History’s tragic farce

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It is a fundamental truth that while history always repeats itself, it almost never repeats itself precisely. There is always a measure of newness to events that allows otherwise intelligent people to repeat the mistakes of their forebears without looking completely ridiculous.

Given this, it is hard to believe that with the advent of the Obama administration, we are seeing history repeat itself with nearly unheard of exactness. US President Barack Obama's appointment of former Sen. George Mitchell as his envoy for the so-called Palestinian-Israeli "peace process" will provide us with a spectacle of an unvarnished repeat of history.

In December 2000, outgoing president Bill Clinton appointed Mitchell to advise him on how to reignite the "peace process" after the Palestinians rejected statehood and launched their terror war against Israel in September 2000. Mitchell presented his findings to Clinton's successor, George W. Bush, in April 2001.

Mitchell asserted that Israel and the Palestinians were equally to blame for the Palestinian terror war against Israelis. He recommended that Israel end all Jewish construction outside the 1949 armistice lines, and stop fighting Palestinian terrorists.

As for the Palestinians, Mitchell said they had to make a "100 percent effort" to prevent the terror that they themselves were carrying out. This basic demand was nothing new. It formed the basis of the Clinton administration's nod-nod-wink-wink treatment of Palestinian terrorism since the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994.

By insisting that the PLO make a "100 percent effort," to quell the terror it was enabling, the Clinton administration gave the Palestinians built-in immunity from responsibility. Every time that his terrorists struck, Yasser Arafat claimed that their attacks had nothing to do with him. He was making a "100 percent effort" to stop the attacks, after all.

After getting Arafat off the hook, the Clinton administration proceeded to blame Israel. If Israel had just given up more land, or forced Jews from their homes, or given the PLO more money, Arafat could have saved the lives of his victims.

Mitchell's plan, although supported by then-secretary of state Colin Powell, was never adopted by Bush because at the time, terrorists were massacring Israelis every day. It would have been politically unwise for Bush to accept a plan that asserted moral equivalence between Israel and the PLO when rescue workers were scraping the body parts of Israeli children off the walls of bombed out pizzerias and bar mitzva parties.

But while his eponymous plan was rejected, its substance, which was based on the Clinton Plan, formed the basis of the Tenet Plan, the road map plan and the Annapolis Plan. And now, Mitchell is about to return to Israel, at the start of yet another presidential administration to offer us his plan again.

MITCHELL, OF COURSE, is not the only one repeating the past. His boss, Barack Obama, is about to repeat the failures his immediate predecessors. Like Clinton and Bush, Obama is making the establishment of a Palestinian state the centerpiece of his foreign policy agenda.

Obama made this clear his first hour on the job. On Wednesday at 8 a.m., Obama made his first phone call to a foreign leader. He called PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. During their conversation, Obama pledged his commitment to Palestinian statehood.

Fatah wasted no time responding to Obama's extraordinary gesture. On Wednesday afternoon Abbas convened the PLO's Executive Committee in Ramallah and the body announced that future negotiations with Israel will have to be based on new preconditions. As far as the PLO is concerned, with Obama firmly in its corner, it can force Israel to its knees.

And so, the PLO is now uninterested in the agreements it reached with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. For Israel to enjoy the privilege of negotiating with the PLO, it must first announce its willingness to expel all the 500,000 or so Israeli Jews who live in Judea, Samaria and the neighborhoods in east, south and north Jerusalem built since 1967, as well as in the Old City, and then hand the areas over, lock, stock and barrel, to the PLO.

This new PLO "plan" itself is nothing new. It is simply a restatement of the Arab "peace plan," which is just a renamed Saudi "peace plan," which was just a renamed Tom Friedman column in The New York Times. And the Friedman plan is one that no Israeli leader in his right mind can accept. So by making this their precondition for negotiations, the PLO is doing what it did in 2000. It is rejecting statehood in favor of continued war with Israel.

What is most remarkable about the new administration's embrace of its predecessors' failed policy is how uncontroversial this policy is in Washington. It is hard to come up with another example of a policy that has failed so often and so violently that has enjoyed the support of both American political parties. Indeed, it is hard to think of a successful policy that ever enjoyed such broad support.

Apparently, no one in positions of power in Washington has stopped to consider why it is that in spite of the fervent backing of presidents Clinton and Bush, there is still no Palestinian state.

