Appeasing child killers

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We were not supposed to see Shlomo Nativ's name in the newspapers. At least, we weren't supposed to know who he was for several years. He was just a 13-year-old boy. He was loved by his family and friends. He had brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. His life was not our business. And, to a certain extent, now that it is over, it still shouldn't concern us.

What should concern us is his death. Nativ was murdered last Thursday at the hands of a Palestinian ax murderer just a few meters from his home in Bat Ayin. And his death should interest us for what it teaches us, first of all about the nature of the Middle East and Israel's place in it.

The mainstream media in Europe and the US and even here maintain that Nativ's death tells us little we didn't already "know" if we are right-thinking people. By this view of things, the cold-blooded terrorist murder of civilians – even of children – is to be expected when the victims in question are Israeli Jews who live beyond the 1949 armistice lines. It isn't nice. It isn't pleasant to say. But as far as the right-thinking people of the Western media are concerned, Israeli Jews like Nativ, who live in Gush Etzion in Judea, are simply asking to be murdered.

Today, the media's view is shared by both European governments and the Obama administration. For years now the Europeans have accepted the legally unsupportable Arab claim that all Jewish presence in areas beyond the 1949 armistice lines is illegal. Since 1993, supported by the Israeli Left, the US government has gradually moved toward adopting this view. And today this view stands at the center of President Barack Obama's emerging policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

At base, this view assumes two things. First, it assumes that the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the absence of Palestinian statehood, and therefore the solution is the establishment of a Palestinian state. The second thing it assumes is that the Palestinian demand that any territory that Israel transfers to Palestinian control must first be ethnically cleansed of all Jewish presence is completely innocent and acceptable.

OBAMA MADE clear that this is the view of his administration on two occasions in the past week. First, at a news conference before he departed for his European tour, he announced that as far as his administration is concerned, the only way of contending with the Arab conflict with Israel is by establishing a Palestinian state. In his words, "It is critical for us to advance a two-state solution."

And second, last Thursday in London, Obama made clear that he supports the mass expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (as well as the Golan Heights), when he announced his support for the so-called Saudi peace plan.

The Saudi plan, issued as a propaganda stunt by Saudi King Abdullah during a meeting with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in 2002, calls for Israel to commit national suicide by removing itself to within the indefensible 1949 lines and accepting millions of hostile foreign Arabs as citizens in its rump state in exchange for "regular" relations with the Arab world.

Shlomo Nativ's murder shows clearly that Obama and his supporters are viewing the Arab conflict with Israel through a distorted lens. Their interpretation of both the nature of the conflict and its likely resolution are wrong.

IT TAKES A CERTAIN type of person to hack a child to death with an ax. In the case at hand, Nativ's murderer actually tried to kill seven-year-old Yair Gamliel as well. But unlike Nativ, the first grader managed to escape with a fractured skull.

Nativ of course was not the first child to be brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Kobi Mandell and Yosef Ish-Ran were also 13 when they were stoned to death by a mob as they gathered wood for a bonfire in 2001. In 2003 five-month-old Shaked Avraham was shot in her crib by a Palestinian terrorist who pushed his way into her home. In 2002 five-year-old Matan Ohayon, four-year-old Noam Ohayon and their mother Revital Ohayon were murdered in their home in Kibbutz Metzer.

And the list goes on and on and on.

It takes a special type of person to murder a child. And it takes a special type of society to support such behavior. Palestinian society is a special society. It has become routine, indeed it has become expected that in the aftermath of successful murders of Israelis – including children – Palestinians distribute candy in public celebrations.

In 2002 for instance, when word got out about the terrorist who barged into Nina Kardashov's bat mitzva party in Hadera and massacred six people, the masses took to the streets in neighboring Tulkarm to celebrate. That particular attack was carried out by a Fatah terrorist employed by the US-trained Palestinian Authority security forces. The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF now reportedly believe that Nativ was also murdered by a Fatah terrorist.

TO CELEBRATE the terrorist murder of children and to glorify child murderers as heroes is to celebrate and glorify the nullification of life – or at least the life of the target society. This is the case because at the most basic philosophical level, children represent the notion that life is intrinsically valuable. Since children haven't yet had the chance to accomplish great and lasting things for humanity, all they can give us is the promise of a future.

The fact that Palestinian terrorists target children specifically – both inside and outside the 1949 lines – and that Palestinian society celebrates their murder tells us that the two foundational assumptions upon which Obama and his supporters base their policies toward Israel and the Middle East are false. It is not the absence of a Palestinian state that stands at the root of the conflict, and it is not the presence of Israeli communities, or "settlements," beyond the 1949 armistice lines that renders the conflict intractable.

Instead, the root of the conflict is the Arab world's rejection of Israel's right to exist – regardless of its size. And the reason the conflict is intractable is because hatred of Israel and Jews is so deep and endemic in both Palestinian society and the wider Arab world that they view the very existence of Jews – including Jewish children – in Israel as an unacceptable affront to their sensibilities. Indeed, the Jewish presence both within and beyond the 1949 armistice lines is so unacceptable that murdering Jews at every opportunity is perceived as an acceptable and indeed heroic undertaking.

