Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest anti-Glick meltdown

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Yesterday one of my readers forwarded me a blog post written by the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg and asked me to comment on it. In truth, I rarely find much point in reading Goldberg’s self-absorbed writings. 


Goldberg has carved out a little niche for himself. Many years ago he wrote two stupendous pieces for the New Yorker about Hizbullah and ever since he has been paying the ideological price. The Left, which Goldberg clings to for dear life isn’t particularly interested in hearing about the dangers of jihad. So to prove that he is okay in spite of the fact that he reported on jihadists, he’s been attacking Israel – and particularly non-post-Zionist Israelis — ever since.


Goldberg is a disillusioned Zionist. He moved here, served in the IDF, couldn’t make a go of things and went back to America to write about how horrible Israel is. He regularly divides Israelis into two categories: the “good” Israelis and the “bad” Israelis. The good Israelis are his friends in post-Zionist political circles. The bad Israelis are the other 90 percent of the country that remains Zionist and devoted to the country and doesn’t care what they say about us on the BBC or write about us in the Atlantic


Given his focus, and the fact that I stand firmly in the 90 percent camp of “bad” Israelis, I tend to ignore his writings. I had a run-in with him a couple of years ago when he was personally insulted by the fact that I thought his assessment of Israel at 60 was ridiculous. Here’s my article. And here is my blog post from that time responding to his last hysterical attack against me. 


Outside his general focus on attacking Israel, a few weeks ago, Goldberg became Fidel Castro’s newest useful American idiot. And in typical Goldberg fashion, he used his Jewishness to lend credibility to his whitewash of that mass murdering Communist dictator.


My reader sent me Goldberg’s recent blog post because it consists primarily of insults directed at me. I must admit that my first instinct was to ignore it. I’m quite busy and I get no pleasure fending off infantile personal attacks.
But wading through Goldberg’s rambling 1,100 word broadside, I found one substantive remark, and I’m willing to address that.
Goldberg’s post is a response to the column I wrote last month in the Jewish Press about Israel’s ambassador in the US Michael Oren. I forgot to post the column on my blog when it came out. Here’s the link


Goldberg’s sole professional criticism of the column is that in discussing Oren’s behavior, I wrote that “Jewish activists who were present at Oren’s Rosh Hashanah reception at the Israeli Embassy this month said he gave ‘the best stump speech for President Obama’ they had ever heard.”
Goldberg acknowledges that the Jewish activists in question — Nancy and Mark Gilbert — were at Oren’s reception and that they wrote a mass email in which they said that Oren’s speech was the “best stump speech for President Obama” they had heard from “any world leader.” 


The problem claims Goldberg, is that Oren didn’t make some of the pro-Obama arguments that the Gilberts said he made, and therefore, my claims are “baseless.” Says Goldberg, I should have known that just “because a piece of information is contained in an e-mail does not mean it is true.”


As Goldberg sees it, Oren didn’t give a particularly pro-Obama speech as the Gilberts claim he did. Goldberg, who was at the reception, believes Oren’s was “a short and rather anodyne speech that detailed the generally-strong state of relations with the United States.” 


Nevertheless, it is absolutely true that some of the Jewish activists who were present at Oren’s Rosh Hashana reception — the Gilberts — said that “he gave ‘the best stump speech for President Obama’ they had ever heard.” 


My reporting was completely accurate.


Obviously, the problem here is one of interpretation. The Gilberts were at the speech and came away convinced that Oren had given a wildly pro-Obama speech. Goldberg came away believing it was an anodyne speech.


Given both Oren’s record and Goldberg’s record, I’d say the smart money is with the Gilberts. 


On the one hand, we have Oren, who as I pointed out in my column, has a long history of breathlessly and groundlessly proclaiming Obama a great friend of Israel and mendaciously denying that Obama has treated Israel with hostility. 


Less than two weeks before I wrote my column, the JTA’s Ron Kampeas quoted Oren as saying “Obama often doesn’t get the credit he deserves in Israel,” duing a pre-Rosh Hashana interview with the Jewish media. 


On the other hand, we have Goldberg, who has a record of flacking for Obama. In light of his record, it isn’t a stretch to believe that Goldberg wouldn’t recognize a pro-Obama speech if it slapped him in the face. After all, in his post attacking me, he defended Oren against the charge that he is stumping for Obama on the grounds that Oren merely “praises the Obama Administration when the Obama Administration comes to the aid of Israel, which it does, just in case you haven’t been paying attention, with some frequency.” 