SINCE ISRAEL recognized the PLO as the "sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" in 1993, the US and Israel have based their plans for peace on their assumption that the PLO is interested in making peace. And they have based their plans for making peace by establishing a Palestinian state on the assumption that the Palestinians are interested in statehood. Yet over the past 15 years it has become abundantly clear that neither of these assumptions is correct.

In spite of massive political, economic and military support by the US, Israel and Europe, the PLO has never made any significant moves to foster peaceful relations between Israel and the Palestinians. Not only did the PLO-led PA spend the six years between 1994 and 2000, in which it was supposedly making peace with Israel, indoctrinating Palestinian society to hate Jews and seek their destruction through jihadist-inspired terrorism. It also cultivated close relations with Iran and other rogue regimes and terror groups.

Many are quick to claim that these misbehaviors were simply a consequence of Arafat's personal radicalism. Under Abbas, it is argued, the PLO is much more moderate. But this assertion strains credulity. As The Jerusalem Post's Khaled Abu Toameh reported on Monday, Fatah forces today boast that their terror cells in Gaza took active part in Hamas's missile offensive against Israel. Fatah's Aksa Martyrs terror cells claim that during Operation Cast Lead, its terrorists shot 137 rockets and mortar shells at Israel.

Abbas's supporters in the US and Israel claim that these Fatah members acted as they did because they are living under Hamas rule. They would be far more moderate if they were under Fatah rule. But this, too, doesn't ring true.

From 2000 through June 2007, when Hamas ousted Fatah forces from Gaza, most of the weapons smuggling operations in Gaza were carried out by Fatah. Then, too, most of the rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel were fired by Fatah forces. Likewise, most of the suicide bombers deployed from Judea and Samaria were members of Fatah.

The likes of Madeleine Albright, Powell and Condoleezza Rice claimed that Fatah's collusion with Hamas and Islamic Jihad and its leading role in terror was a consequence of insufficient Israeli support for Arafat and later for Abbas. If Israel had kicked out the Jews of Gaza earlier, or if it had removed its roadblocks and expelled Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria, or if had prevented all Jewish construction beyond the 1949 armistice lines, then Arafat and later Abbas would have been more popular and able
to rein in their own terror forces. (Incidentally, those same forces receive their salaries from the PA, which is funded by the US and Israel.)

THE PROBLEM with this line of thinking is that it ignores two essential facts. First, since 2000 Israel has curtailed Jewish building in Judea and Samaria. Second, Israel kicked every last Jew out of Gaza and handed the ruins of their villages and farms over to Fatah in September 2005.

It is worth noting that the conditions under which the PA received Gaza in 2005 were far better than the conditions under which Israel gained its sovereignty in 1948. The Palestinians were showered with billions of dollars in international aid. No one wanted to do anything but help them make a go of it.

In 1948-49, Israel had to secure its sovereignty by fending off five invading armies while under an international arms embargo. It then had to absorb a million refugees from Arab countries and Holocaust survivors from Europe, with no financial assistance from anyone other than US Jews. Israel developed into an open democracy. Gaza became one of the largest terror bases in the world.

Four months after Israel handed over Gaza – and northern Samaria – the Palestinians turned their backs on statehood altogether when they elected Hamas – an explicitly anti-nationalist, pan-Islamic movement that rejects Palestinians statehood – to lead them.

Hamas's electoral victory, its subsequent ouster of Fatah forces from Gaza and its recent war with Israel tells us another fundamental truth about the sources of the repeated failure of the US's bid for Palestinian statehood. Quite simply, there is no real Palestinian constituency for it.

Even if we were to ignore all of the PLO's involvement in terrorism and assume like Obama, Bush and Clinton that the PLO is willing to live at peace with Israel in exchange for Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, what Hamas's control of Gaza and its popularity throughout the Palestinian areas show is that there is no reason to expect that the PLO will remain in control of territory that Israel transfers to its control. So if Israel were to abide by the PLO's latest demand and accept the Friedman/Saudi/Arab/PLO "peace plan," there is no reason to believe that a Jew-free Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem wouldn't then be taken over by Hamas.

Given that there is no chance that Israeli territorial giveaways will lead to a peaceful Palestinian state, the question arises, is there any way to compel American politicians to give up their fantasies of fancy signing ceremonies in the White House Rose Garden that far from bringing peace, engender radicalism, instability and death?

As far as Mitchell is concerned the answer is no. In an address at Tel Aviv University last month, Mitchell said that the US and Israel must cling to the delusion that Palestinian statehood will bring about a new utopia, "for the alternative is unacceptable and should be unthinkable."