THIS BEING the case, the question necessarily arises, why are these basic facts so assiduously ignored by people like Obama who should know better? Why did Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, say in late February, "Nothing will do more to make clear our seriousness about turning the page [in US relations with the Arab world] than demonstrating – with actions rather than words – that we are serious about Israel's freezing settlement activity in the West Bank?"

Why did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attack Israel during her visit last month for lawfully destroying illegal Arab houses in Jerusalem?

Why are Obama's supporters from Peace Now to the Arab League to The Washington Post and Haaretz editorial boards urging him to coerce the Netanyahu government to accept a complete halt to all building activities for Jews in Judea and Samaria?

The answer unfortunately is that in their actions, Obama, his colleagues and supporters are not motivated by facts. Instead they are motivated by a desire to ignore the facts. They wish to believe that the existence of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria is a primary obstacle to peace because doing so allows them to ignore the fact that the reason there is no peace is because Palestinians and their Arab and Iranian brethren refuse to peacefully coexist wi
th Israel regardless of its size. Accepting such bitter realities would make it impossible for them to move forward with their agenda of appeasing the Arab world because it would force them to acknowledge that the Arab world is unappeasable.

And that's the thing of it. At base, the so-called settlements are nothing but an excuse for appeasers to curry favor with the Arabs by blaming Israel for the absence of peace while ignoring the Arabs' bigotry, hatred and aggression. What these Israeli communities represent is nothing more than an assertion of Israeli rights to land – whether that land is within or beyond the 1949 armistice lines. If these communities didn't exist – as they no longer exist in Gaza – then a surrogate, such as the IDF which protects other Israeli land, would be found to replace them.

And if the IDF weren't around – as it isn't in Gaza or in southern Lebanon – then the appeasers would blame another surrogate, such as the Israeli naval quarantine of Gaza, or Israel's control over the town of Ghajar along the Lebanese border for the Arabs' bigotry, hatred and aggression against it.

Here it should be noted that there is no difference in principle between the way the likes of the Obama administration and its supporters treat Israel and the way they treat the US and its non-Israeli allies. When on Sunday Obama responded to North Korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile by announcing that he wishes to all but disarm the US of its nuclear arsenal, he was effectively arguing that US strength is to blame for North Korea's aggression. He did what amounts to the same thing when he apologized to the Iranian regime for supposed US arrogance. By Obama's lights, now that the US is humble, the Iranians may one day stop calling for its destruction, waging war against it in Iraq and Afghanistan and building a nuclear arsenal.

Then too, when Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen reportedly agreed to apologize to the Islamic world for Denmark's independent Jyllands-Postens 2005 publication of cartoons of Muhammad in exchange for Turkish support for his candidacy for NATO secretary-general, he was accepting that it is Western civilization – with its freedom of speech – that is to blame for Islamic aggression and intolerance.

In the end then, the truth exposed by Shlomo Nativ's brutal murder on Thursday in Bat Ayin is twofold. First, it demonstrated that the so-called settlements have no relevance whatsoever to the intractability of the Arab-Israeli conflict. When your enemy hates you so much that he hacks your children to pieces, there is nothing you can do, short of committing suicide, that will appease him.

Second, it reminded us of what appeasement places at risk. By attempting to appease the unappeasable, all that successive Israeli, American and European governments have done is strengthen our enemies at the expense of our security and freedom.

 Originally published in The Jerusalem Post


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  • Marc Handelsman, USA 04/07/2009 at 0:15

    The Obama Administration, along with the EU mistakenly believes that the root cause of Islamic extremism is the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict. The West foolishly thinks it can be accepted by Iran and Arab Islamists by setting up a so-called “two state solution.” The only way Islamists will be appeased is when Western Civilization forcefully converts to Islam. Unfairly pressuring Israel to return to the 1949 borders will not deter the global ambitions of jihadists, nor will it stop them from using nuclear weapons on the United States and Europe.

