Jihad on US campuses

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In the following clip, you see David Horowitz from the Freedom Center asking a Muslim student activist at UC San Diego if she supports Hizbullah’s aim of eradicating Jewry from the face of the planet. And this smooth-talking human upholstery board – sporting a drapery and a tablecloth – said yes. 

So there you have it.  




 Add that to the Muslim student assault on Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks at Uppsala University in Sweden – to the ringing calls of Allau Akhbar. 


When I watched this video yesterday my concern was that given Sweden’s leftist deathwish, the people who will end up getting punished for this assault are the policemen who tried to restrain the Muslim students from killing Vilks. 



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  • Steve 05/13/2010 at 9:41

    In the Jewish Journal I read recently of a commentator who shall remain nameless who told of his being tapped on the shoulder as he was simply walking by and minding his own business and being called a Nazi (specifically she had looked at his kippa and said you look like a Nazi to me) by a garden variety Leftist (no drapery was in evidence). He had no reaction then or now, no commentary on the incident, and no protest or criticism for a University system which would permit such behaviour.

  • Marcel 05/13/2010 at 10:26

    Many of us can see this ever growing decay in every aspect of western society but we ignore the question as to why.
    All we have to do is look back to who created Harvard and Yale and for what reason and see the purient polluted minds who control these instutions today. This would never have happened in saltier days.
    It’s as if the lights have been turned off and darkness has filled the void.
    How is it that even our government has become lawless and refuses to enforce the laws of the land especially related to illegal immigration ?
    We used to be a beacon of light to the nations and they looked to us as an example ,but thsoe days are long gone.
    America has drifted far away from her moral foundation and is adrift in rough seas without an anchor or a compass.
    The ingredient that once preserved America and made her great has been tossed overboard and replaced with a Babelish concoction of diversity,perversity as the nation slides down to hell.
    It’s evident that when a culture or nation throws off it’s moral underpinnings that it becomes suicidal and self destructive and thats what we and the Islamic jihadists see in the West.
    They can see that it’s time to make their move
    This also explains Israel’s moral dilemma.
    ‘You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste (its strength, its quality), how can its saltness be restored?
    It is not good for anything any longer but to be thrown out and trodden underfoot by men.’
    Matthew 5:13

  • Rory 05/13/2010 at 15:24

    I can only hope that detailed programs will air on mainstream TV that document the real truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how Islam thinks about Jewish and Western people in general…that this doesn’t happen gives the lie to the Jewish control of the media and the power of the Jewish lobby in Washington…there will never be any substitute to dealing Islam a crushing political, military and psychological defeat…this would take another world war between the Judeo-Christian democracies and Russia, its Islamic allies and China…

  • Philip R Feist 05/13/2010 at 15:56

    If this young lady actually meant what I think I heard her say, . . . . I’m speechless. She was afraid of being marked by the HSA if she were to say that she supported Hamas, but she had no hesitation whatsoever in saying she agreed with the idea of eliminating the Jews. And what if she had said the same about another race, or if she had advocated the hunting down and murder of all who are not Muslim? Is she representative of Muslims in our midst? If not, have any of the other Muslims an the UCSD campus repudiated what she has said?

  • Marc Handelsman, USA 05/13/2010 at 18:05

    A disturbing contrast with the American Muslim student calmly stating her support for Hamas. And the second video showing Swedish Muslim students willfully disrespecting authority. The bottom-line is: young minds are being brainwashed by Radical Islamists.

  • Wolf 05/13/2010 at 19:16

    When I made a pointed, yet civil, comment on YouTube about the video of the attack on Lars Vilks, which did not betray my ethnicity in any way, I got the following direct message(#1) and a reply comment posted(#2) As follows:
    #1: “Happy Holocaust Day, you Jew fuck. Don’t worry, Muslims will see that you have another one. I promise you that, you lying kike. Can’t wait!”
    and of course,
    #2: “Fuck yourself, get the fuck out of Palestine you lying, big-nosed cunt.
    Your country was installed and armed by the CIA, and funded through world bank loans, to steal land from those who cannot protect themselves from such an assault.
    And we all know America are the largest shareholder, which means their say is final.
    A puppet state, a front for missile bases, and a fulcrum´╗┐ for propaganda bigotry and patriotism.
    Europeans know the fucking score, pal.
    Don’t kid yourself.”
    Charming world that we live in, huh? EVERY Jew had better get a gun or six and learn how to use it (them.) We can’t depend on others to protect us–if we hadn’t learned that a few million times over in the past. Am Yisroel Chai, and may it always be so, m’ertz HaShem.