So much for "change" in US foreign policy.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

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  • marcel 01/23/2009 at 18:28

    The 100% fake peace process ,Israel’s still buying it.
    How come ?
    You can’t be this stupid, can you ?
    Hustled by the same unchanged scam time and again.
    What gives ?
    There has to be an answer for such insane behavior from a people who should have learned better from history ???????
    In the world of buying or selling animals, one would not buy an animal that is hidden, right? In the 19th century, a poke was a sack or a bag. So buying a pig, in this case a piglet, inside a sack would not be a good idea because you could not see the animal.
    Israel keeps buying the same pig in the poke time and time again.
    Only this time the pig is dead and maggot infested and Israel keeps buying it.
    Why has Israel become so stupid ? Is it because they have turned their backs on God and follow and serve the pigs in a poke peace huslters instead ?

  • Marc Handelsman, USA 01/23/2009 at 19:30

    There is no way to compel American politicians to give up their fantasy of resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Until the PLO genuinely recognizes Israel’s right to exist, there will be no so-called peace process. Sending US envoys to the region will only complicate the matter. But the Obama Administration will find out that it won’t solve the conflict. Israel doesn’t need to succumb to US pressure to give up land for peace. Hopefully, Israelis will bring Likud back to power because Kadima has failed the nation.

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 01/23/2009 at 22:36

    Caroline, yes History’s tragic farce.
    Good grief, the new staff of Mitchell, Holbrooke and company are recycled liberals.
    It is not up to U.S. Government to make decisions for Israel with respects to territory that belongs to the Jewish people.
    The Palestinians do not seem to want or have earned Statehood, at least not located in Israel. The Jews should not withdraw from Judea, Samaria or any part of Jerusalem. All of Israel belongs to the Jewish Nation, period.
    No one in their right mind and in good conscience could believe it’s possible for a Palestinian Statehood to exist side by side within the Jewish Nation. Forget it. Hamas the tail that wags the dog would with the help of Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria make every attempt to destroy this Jewish Nation with the whole world watching. Give up on this idea.
    Caroline, listen. The Obama Administration has to change its thinking on the ME.
    The U.S. needs to provide full support to the Israel Government while not meddling in her affairs. That’s the way you support democracies.
    This will require the help of all American Jews, whether in or out of the U.S. Government. I, Know it will take an asserted effort to muster this assistance. I honestly believe that the majority of Americans will back them. They are fed up with the abuse Israel has to put up with in defending herself against the terrorist in addition to the flak it takes from everyone including the U.S. and some of her allies.
    Now the big question, how do you accomplish this? I realize there are no doubt a number of Jewish Organizations and media outlets. They have to come together as a single voice to reach each and everyone to put pressure on the Administration. Let’s call it “SUFIN” Stand United for Israel Now.
    Best yet, run a campaign to develop a slogan. As you can see I am not good at it.
    The U.S. needs to change course, the time is NOW.
    By the way I don’t like laying this at your table, but young lady I believe you are the real true voice of Israel.

  • Arius 01/23/2009 at 22:45

    The blame the West first crowd had already made its long march through all of our institutions before 911 and since then has weakened the Western war against the Islamic jihad and the terrorists with the death of a thousand cuts.
    How can an enemy be defeated if you don’t know the enemy, if the manipulators of public opinion in Hollywood only makes movies that apologize for violent Muslim behavior and blame the West, if our public officials think that Islam is a religion of peace, if academics teach that Islam lived with Christians and Jews for centuries in peace before the West or Jews stirred things up. This is just the short list. The stupidity upon stupidity of the West boggles the mind.
    US foreign policy is now collapsing on all fronts in the Middle East. That Iran will acquire nuclear weapons is now a foregone conclusion. A future nuclear war between Iran and Israel will take down all oil production in the Middle East. I will leave to your imagination the effect on food production and the mass starvation that will result.
    America is in the death grip of:
    (1) Total ignorance of the nature of the enemy (it thinks Islam is a religion).
    (2) The traitors within that line their pockets with Muslim money while advancing the interests of the enemy.
    (3) The cold war warriors that are still fighting the last war (and have succeeded in pushing Russia into the arms of China).
    (4) A foreign policy that operates in fear of oil producers (and thereby promotes and funds the Muslim anti-Western agenda).