  • Marcel Cousineau 04/07/2009 at 0:52

    Therefore, hear the word of the LORD, O scoffers, Who rule this people who are in Jerusalem,
    Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death,ROAD MAP,And with Sheol we are in agreement. When the overflowing scourge passes through, It will not come to us, For we have made lies our refuge, And under falsehood we have hidden ourselves.” ….
    Your covenant with death will be annulled, And your agreement with Sheol will not stand; When the overflowing scourge passes through, Then you will be trampled down by it.
    Isaiah 28
    Mubarak has invited Bibi over to Cairo to see if he rolls over on command.
    Threats and intimidation are how the game is played and Israel has played the part of ‘rollover dog’ for so long ,why change what working so well ?
    Only pushover Jews for the no peace plan are permitted to govern the ever shrinking land and so Bibi is being trained to know his place as Olmert,Barak and Livni knew so well.
    Everyone who loves the truth knows that the moslem world wants only one thing with Israel and it is not peace.
    Denial is deep and delusion is thick in the land of Israel.
    How could so many in Israel be so gulliable, so blind and give respect where it is not due or earned ?
    It does not make you look good or kind or humane but mentally ill.
    Would you be so respectful to the Nazi’s ? The Islamist want to outdo the Nazi’s and yet you make worthless deals and meaningless agreements with them to please your worthless allies.
    You traded in your fierce determination against your enemies to play the part of the fool for peace hoping the world would feel sorry for you.It didn’t work and failed miserable as only fierce Jews will survive in this neighborhood.
    Your desire to be liked and accepted by others is a serious spiritual sickness when measured by how the God of Israel has been thrown overboard related to this farce peace and surrendering His land to His enemies for only lies in return.
    Israel you reap the rewards of always ‘going along’ with the peace plan and never saying no to dubious friends and enemies.Where do you stand ,where is your spine ?
    This drive to signal desperation at all cost for any peace has allowed the political scam artists and swindlers to set up peace brothels all over Israel
    and hustle the desperate suckers with worthless trinkets and glittering lies and empty promises.
    The noblesse oblige mindest of the average Israeli towards Islam is tragic indeed and only outdone by her subservience to a decadent,fading corrupt empire who now reveals himself to be a big bully ready with large stick to get Israel to fall in line as the cattle cars arrive.
    Would the average Israel place such hight respect on Nazism ?
    Israel’s roundly ignores the evil nature of Islam and offers up undeserved cultural respect.for it either out of fear or in the hope that if you believe a lie long enough Islam will be what you wrongly assume it to be.
    This is why an otherwise astute people got swindled into the peace scam on the White House lawn in 1993 and have continued to descend into this deep pit ‘covenant with death’ with no way out.
    If after 16 years of Palestinian peace partners celebrating the murder of Israeli children,mothers and any Jew for that matter you are not yet able to stand up and say no to the latest peace hustler, community organizer from the corrupt shitty of Chicago then cry for the misery that you have brought upon yourselves by standing for nothing and falling for this covenant with death…..because death is what you have signed on the dotted line for.

  • Bradford Stephen Kyle, Texas 04/07/2009 at 2:05

    This is all true, of course; but worse than portrayed.
    Ms Glick does not identify the fundamental principles responsible for this evil.
    Islam is a doctrine of death. It does not regard any human life valuable – Jewish, Muslim, or otherwise. Islam teaches that humans can only attain value in death. And the living achieve their highest value by sacrificing their lives in the act of killing infidels. Islam teaches the worship of death where Muslim actions during life will be rewarded in a mythical paradise.
    If one understands this completely, then one understands the killing of Shlomo Nativ. With this doctrine, the killing a Jewish infidel, child or not, will be rewarded in the Muslim paradise of death.

  • Ron Grandinetti, USA 04/07/2009 at 5:32

    Caroline, it saddens me to read this column.
    Obama and the administration have made all the wrong moves ever since taking office.
    I believe Americans especially those that voted for him are beginning to wake up and I only hope it isn’t too late.
    After what occurred during the election more and more people are turning to FOX for fair and balanced news. They finally caught on to the liberal left wing media.
    He has taken the US to a new low. I mentioned over and over again he is playing president. He has become overly impressed with himself and wants to be a celebrity amongst world leaders. He will end up beating out Jimmy Carter as one of the worst presidents of our time.
    To compound the problem he has the support of the liberal and left leaning members who control both the US House and Senate.
    Caroline if you have an opportunity, please tell PM Netanyahu to stand tall and let Obama and his stooges know Israel is not interested in a two state solution. Israel will determine what is best for Israel without outside interference.
    In fact Israel should have complete control from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean and including Gaza.
    At the rate Obama and his colleagues are going there will be a major change by the next two elections, so hang in there.
    Americans in general will support Israel.

  • Eliyahu 04/07/2009 at 10:44

    The mass murder of the Armenians is a proof that Islamic “extremism” was not caused by anything that the State of Israel or the Zionists did. Most of the Armenians murdered were killed in 1915, two years before the Balfour Declaration. Indeed, Aaron Aaronsohn and his NILI group’s knowledge of the Armenian genocide, many details of which they supplied to the British, impelled them to provide that and other information to the British.
    Now, Obama has a problem with the facts of the Armenian genocide, of that historical event too, as he showed at his press conference in Turkey. Whereas as a senator he supported a resolution acknowledging that genocide, now that he wants to court and woo the increasingly Islamist-dominated Turkey, he claims not to know the facts of the matter. And certainly, whatever he thinks those facts may be, they are not going to get in the way of his policy to appease and strengthen the Turkish Islamists [Erdogan, Gul, the AKP, etc]. It seems that American policy no longer cares about the more secular, more Ataturkist, less Islamist element in Turkey.
    Anybody who thought that Obama meant change in any positive sense was a fool. What he is now doing is just State Department business as usual.

  • