falls on deaf ears with Americans given the fact that their ability to dictate the terms of their own lives let alone others abroad is being jeopardized.
    It’s time for Israel to step out of the shadow of the U.S. At this time in history, it is hard to tell whether the U.S. is desperately trying to control Israel or whether Israel is desperately trying to hang onto America. The bottom line is that both countries are now embarked on very distinctively different paths, and Israel has far more to gain by distancing itself from what is shaping up to be a train wreck of magnanimous proportions.

  • A.M. Moore 05/10/2009 at 9:32

    Caroline I agree with the previous comments made by others about Israel producing its own arms. I also agree with your own conclusion about forming various alliances with nations such as India. The nuclear solution is a given. Bottom line is what’s the worst the U.S. can do, be “unfriendly”. Don’t cut your throats. Period!

  • V.R.Sonti 05/10/2009 at 10:38

    “Baruch” immediately above has it right. There is NO solution other than Israel going it alone. The only question is when: we need to buy some time; and for that reason it is vital that Netanyahu REFUSE to meet with the US President, the Sec.of State, Tony Blair, Gen. Jones or any of these “traitors” to Western Civilization.
    We ( I am speaking as an observant Bibl-Christian, a breed diminishing by the day,) meanwhile must build up our own armaments industry, if needed, by levying a small tax upon every Jew and loyal Christian.
    Or else, there is the so-called Samson Option. The IAF with (yes)a few nukes can devastate three Arab Capitals on one quiet afternoon thus putting to test Rafsanjani’s suggestion that the Muslim World can survive any number of nuke attacks. This is not borne out by History. Only the ingrained anti-semitism of the world prevents them from recalling what Batu Khan and Tamerlane did the to the Moslem world. Rafsanjani is dealing with a nation infinitely more powerful than the Central Asian States of the 13th Century.
    We who have God’s Holy Word to reassure us have only ourselvesw to blame if we do not sieze the moment.

  • Darlene 05/11/2009 at 6:31

    Dear Caroline,
    I am not a professional writer, but I had the honor to meet you in California several years ago, and I heard a rational, savy, dedicated woman…possessing the character,capacity and dedication to become the leader of Israel, were it ever necessary. You are a Debra!
    Please tell Israel that they have very many supporters here in the USA, and we are standing with you. Protect the land, protect your people, go on with what you know you must do to accomplish this, be strong and of good courage. Israel, you are NOT alone.
    I bless you, and will continue to pray for every phase of your journey.

  • Ken Besig 05/11/2009 at 14:25

    A long time ago I gave up worrying about the Arab Israeli peace process and learned to simply grow old along with it. While all the objections and dangers that Ms. Glick raises are certainly worth mentioning they really are not that much different than the ones we Israelis have been confronted with many times in the past, and by leaders either much more antagonistic towards Israel than Barack Obama or even much friendlier ones. We often forget that the reason every single peace initiative made with the intention of solving the Arab Israeli dispute has failed and failed miserably, every single time because the Arabs will never ever accept a settlement which recognizes as legitimate Jewish Israeli sovereignty over Israel.
    This is why it doesn’t even matter what Obama, or Emmanuel or this General or that demands from Israel, unless of course it is a demand for Israeli national suicide, because the Arabs will shoot it down at the first opportunity.
    The Arab Israeli dispute has continued in spite of Israeli concessions, gestures, and a real desire for a peaceful settlement, it has and will continue because a lack of any willingness on the Arab side to settle this dispute peacefully.
    Moreover, Amr Moussa has it right, Iran is a problem in and of itself, and has nothing to do with settling the Israeli Arab dispute. That the Obama team doesn’t realize this is just a further sign of their inexperience, immaturity, and total lack of understanding of the Middle East. It may result in a nuclear armed Iran but it most assuredly will not result in Arab Israeli peace.
    What would worry me, as a resident of an Israeli settlement in the Territories would be for Barack Obama to publicly and forcefully demand that the Palestinians publicly and in Arabic renounce unconditionally and for good, the use of physical and verbal violence against Israel, and negotiate in good faith towards a compromise solution. Not that I for a moment believe that the Palestinians would ever do so, but a public demand like this from the American President would begin to shift the dynamics of the Middle East towards reality and away from the demagogy and anti Israeli ideology which so dominates the discussion to no good end.

  • Timothy Kriete For ISRAEL FOREVER MORE AMEN 05/11/2009 at 14:25

    AMEN. Dear Abu Mazen, “King” Abdullah II of
    The LORD Be Forever More MAGNIFIED and the small
    minded enemies of Israel be FOREVER MORE AMEN
    Respectfully Submitted, Timothy Kriete :):):)

  • Timothy Kriete For ISRAEL FOREVER MORE AMEN 05/11/2009 at 14:28

    EVER BE SILENT ISAIAH 53-63 AMEN!!! :):):)

  • Tony Original 05/11/2009 at 17:29

    I make no apology for being a Christian who believes in the accuracy of the Bible and that it was written by a Divine hand, through men and women like you and me.
    Well, that book says the whole world will turn against Israel in the last days and if you look at what is happening in the world political arena right now then you will see that very soon the entire world will turn on Israel. You see, that is where the battle of Good and evil will be fought. That is where every ‘ism’ in the world will end (socialism, humanism, secularism,communism etc etc) to be replaced by THE ‘ity’ of the world…Deity, humanity, generosity…etc etc.
    But! The good news is that Israel will survive and out of her will eventually come world peace. I look forwrad to that day.