  • Pops in Vienna 01/23/2009 at 22:54

    Another great article Caroline.
    Didn’t Einstein remark that the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result?
    Yes, everybody in Washington is either, insane, stupid or just plain evil. I often wonder where the powerful Jewish Lobby has gone off to. You’d think that the jews in America would be keenly aware of the facts which you have clearly outlined in your article. Why aren’t they pressuring the politicians they generously support to come up with a sane policy?
    But why am I blaming American jewry for this fiasco when the elected leaders of Israel are also quite eager to sell the country down the river?
    Unless there are some unexpected changes in thinking I’d say you guys are just plain screwed.
    May G-d protect you.
    Stay iron!

  • Bill K. 01/23/2009 at 23:55

    The reason the United States keeps repeating the same stupid mistakes time after time is the philosophy of Pragmatism that predominates the thinking in Washington. For a pragmatist the ……well let me have an expert explain:
    “[The Pragmatists] declared that philosophy must be practical and that practicality consists of dispensing with all absolute principles and standards—that there is no such thing as objective reality or permanent truth—that truth is that which works, and its validity can be judged only by its consequences—that no facts can be known with certainty in advance, and anything may be tried by rule-of-thumb—that reality is not firm, but fluid and “indeterminate,” that there is no such thing as a distinction between an external world and a consciousness (between the perceived and the perceiver), there is only an undifferentiated package-deal labeled “experience,” and whatever one wishes to be true, is true, whatever one wishes to exist, does exist, provided it works or makes one feel better.”
    Ayn Rand in “For the New Intellectual”
    For dyed-in-the –wool pragmatists like Obama, Bush and Clinton previous failures in negotiating a peace with the Palestinians is of no concern. They are not concerned with principals, standards or facts. Their wish for a peace between Palestinian savages and the civilized Israelis is all that is necessary, in their minds, to make this impossibility happen.
    You ask:
    “….is there any way to compel American politicians to give up their fantasies of fancy signing ceremonies in the White House Rose Garden that far from bringing peace, engender radicalism, instability and death?”
    There is no need to compel the American politicians to do anything. You just need to ignore them. Ignore their dangerous advice, their entreaties, their commands. The United States cannot compel Israel to do anything it does not wish to do. Do you think Obama would send in the Navy? Not in a million years! They might delay the delivery of the F-35 ATF for a year or two but not much else.
    Here is where Israel can turn the pragmatism in Washington back on itself. Suppose Israel finally get the leadership her citizens deserve and a campaign is launched to systematically eradicate Hamas, the PLO and Hezbollah. Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and official Washington would go crazy. But what of it? There can be no doubt that ridding the earth of these terrorist organizations would be better for Israel and everyone else, except Iran, for that matter. In the end the pragmatists would pay it their ultimate accolade for it is a policy that “works”. They wouldn’t understand why it works or apply the same policy again in a similar situation but a success like this would shut them up.

  • sol vason 01/24/2009 at 6:45

    Israel always wins the kinetic war but loses the propaganda war. Your arguments need to be updated. I would suggest you create a new argument based on the English Common Law rule of Adverse Possession.
    Israel has a right to all the land it won in battle because 40 years have passed and no one has been able to take it back. Therefore, Israel has lawful possession on the same basis as any American, Englishman or any member of the Anglosphere. All Israel wants is the same justice that the poorest man gets in America .
    Of course, continue to point out that the land won in battle was your land 4000 years ago and that every time someone steals it from you, God finds a way to give it back to you. Israel needs the Adverse Possession argument for people like Mitchell who are not on speaking terms with God.

  • Luigi Frascati, Canada 01/24/2009 at 10:46

    Well, as an economist I am not sure I entirely agree with your thesis.
    There is no question that Mitchell will repeat the same statements of 2001 and will offer the same solution. Also, there is no question that the Middle East policies of the Obama Administration will remain unchanged. Where I take exception however, is the economic environment where all this is supposed to be playing, which today is completely different from eight years ago.
    2009 is going to be perhaps the most perilous year in modern history for the American economy, with forces at work that could result in anything from anaemic growth to a severe contraction. The hurricane that has swept Wall Street has remade the financial landscape and produced pervasive, self-reinforcing mistrust on the part of investors everywhere.
    Growth in the States is conservatively expected to be in the red at -0.2% with a GDP per head at USD 48,400, down USD 8,000 from 2008, and inflation at 2% (source: The Economist). Compare this with Israel, where growth is forecasted at +2.7% with a GDP per head of USD 29,940 and inflation at 3.2%. [Anyone interested in Iran over there? Growth forecasted at +2.8%, but with a meager GDP per head of USD 4,730 and a stunning 25% inflation – if you don’ t bomb it, that is. If you bomb it, add another 1,000%. But I digress.]
    There is a USD 750 billion stimulus package on the table, with another USD 825 billion package over two years in the wings, and that doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the three hyper-inflated promises of the electoral campaign: universal health care, government investment in infrastructures and green energy, and industrial reduction of gas emissions, re.: global warming.
    All this, therefore, may help explain why the revived policy of the new Administration is so uncontroversial in Washington: because nobody cares. Moreover, the foregoing may help answer your rhetorical question about compelling American politicians to give up their fantasies of fancy signing ceremonies in the Rose Garden: probably not.
    As to the Europeans, they are in the tank with France struggling to grow in the face of their banking crisis, weak consumer demand and falling real estate values; Germany with Angela Merkel heading for a possible re-election in September, but only good for yet another minority government; the UK getting ready to feed Gordon Brown to the lions and Berlusconi … well, let me share a top national secret with your readers and with Mossad: Berlusconi wears a hairpiece (source: the National Enquirer). Never trust a man with a hairpiece.
    And even the political landscape is different, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90’s and the Treaty of Maastricht of the same period which led to the formation of the European Union. Anachronistically, America’s unique military and political power produced a comparable psychological distortion in a world suddenly become unipolar, with objectives defined by slogans rather than strategic feasibility. But this is about to change with a resurgent Putinian Russian Federation. with the proximate potentiality of strengthening rather than further weakening old friendships. I believe a reader was mentioning this in a comment to another post.
    So therefore, it may very well be that Mitchell will come to the Middle East empty-handed, and if this is indeed the case the question then arises: if Americans are not particularly welcome when they come with deep pockets, how welcome are they going to be when they come empty-handed? All in all, therefore, there may be a reasonable degree of probability that this time around Abbas will have to be put on a diet.
    Bottom line is that for now there has been a lot of posturing coming from Washington – “all show and no go” as they say. The parade was very impressive (cost USD 120 million) and the Obama’s are great dancers. But, to quote our infamous friend Walter Mondale: “Where is the beef?”.

  • marcel 01/24/2009 at 18:49

    1 ‘ Until the PLO genuinely recognizes Israel there will be no peace process.’
    You fail to understand Islam because if you did you would understand that this will never,NEVER happen.
    If they lied and said yes ,would thaat finally satisfy you ?
    2 ‘ The Jews of America have to come together as a single voice to reach each and everyone to put pressure on the Administration’
    Your delusional statement assumes ‘ we the people ‘ have a voice in this corrupt oligarchy ruled by smiling despots.
    Can I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge ?
    I’ve written off the majority of Jews of America and their useless organizations as they are more Babylonian than they are Jewish .
    They’re on the menu to be eaten, already cooked frogs in the cauldron and don’t even know it
    Your confidence in the corrupt process and impotent and worthless organizations has failire written all over it.
    If they could not come together when it was easy to do so what makes you think they will come together against a deespot when it might now cost their lives ?
    How naive are these who put their confidence in what is proven worthless time and time again and ignore God.
    The blind lead the blind into the ditch.

  • Fred 01/24/2009 at 20:51

    1. Palestinians rejecting a state in favor of combat benefits Israel. We have the better military.
    2. A farce is better than a disaster.
    3. Mitchell’s use of the term ‘unthinkable’ provides us with a rhetorical wedge; We could push some flavor of realism as a bracing corrective.

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 01/24/2009 at 23:11

    Marcel, forget the Brooklyn Bridge, I already sold it.
    Look, you have to get off the glass is half empty attitude. Think positive.
    Listen, God only knows and I have no clue how to put a fire under the American Jews.
    They sure aren’t about to listen to some Catholic guy.
    Maybe the American Jew has too much on his or her plate to be bothered by what is happening in Israel. I hope and pray that isn’t the case.
    The Rabbi’s should be preaching the unity message at every service in every Synagogue throughout the world. The message “Every Jew must be an Israeli”.
    You have connections. You can start the fire.
    I am not sure, but with a little persuasion I bet you can get Caroline on the O’Reilly Factor. She, if anyone can get the message out. I am a FOX News junkie and Bill has stated a few times that he can’t understand why most American Jews are liberal and not conservative.
    Set up a message to be emailed to all the members of Congress telling them we want the U.S to provide full support behind Israel and it doesn’t include a Road Map to Peace.
    Forget the idea of a Palestinian State in the middle of Israel. Let’s get real, it’s a bad idea.
    As you stated and I believe there will be no peace until the PLO and the rest of the Arab world recognizes the Nation of Israel. Not likely to happen. Hell would freeze over first.
    Okay Marcel, the ball is in your court.