In other words, according to Goldberg, Oren isn’t really campaigning for Obama because Obama is a really great guy and really deserves to have Oren campaigning for him.
Whatever. I suppose Goldberg can claim one achievement with his latest silly attack against me. He got me to read him. 


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  • independentpatriot 10/15/2010 at 8:00

    I actually had never heard of Goldberg until his embarrassing article on the murderer Castro. Goldberg couldn’t make it in Israel so it was Israel’s fault. I think his inadequacy speaks for itself. He reminds me of the professors in college who downgraded the truly talented students because they could never hope to achieve the level of art that the student naturally could accomplish.Don’t take him seriously. he speaks to a very small self-important conceited group of idiots who live on the upper west side of Manhattan. They should all get group therapy. They could also get the rest of The Atlantic staff to join them. I know maybe they can seek psychiatry in Cuba since Castro is such a good guy with a wonderful medical system and they can take Michael Moore with them.

  • Marcel 10/15/2010 at 8:19

    Meeting with the Dictator in Cuba Jeffrey needed his controller with him.
    ‘Julia Sweig, the friend I brought with me to make sure, among other things, that I didn’t say anything too stupid (Julia is a leading Latin American scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations)’.
    It’s all about choosing sides. To be with the powerful,dark side, in crowd ,you have to dis Israel. Self inflated ego’s are always drawn there.
    That’s why there are so many demi-gods,betrayers of Israel in high places.
    The CFR is a powerful and extrtemely influential group of elites who enforce the carving up of Israel and Jerusalem as part of their New World Order globalist agenda
    This is the same anti-Israel globalist group that Prime Minister Netanyahu made a point of speaking to when he was in New York not too long ago.
    It’s no surprise that the quisling Netanyahu has a wimp and boot licker like Oren in Washington on his knees 24/7.
    In this melting down world there are only two sides left.
    The Giant anti-Israel camp of Islam,the Nations and and their Globalist partners or downsized,maligned and abused Israel with God on her side.
    Those who are brainwashed against Israel or are Jewish grasshoppers like Jeffrey who see the impossible odds against Israel ,those do not belive God or just plain hate Him will be drawn to the dark side like moths to the fire.
    Israel is God’s plumbline.
    It’s awesome to see Him seperate the sheep from the goats.
    There is no middle ground when it comes to Israel whether Jew or Goyim.
    The World vs the Israel of God.
    The ods are against the World when it comes to Israel.
    The World and CFR groupie’s like Jeffry lose.

  • naomir 10/15/2010 at 8:27

    Jeffrey Goldberg is just one of the growing number of Leftist Jews who feels they have to apologize for being allowed to exist. Thank you Caroline, for your strength and courage in reporting the truth. May G-d be at your right hand always. Shabbat shalom.

  • MarcH 10/15/2010 at 8:55

    From what I’ve read, Goldberg’s description of his IDF service is revealing. He describes serving as a guard in a facility where high level terrorists were detained. Goldberg apparently had the chance to have conversations with these POSs and came away with some sympathy. If it was me, I would have been sorry that Israel’s humane rules regarding prisoner treatment precluded me from disposing of them so that they could never threaten anyone again.
    On the other hand, his recent Atlantic series on Iranian WMDs was very interesting

  • Theo Prinse 10/15/2010 at 10:30

    We’re not trying to be fair and balanced, we’re trying to make a point. Well, here’s my point. I agree with Geert Wilders that the Palestinians better move to Jordany & leave Gaza & the Westbank to the Israeli’s. I expressed this view also on Omroep Zeeland, a live radio reaction program in one of Hollands provinces. The journalist asked me if I had thought thoroughly about this & I replied yes I did. I believe that the legal rangling with the colonist settlements is that the Palestinians will loose most of it. I heard of the OIC controlled UN condemnation on the concrete fences. But I think 99 % of the Palestinians in Gaza & WBank are ideologically held in hostice by the Jihadists & these people would live a perfectly happy life in Jordany. Theo Prinse, Holland – the Netherlands

  • Ralph Thompson 10/18/2010 at 3:35

    great post thanks

  • fenderbirds 10/18/2010 at 12:58

    nice article, keep the posts coming

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