  • Terry, Eilat - Israel 05/14/2010 at 7:05

    Am I supposed to be surprised, shocked, or what? This is Islam, plain old mainstream Islam. It’s not ”radical Islam”, it’s not ”a few extremists”, it’s not poverty, displeasure with foreign policy, it’s not ”Palestine” or ”occupation” – this is Mainstream Islam.
    This is what the Qur’an teaches, this is what the biography of Mohammed exemplifies, this is what Islam has been for 1400 yrs.
    If you think that Islam can be reformed, if you think we must help the ”moderates”, if you think that we need interfaith dialogue, if you think that this ideology can be appeased somehow, if you think that economic development will work some magic, then you are in denial, indulging in wishful thinking, or just a fool.

  • Ron Grandinetti 05/14/2010 at 8:04

    You certainly got that right.
    They are not going to change. They cannot be trusted.
    These students should be deported to a Muslim country.
    They breed hate for Christians and Jews.
    The secular progressives are out to destroy the Judeo-Christian principals this country was founded on.
    We better recognize the hate mongers of the world.
    Time to call a spade a spade.

  • Marcel 05/14/2010 at 9:17

    EVERY Jew had better get a gun or six and learn how to use it (them.)
    A better suggestion ;
    Save your blood and bullets to fight against Israel’s enemies in Israel ,not to die in America Babylon.
    Islam is juat part of the perfect storm headed our way.
    The groundwork has been laid for the coming persecution of Jews and those who stand with them.
    How many Jews in America understand that when the ECONOMIC chaos and riots come to the U.S. that they will be the chief scapegoats of the mobs as they have always been ?
    Don’t believe the Government Media lies about the US economy.
    Jews will also be targeted after the fallout from Israel’s strike against the IslamicNazi axis of Iran,Syria and Lebanon
    It’s time to make aliyah while you can.
    While it is easy because it’s going to get harder to do so.
    As it was in Germany the majority will fail to heed the many warnings with the same tragic results.

  • Anonymous 05/14/2010 at 19:28

    What is really disconcerting, is that Muslims in the West now feel confident enough to openly state their genocidal intentions regarding Jews. No other person could get away with such outright genocidal statements without being prosecuted and persecuted. Yet Muslims are getting away with it, for they know that we have been dhimmified.
    Why do they think this?
    The answer is that Muslims expected that Islam would be wiped out after 9/11. I remember the panic that set in in the Muslim world as they waited for Armageddon to descend on them. But instead of that, our Western leaders rushed to the mosque and kissed the Koran.
    Now if I were a devout Muslim, I would see this outcome as a sign that allah had disarmed the Kuffar, so that the powerful Kuffar West could not use his armed might, eve when attacked at home. Victory was therefore only a matter of time, as allah promised. It is this confidence that allah is on their side and has shown this clearly by disarming the Kuffar, that allows Muslims to openly state genocidal views in the West.
    The fact that they still get away with this, confirms their view.Sooner or later, this misapprehension or delusion will have to be corrected. I hope it is sooner, as leaving it to the last could be catastrophic.

  • John Nosser 06/02/2010 at 9:15

    These videos and others like them show clearly that pious Muslims are a dangerous radical sect prone to violence against all who do not believe exactly like they do. This may seem radical to some, but I believe that Islam should be completely purged from this earth as a belief system. It is too primitive and violent for technologically advanced cultures. For the safety of non-Muslims, Islam should be outlawed as a non-religious belief system. Freed from Islam, I think most Muslims would gladly flee from the terror Islam offers. It certainly should not be called a religion, or peaceful.


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