  • Elinor 01/25/2009 at 1:59

    Have you considered sending this article to the new President Obama? You’re preaching to the choir here. The ignorant, or don’t make waves politicians in D.C. need to hear this!!!!! NOW!!

  • David Custis Kimball 01/25/2009 at 9:07

    I recently read and have heard it many times, ‘Israel was given to the Jews as a gift from the British’ in 1948. And the world perhaps I heard it unsaid accepted it because of all the noise about 6 million people brutally worked to death and starved or if too young or old were just efficiently murdered. Well to say that is true is beyond doubt. To doubt it, you become either an enabler to the murder, an accomplice, or the purp, a traitor to humanity.
    My father was at Dachau, for 3 months after it was liberated doing autopsied on the victims and assisting the survivors. In the first days there was no food to give them, so the next best thing on the chilly April nights was coal to warm the stoves and provide comfortable temperatures. Just before he arrived a small group of American troops conquered the camp, an led by an Oklahoma Cherokee Chief saw the fat guards pleading for mercy among the wistful, expressing what relief they could still define, took the guards and asked them to stand over in a group. The Chief, against all codes of war, shot every single fat, sadistic without distinguishing them from enabler, perp, or traitor to humanity. Sometimes, even those laws, written by men who could not imagine such evil, are moot … perhaps meaningless … perhaps justified by a higher order. Be mindful of what you do, because even Nazi belt buckles proclaiming ‘Gott mit uns’, and ‘Allah be praised’ are blastpheming curses to all that a deity could hold sacred – goodness and life.
    But Dachau had existed from the early 1930’s to imprison any dissident voices to Hitler’s sacking of dissident and Jewish wealth. If 6000 million were murdered in Germany, that represents about 2.5 million homes, all of which were confiscated, sold or given as trade to loyal Germans in lieu of money, which was worthless. If today, those homes could be valued, at $300k each. That’s $750 Billion today which was stolen from them.
    Hitler isn’t here to kick around, but a lot of his allies are: Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and on and on ad nauseum.
    Now that is just from Germany; Russia too murdered millions of Jews and I’m sure one of the primary purposes (and the purpose for murdering anyone, for that matter) is to take their life (and money). Animals attack because they want to eat you… man is soooo evolved … he only really want’s everything you own.
    So let’s rack up another $400 billion from the poorer cousins in Russia … and pretty soon you have $1.15 Trillion taken from the Jews and wasted on either defending or fighting Hitler and the 3rd Reich.
    The point is, Britain made a calculation that most of the people in the Mid East supported the Nazi’s and would again today. They hate and would murder and take everything from every Jew they could.
    Israel was not given this land; they paid for it in blood and treasure for more than 10 million murdered.
    Oops; I almost forgot. The actuarial cost for a life is about $3mil in addition to the property lost. That’s another $30 Trillion liability to the Hitler lovers, enablers, and other allies …. so the debt before, 911 in USA, before Spain trains, before Britain subways, before wars against Israel and up to now this incursion into Gaza. Add to this that Gaza was ripped away from its rightful owners, the Jews by some ill advised and tormentedly fat and satisfied Jews and Muslim Brotherhood enablers and others surely Caroline can list more accurately and more importantly the IDF has a GPS lock on them (we wish).
    So the debt, less interest since beginning in 1930’s is $31.15 Trillion, and just to really tick off the Muslim Brothers, that interest rate was 21 percent for about 4 years during Carter’s administration and others somewhat less. (Every 7 years a 5 percent interest doubles the amount … so I let someone else do the math … it might take a while to get it spot on …. but here’s the bill in round numbers ……
    $120 Trillion: so Saudi, Iran, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen and those who have spoken out or materially damaged Israel since its inception … nows the time to put up or shut up. You in larger measure do not deserve to be living where you are. Perhaps you can all move into one place … like Yemen and learn how to fish, desalinate, cultivate, and watch your manners … cause we could give you all rubber rafts to float out into the Red sea; it’s doubtful the Red Sea will part for the likes of you … but we could arrange for that option as well.
    Israel belongs to the Jews, they have purchased it at a very high price. The missiles and mortars that keep falling on her, diminish all the land around the missiles, and that action in itself, allows Israel to acquire the land from where the rockets originate, and the land of the enablers and suppliers, as this land too becomes cheapened by the violence and evil. Who would want to live there; how could they live there; death and poison make it inhabitable and nearly worthless.
    Therefore the Nazi – Muslim debt to Israel will extend to all the Muslim lands and Israel’s capacity to produce life and goodness will grow their investment to allow all those who would strive for life and goodness to first survive and with work and forgiveness, thrive.
    Oh Caroline, may the justices that are within your Israel’s power to fulfill, be inclusive and swift with overwhelming force to cut down the cancers of evil that grow, and make those cancers visible to those misguided who would see evil growth as prosperous when it in fact is life extinguishing.

