From Tel-Aviv to Teheran, with love

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Two weeks ago, the Palestinians and their anti-Zionist Israeli and international partners finally produced a smoking gun. They had a videotape of evil settlers brutally attacking poor, defenseless Palestinians as they innocently picked olives with their enlightened supporters in a grove by the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron.

The local media went into a feeding frenzy. The footage led the television news broadcasts. Photos taken from the video were plastered across the front pages of the newspapers. Radio talk show hosts denounced the criminal settlers and celebrated the guileless Palestinians and their heroic Israeli supporters. The Olmert-Livni-Barak government was quick to weigh in, promising stiff punishment for the Jewish fascists involved and a curtailment of their supporters' civil rights.

In the weeks that have followed, and with elections looming, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have stepped up their attacks on the evil right-wing extremists. At Saturday night's memorial ceremony/political rally for slain prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv, Barak called right-wing activists "cancers." He claimed that they are a "threat to democracy." And he pledged, "We will uproot this evil from within us."

The crowd loved Barak's statement. The few audience members who might have booed him had already been beaten and arrested by police for disturbing the peace. A handful of anti-leftist activists from the student group Im Tirtzu came to Rabin Square carrying signs decrying leftist demonization of the Right. The police beat them and carted them off before the rally began.

If it were true that settlers are marauding around Judea and Samaria beating innocent Palestinians, perhaps it would be possible to understand this assault against the Right. But as it works out, the videotape that was supposed to be the definitive proof that settlers are violent criminals was a fabrication. It was simply the latest anti-Israel snuff film brought to us by our friends at Pallywood Productions. These are the same creative filmmakers whose previous credits include the fabricated IDF shooting of Muhammad al-Dura, the Jenin massacre that wasn't, the Kafr Kana massacre that wasn't and a host of other notable blood libels.

The inconvenient truth that these activists remain liars was exposed at the remand hearings of the settlers accused of beating the Palestinian olive harvesters. As the NFC news Web site reported exclusively on Sunday, the Palestinians showed their film as evidence against the arrested offenders in two separate hearings before two different judges at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court. And at each hearing, after viewing the film the judges concluded that through heavy editing, the video had inverted reality. Both stated that it was impossible to know who began the fight – the Palestinians and their Israeli and foreign supporters who beat the settlers, or the settlers who walked to the grove on Shabbat carrying nothing but their prayer shawls and hit them back.

The judges also noted that one of the Palestinians threw a large rock at the back of one of the settlers after he and his friends had disengaged from the fight. The judges expressed anger and amazement at the police for failing to arrest the Palestinian who had clearly attacked the Jewish defendant without provocation.

IT GOES without saying that the local media have chosen to ignore the court's exposure of the latest hoax. The truth doesn't fit their anti-right-wing narrative and so it isn't being covered.

What the local media and politicians such as Barak and Livni who seek to criminalize the Right for political gain refuse to acknowledge is that their embrace of these lies not only harms the settlers, it harms the country as a whole.

Although from the rap they've gotten from the political Left and its supporters in the media, it seems like right-wing extremists are both numerous and powerful, the fact of the matter is that the number of right-wingers who reject the authority of the state or would take the law into their own hands is tiny. And they are politically isolated both at home and abroad and have no money.

In stark contrast, the anti-Zionist, Israeli Left is an integral part of a well-funded international movement actively engaged in waging political warfare not against the settlers, but against Israel as a whole. The end of this political war is Israel's destruction. The anti-Zionist Israeli Left advances this destruction both by directly assisting terror groups and by indirectly assisting terror groups through activities aimed at delegitimizing Israel's right to defend itself.

The clear collusion between both Israeli and international anti-Israel leftist activists with terrorist groups like Hamas is nowhere more evident than in the terror-supporting International Solidarity Movement's newest spin-off, the Free Gaza campaign. On Saturday, this group broke the IDF's sea blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gazan coast for the third time in recent months by sailing a ship filled with rabidly pro-jihadist and anti-Israel European politicians from Cyprus to Gaza.

According to a credible source with close ties to the operation, the Free Gaza campaign works closely with Israeli far-left groups including Anarchists against the Wall, Gush Shalom, Gisha, Machsom Watch, New Profile and Women in Black. These organizations are generously funded by the US-based New Israel Fund, by European governments and by anti-Israel church groups like the Quakers. The Free Gaza campaign's first ship, which arrived in Gaza in late August, was led by Israeli anti-Zionist activist and former lecturer at Ben-Gurion University Jeff Halper.