  • Levi Sokolic 05/11/2009 at 18:27

    Your article on Obama’s America is one of the saddest I have ever read.
    In the Warsaw Ghetto the Jews had only molotov cocktails and pistols to use against tanks and the cruelest soldiers in Europe. But the half starved remnant fought like tigers. A nuclear armed Israel shrinks before the goy like a coward. Shame on Israel. If the left does not like it, show them the way to Ben Gurion airport.
    What should happen is that Israel should tell Obama and the Europeans to take a long walk off a short pier, or better yet, to “go drink Gaza seawater”, and that there will never be an Arab state in the land of Israel, and that Jerusalem will never return to goyishe hands. Further, the Israeli government should go over the heads of the government and turn to those Americans who support Israel. They should also forget the assimilated jews – the 80% who voted for Adolph Obama, these are part of the problem – and turn to the real jews in America.
    Further, someone of the stature of Eliashiv or Ovadia Yosef should tell Rahm Emmanuel, Dennis Miller, and Aaron Ross et al that they are dead in the world to come, and read them out of the Jewish people – to put them in herem.
    If not now, when?

  • Marcel Cousineau 05/11/2009 at 20:41

    Who is conducting the orchestra?
    The Price Tag of Islamic Compliance to the New World Order
    The price tag that the Islamic countries would seek to be in negotiations to be part of the New World Order may be the attempted or allowed destruction of Israel itself, without any intervention by the US. Israel is the fly in the ointment anytime there are any foreign policy discussions between the US and major Islamic powers. Anytime we want to further an agenda in the Middle East, Israel has to make a concession in her fight for survival. Barack Hussein Obama is openly turning his back on Israel more and more each and every day. This may well be by design – by using Israel as a bargaining chip in an effort to bring Islamic countries to the Globalist Government table. The New World Order would have to have the Islamic countries on their side, at least for a time in order to bring everyone under a one world government. This evens the odds with regard to China and the military and economic problem that China presents.
    Israel, if she were to either comply with the illegal requests from the United States to relinquish sovereignty and surrender land to the Palestinians or if she chooses not to comply, the result could be a Palestinian state forced into existence through war or economic pressure. The fact that Hussein Obama is even considering nullifying our 40 year old nuclear agreement with Israel by exposing the level of her nuclear arsenal and disclosing the locations of her nuclear armaments, insisting that Israel disarms, could spell out a death warrant for the small sovereign nation. Those nukes and the support of the United States have been Israel’s insurance against attacks by neighboring Muslim countries. Hussein Obama is threatening to remove both.
    The additional price tag is that democratic countries have to implement Islamic influence into their governmental structures. This has been obvious in the UK and is becoming more apparent in the United States.
    Barack Hussein Obama was chosen, not elected.

  • J. 05/12/2009 at 2:41

    I am an American who supports Israel. Please do not allow Obummer and his teleprompter to put your great country at risk. Israel needs to do what is best for its people, and borders. Our leaders may be backstabbing you, but we the people of America are standing with you.

  • Anna 05/12/2009 at 6:57

    Thank you for all of your incredibly insightful commentary, Ms. Glick. Your writing is a beacon of light and intelligence amidst so much “journalistic” propaganda. Journalism in America has died as far as I can tell. It’s a frightening situation when you have a President such as we have and a complicit media. It’s a recipe for disaster, which I fear is slowly unfolding.

  • yuval Brandstetter MD 05/16/2009 at 16:31

    Further, Obama may fore Israel to use Nukes

  • yuval Brandstetter MD 05/16/2009 at 16:34

    What Israel didn’t count on was the humiliating reception Peres received from Obama.
    What’s the surprise? From Obama’s Muslim point of view Peres is a Blasphemy, the representative of the illegal Dhimmi State which is a Muslim impossibility. The very idea that the Jewish State will launch an attack on an Islamic state, and succeed at drawing the fangs, makes Barack Hussein Obama’s blood boil.

  • Marilou Dody 05/16/2009 at 19:30

    As so many others have commented, this situation is leading directly to the miraculous saving of Israel by the Lord on the plains of Megiddo after she is attacked by the “powers of the north.” What is sickening to me is the depth of betrayal of Israel by the American president and his effort to hasten her complete destruction. Take heart, Israel. The American PEOPLE are for you, particularly the evangelical Christians of this country, of which I am one. But more than that, you are still the chosen people of the Lord, and He will save you out of all your troubles.


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