  • marcel 01/25/2009 at 15:44

    Forget Faux News a subsidary of the Saudi investors and especially foget the fake conservative pervert Bill O’Reilly.
    And forget about the waste of time of trying to influence the useless American public.
    The fire has started (see Good News) thank God and it’s started where it should have and without my help.
    My hope and prayer is that Israel shows the nobody from nowhere Ex-Sen. Mitchell a kick in his rear end and a hearty goodby.
    Israel needs to stop playing the cheap whore to these USeless pimps for the Arab world.
    Good News-exerpt;
    Israel as a nation is undergoing an astonishing
    spiritual awakening as a result of this conflict. It is a pity that
    the world is unable to be witness to the miracles that are occurring
    here daily. Even the most jaded person would be amazed at the
    transformation of the people in this country. After many years of
    feeling the underdog and fearful of the approbation of the outside
    world, Israel is undergoing an absolute renaissance on a personal and
    national level.
    First and foremost, Israel as a nation has finally decided to throw
    aside the fear of being rejected by the nations and embrace its
    sovereign right to defend it’s citizens from terrorist attacks. What
    is so astonishing, for those who know Jews and particularly Israelis,
    is that a whopping 92% of Jewish Israelis actually AGREE that the war
    is necessary and just. The adage of 2 Jews, 3 opinions and 4
    political parties has vaporized in the face of the national crisis we
    are in. Not only is there agreement among the populace, but also the
    left wing and the right wing of the political spheres agree. Even
    more amazing is the concordance among the various religious factions:
    Ashkenazi, Sephardic, reform and conservative, Zionists and anti-
    Zionist Jews are all joining together in prayer and supplication to
    the Almighty for salvation, protection and victory over our enemies.
    There are calls to prayer everywhere, regardless of denomination or
    ethnic background,everyone is united in looking towards the God of
    Israel to keep our soldiers safe and help us win against an evil
    enemy who has sworn never to stop until Israel as a nation is
    The soldiers themselves seem to have a huge spiritual hunger, and are
    unified in not only asking for prayer but also praying themselves,
    wearing tzitzit (prayer tassles) into battle and carrying the book of
    Psalms with them. The Rabbis are calling the tzitzit “heavenly flak
    jackets!” Tent synagogues on the battlefield have no less than 10
    sessions every morning, and it is reported that soldiers who never
    attended synagogue are now praying with tefillim. They have reason to
    cry out to God, since everyone is aware of the years of preparation
    of the bloodthirsty Hamas militants, their desire to kill, maim or
    kidnap Israeli soldiers is greater than their desire to live; they
    have been financed by Iran and supported by Syria and Hezbollah. Yet,
    we are defeating them, and there are reports daily of amazing
    miracles of protection and Divine direction during the battle. The
    following are just a few examples: A Hamas map was found, with booby-
    traps,landmines and sniper positions clearly spelled out. The IDF was
    able to counter each installation due to the information given. A
    large platoon of soldiers not realizing they were resting in a school
    that was booby-trapped, (discovered by a soldier relieving himself in
    the night), disarmed the bombs with no one hurt. A single soldier
    successfully fought off several Hamas terrorists trying to drag him
    into a tunnel, and all were captured. Hundreds of tunnels, hidden in
    homes under beds and kitchen cabinets, all full of live explosives
    and ammunition, yet none have exploded with IDF soldiers inside
    The report is by Dr. Dena
    Gewanter, M.D., from Kiriat Yam, Israel:

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 01/26/2009 at 0:05

    Marcel, I read the Good News Article by Dr. Gewanter. It is certainly a move in the right direction. The most important item of course is that the Israeli Jews are coming together.
    However, before I go on. You have quit calling people names. Where do you come off calling Bill O’Reilly a fake conservative pervert? Good grief, I am not sure you really know who the enemies of Israel are. Israel has enough enemies, don’t create anymore.
    I notice that in your comments, you pepper shoot all over the place with no regards who or whom you hit. You’re loose cannon at best. You’re like a bull in a china shop. I hope you don’t drink, matter of fact if you don’t, let me be the first to recommend you do so.
    Listen up, there are many Americans who feel the pain for Israel whether you believe it or not. You don’t want to annihilate this group.
    Secondly, I do feel the message “EVERY JEW MUST BE AN ISRAELI” is for all Jews no matter where in the world they are located. It’s called solidarity.
    With respects to American Jews, it is still a priority they come together as one and I am certain they can gather up plenty of non Jews to back them. This group has to convince the administration along with congress to fully support Israel while denouncing the actions of Hamas and the rest of the terrorist groups of the Arab world.
    Remember, “EVERY JEW MUST BE AN ISRAELI”. Pass it on.

  • Luigi Frascati, Canada 01/26/2009 at 12:38

    I have just finished reading a statement of Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Minister, posted on the website of Iran’ Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. This statement is a reflection of how low America has come to be in the eyes of the Islamic Republic, and how weak and naïve the current Administration is being perceived. The statement reads as follows:
    “Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki recommended the new US President Barak Obama to try to understand the “new Middle East which was emerging”.
    The foreign minister made the remarks while talking to reporters at Mehrabad Airport Tuesday night after receiving the message of the current chairman of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Abdoulaye Wade to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    Stressing that the traditional ways of looking into Middle East issues would no longer work, Mottaki believed the US administration really needed to hire a new team of Middle East experts that would help the American president make logical decisions on topics relating to the Middle East.
    The foreign minister further stressed that Obama needed to admit, in a quite frank way, that the policies adopted on different world issues particularly those relating to the Middle East by previous US governments, especially in the past eight years, were the real reason of the present global attitude towards the US which entails harsh criticism of the US policies and statesmen.
    He recommended the new US President to adopt polices which would benefit his own people and cause no harms to other world nations.
    Commenting on the future of Iran-US ties, Mottaki said Iran would prefer to follow its long-standing policy of monitoring the performance and the practical policies of the US administration.
    On his short meeting with Wade at the airport when he was receiving the OIC chief’s message, he said he discussed ways of following up the focal points of negotiations already carried out by Wade and Ahmadinejad on topics related to Gaza.
    Mottaki said he also explored practical methods of rendering aid to the people in Gaza by the Islamic countries with Wade.”
    It seems that Iran is not interested at all in talking to the US, even without preconditions, and that Obama The Anointed One will have to go redeem someone else. Furthermore, to pour gasoline on fire, in a different statement on the same website it appears that now Iran is re-establishing official ties with and assistance to Iraq – even while the Americans are still around, and that a plan of mutual cooperation with Afghanistan is in the wings.
    The Islamists are certainly not wasting any time in testing Obama. Remember Joe Biden’s prediction?
    You are right, Ms Glick: history repeats itself, but not quite in exactly the same terms.

  • St A 01/26/2009 at 23:47

    Caroline it is like that. they expect that israel should bring all palestinians back. Habitate them fat with respect and reverence. then extend your support all kinds moral military finance etc for their jihad against rest of israel and world.

  • Reaganite Republican 01/28/2009 at 16:13

    When you are talking about an Al Qaida, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, or Hamas… NONE of these will ever want good-faith peace with Israel, it’s ludicrous to believe so. Most of their people are completely brainwashed and on a war-footing to fight outside”enemies”, primarily to keep the booming, unhappy population focused someplace other than their leaders’ serial incompetence and brutal dictatorships.
    And they have painted themselves into a corner with their bileful rhetoric, and now cannot compromise in a peace deal after such statements as “Israel should be wiped from the map”.
    Barack’s people can yap in Tehran all he wants, but they better keep an eye on the western horizon… for a swarm IAF F-16’s. These leaders have placed all their chips on confrontation with the “crusaders”, and cannot back down without losing their political security, or in the case of Hezbollah and Hamas, their reason to even exist- per their charter. The Israelis know this perfectly well, and they can’t be bothered with a pollyanna world-view like Obama’s.
    The only reason they’ll warm at all to Obama is the same reason they liked Jimmy Carter- a “useful idiot”. Any “talks” for them are an opportunity to forward their own agenda, not to accept our advice or principles. Anything else is only wishful thinking. What’s the precedent, the 6-party talks with North Korea? If Obama wants to deal with the Devil… he should well expect to get burned.


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