The Free Gaza campaign is a clear assault on Israel's national security. Under the banner of "human rights," this new ferry service between Cyprus and Gaza is meant to compromise the country's ability to combat terror operations and to provide political support for Hamas. Crew members and passengers on board these boats meet with Hamas terror commanders in Gaza and coordinate future missions.

Their newest campaign is to prevent the navy from interdicting fishing boats. Hamas and other terror groups make wide use of fishing boats to import weapons and transport terror personnel from abroad into Gaza. By demonizing the navy for interdicting fishing boats, and in open collusion with Hamas, the activists provide political cover for weapons transfers and jihadist maritime traffic into and out of Gaza.

To date, Israel has chosen not to intercept the Free Gaza campaign's boats out of concern that taking such necessary action will prove a public relations disaster both at home and abroad. And this concern is reasonable. But by taking no diplomatic or military steps to prevent this terror-supporting traffic from continuing and expanding, the government allows these Israeli and European terror supporters to strengthen Hamas's war machine and legitimize Hamas's objective of destroying Israel.

Official Israel's failure to act against this breach of its security is directly related to its support of Israeli anti-Zionist groups when they direct their guns at the Israeli Right – rather than Israel as a whole. As a practical matter, it is difficult for the government to show that the Free Gaza campaign actively supports the war against Israel when it willingly embraces the bona fides of the Free Gaza campaign's supporters when they attack settlers, or when the government adopts these organizations' false assertion that the Right is the greatest threat to the country.

By the same token, it is difficult for the government to discredit films purporting to demonstrate the human rights plight of Gazans as Pallywood propaganda flicks when the government accepts these films as accurate when their culprits are right-wing activists.

BUT WHILE the domestic Left sees a distinction between its right-wing opponents
and the country as a whole, the international community sees no distinction between the two. Indeed, the international community has used the cover that official Israel provides anti-Zionist activists for their settler vilifying activities in order to advance the cause of criminalizing Israel as a whole.

Case in point is what has become known as the Durban II conference in Geneva. Durban I, it will be recalled, was the UN's 2001 "anti-racism" conference in Durban, South Africa. The conference, which took place the week before the jihadist attacks on the US, was an anti-Semitic hate-fest. The American and Israeli delegations walked out as Israel and the Jewish people were castigated as the greatest human rights abusers, genocide committers, apartheid propagators and general all purpose bad guys in the entire world.

The Nazi-like propaganda emanating from the conference led to violent attacks against Jews all over the world. Durban I's resolutions also provided the policy blueprint for much of political warfare that has been waged against Israel by so-called human rights groups ever since. These include the violent demonstrations against the security fence organized by anti-Zionist Israeli groups, the Free Gaza campaign they support, and the international boycotts against Israeli exports and academics they advocate.

Today, the UN is busily organizing its follow-up conference that will be held next year in Geneva. As the watchdog group Eye on the UN reported over the weekend, the conference's organizing committee just met and approved most of the resolutions it is set to adopt at Geneva. These resolutions again castigate Israel as the chief violator of human rights in the world. Israel is accused of committing genocide, crimes against humanity and being an apartheid state. It is also condemned as the most serious threat to international peace and security.

But of course, what starts with Israel doesn't end with Israel. The conference organizers have used the basic unanimity about Israel's criminal nature to launch an assault against the foundations of Western civilization. In addition to the numerous and repetitious attacks against Israel and Jews, the conference organizers passed multiple resolutions calling for the abrogation of freedom of expression and the criminalization of political speech in order to outlaw discussion of Islamic terrorism and block counterterror efforts in the West.

Among the conference's chief organizers are Iran, Libya, Egypt and Cuba. Iran is the vice-chairman of the executive committee responsible for planning Durban II. Much of the language in the proposed resolutions is taken directly from resolutions passed at a planning session last year in Teheran.

Israel had no hand in organizing this conference, which, following Canada, it announced it will boycott. But over the years, it could have taken actions that might have tempered or weakened the international coalition arrayed against it.

If the government had outlawed anti-Israel groups like Machsom Watch, New Profile, Gisha, Gush Shalom, Women in Black and Anarchists against the Wall, rather than tolerate them on account of their activities against settlers, it could at least have weakened their efforts. Had they been disbanded, they would have had less capacity to legitimize and assist Palestinians and Europeans who engage in political warfare against Israel on the ground.

By refusing to recognize the international consequences of their domestic battle against their political opponents on the Right, the Olmert-Livni-Barak government and the local media have strengthened Israel's enemies in their battle to destroy the country.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

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  • Marc Handelsman, USA 11/11/2008 at 1:29

    In spite of what Defense Minister Barak claimed, the biggest threats to Israel are Israeli-Arabs who are jihadists, and their allies. Neo-liberals are wasting their time persecuting religious Jews who want to live in peace and raise families. The goal of Iran and its proxies is to destabilize Israel from within. Unfortunately, Kadima is moving the country closer to division between right and left. Ehud Barak is helping jihadists by making irresponsible comments. It’s time for statesmen to restore Israel’s credibility, and to get the country moving in the right direction.

  • marcel cousineau 11/11/2008 at 3:19

    Before Hitler got the Jews of Europe into the ovens he demonized them as we see Barak ,Livni ,Olmert and Peres doing with the settlers.
    The masses easily followed his example as we see once again in our day.
    How can anyone miss their connection with the earlier Kapos who sold their soul and treacherously betrayed their own flesh and blood for a place among the wolves they served ? Can you see the darkest of evil at work here AGAIN ?
    Do they really believe that betrayting their own will bring peace to Israel or are they only trying to save their own skin by betraying their own to the wolves they work for ?
    Livni was happy to enter in from the servants quarters at Annapolis to not offend the Saudi’s.
    Barak and Olmert love the honor and respect they are given by their Uber Masters when they do as they are told and they always do what they are told, up to the dividing of Jeriusalem.
    The enemies of ALL those who work to destroy Israel are the settlers and there is no middle ground with any Jew on this.
    You either stand with the destroyers or with the settlers.
    God is Watching and He is not fooled.
    It’s no wonder the only remaining builders of Zion are under fierce attack and not the Islamic terrorists,not Hamas,not the extremist left,not Hizbollah ,no it’s the setlers who are public enemy number 1 with the new Nazi’s.
    And how much help they are given by faithless Jews who serve anyone but Hashem,proven by their deeds.
    The same malevolent spirit that laid the groundwork for the murder of millions of Jews in the 30’s and 40’s is alive and well again and every Jew has already chosen sides wether he knows it or not.
    The faithful builders of ALL Israel will triumph because God is on their side.
    The defeatists,retreaters,appeasers and cowards ,the Barak’s,those who make war against the faithful remnant God will kill by sending the wolves and destroyers they happily served after them.
    Pure,righteous,heavenly,divine justice is on it’s way against the majority grasshoppers of Israel but the Joshua’s and Calev ben Nun’s will inherit the land once again.
    ‘Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre compared Israeli settlers to Nazis, a Norwegian news agency claimed Monday following the publication of Støre’s book, ‘To Make a Difference.’

  • Moultrie 11/11/2008 at 15:34

    Thank you Ms. Glick for keeping us informed on Israeli politics. I’m an avid US fan of yours and appreciate your work.

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 11/11/2008 at 16:35

    Caroline I pray your appeal for a stronger and united Israel to the right is not falling on deft ears.
    I said it before, destruction of Israel will come from within and your good neighbors are anxious as hell for it to happen sooner than later.
    Wake up Israel, don’t allow these anti-Israel activists and terrorist groups influence your determination to remain one Jewish Nation in complete control of all of Israel including Jerusalem. Remember divided Berlin. No way.

  • Dannel R. Ballesteros 11/11/2008 at 20:04

    The Kadima party has failed the Citizens of Israel, like the Republican Party(RP) in the USA. The RP abandoned its basic Philosophy of smaller government,lower taxes,a strong economy and military and put their own agendas before the welfare of the country. The Democrats, having been held hostage by the Liberal left and by their treasonous acts weaken the resolve of this country.Since we are overun with spinless leadership, we continue to find our way out of this mess.Now we are faced with a bigger problem in that the Americans voted for an unknown with a questionable past who is no friend of Israel.I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem daily and for a new government that will return Israel to its former strength and glory!

  • Concerned, USA 11/11/2008 at 20:09

    We have an ironic situation: The place where Jews are persecuted today is Israel. How come that there is no one in the country who raises the flag of “Mi L’Hashem Elai? “ to overthrow this horrific one-sided anti-Jewish ruling people? If the general consensus is agreement with what is going on, then the country is getting what it deserves – an anti-democratic, demon-ruling, pro-Arab and anti-Jewish people who are being re-cycled (like garbage) over the past 20 years (at least).

  • Timothy Kriete For Israel Forever More AMEN 11/12/2008 at 2:40

    Dear Caroline Glick My Precious Sister For
    Zion’s Sake (Genesis 12:1-3, Esther 4:14, Joel
    2:21-32, Isaiah 62 AMEN); Sis, I Truly Wish I
    Could Disagree With What You Have Written, But
    TRULY I CANNOT. It Is Written In The Psalms
    “A Broken Heart The LORD Shall NOT Forsake”
    Or WORDS To That Effect. I Am Truly Heart
    Broken Because When ANY Israeli Servant Of
    Jehovah EL Shaddai Suffers, I Suffer Also.
    I Pray Daily For The Peace Of Jerusalem The
    Eternal City Of Jehovah Shalom, The God Of
    Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob (Israel) AMEN. I
    Truly Pray 1 Day Soon, VERY SOON, Those In
    Positions Of Authority Heed The Warnings Of
    The LORD Our God AMEN. John P. McTernan Wrote
    A Book I Am Blessed Of The LORD To Possess A
    Copy Titled, “As America Does To Israel” Where
    OF ALL USA Administrations And Other Nations
    Since The Early 1900’s And CONTINUING, Poking
    Their Tiny Fingers In The Eyes Of Jehovah EL
    To Notice These Biblical TRENDS, OR PATTERNS,
    TRULY AMAZED At The Willful STUPIDITY Of People
    Whom Call Themselves “Educated”, EVEN A ROCK
    Precious Brother. Some FOOLS In The Israeli
    Government As Well As The Gentile Nations AMAZE
    ME With Their Blantant Stupidity. I Do
    Believe, CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG, God Said
    LONG Ago In His WORD, “The LORD Shall Use The
    Wisdom Of Humankind To Confound The Wise” or
    WORDS To That Effect AMEN Sis??? STAY STRONG
    And Brother For Zion’s Sake Timothy Kriete

  • Michael Shipley 11/12/2008 at 23:05

    It’s about time to call a spade a spade and stop pussy footing around. Anyone including Israeli officials and US officials should be charged with treason and treated as traitors for trying to destroy the country of Israel, America’s number one allie. I hold the US guilty as much as the current left wing nuts in the Israeli government for ripping apart not just Jewish land but God’s land. Everyone with half a brain knows you can not deal with Arabs when it comes to the land of Israel. Like Obama, lies are all the arabs know. Enough is enough.

  • Michael Shipley 11/12/2008 at 23:16

    Hey Caroline…Why don’t you run for PM? That would get Israel back on track.

  • marcel cousineau 11/13/2008 at 18:55
    I Reject Islam and Love Israel
    Why do the Arabs and Muslims have to reject the presence of a Jewish state in a tiny percentage of the land of the Middle East? Why does Islamic intolerance forbid other nations their right to exist in their own land? The whole world should realize that Islam is at war with all nations on the planet. In our Muslim societies it is not “the extremists”, but the whole society infected with this hatred. It is in the mosques, the schools, in the media and in the homes of nearly every Muslim family. It isn’t just Israel they hate, but America and Christians as well. Islam hates all other religions.
    In the case of Israel, its only fault is that it’s a Jewish state that wants to live in peace within its borders.
    “Palestine” never existed and should never exist – and this is coming from me, an Arab classified as a “Palestinian.” The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel and would not bring one day of peace to Israel. I know how my people think.
    Promoting such a state would be the equivalent of supporting the Nazis in their quest to destroy the Jews.
    Israel has already made the mistake twice of giving land for peace, once in Southern Lebanon and secondly in Gaza. We all know the terrible results: the expansion of Hizbullah’s power in Lebanon and the creation of a terrorist state in Gaza. Hamas and other terrorist organizations now have the space to launch more terrorist attacks and hostile activities on Israeli cities and villages.
    Israel’s right to exist shouldn’t be open for discussion. Hamas, Hizbullah or Islamic Jihad, and the people behind them, must be destroyed. Nothing should hinder Israel’s army to do whatever it takes to protect their people and ensure the safety of Israel, from Tel Aviv to the smallest settlement inside Israel, which should include Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).
    I don’t blame the Israeli army for any defensive measure it takes. It fought Islamic terrorism long before any other nation faced their atrocities.

  • American Guy 11/14/2008 at 9:22

    Reading your article is painful, Ms. Glick. Has the nation of Israel fallen back into the weak-mindedness of the galut mentality, willing to give up the land so many worked and died for? From my vantage point Israel has no choice but to fulfill her destiny. She can do it with consciousness and strength or choose appeasement and weakness. Israel will prevail in either case, but the latter course involves more pain, for both Israel and her enemies.

  • mak 11/14/2008 at 13:36

    what do you expect from livni et al..

  • richard 11/28/2008 at 2:43

    general point only….journalists wishing to enter Gaza have to apply and collect their visas in Sderot and are obliged to then stay in Sderot for the same amount of time as they intend staying in Gaza prior to entering Gaza.


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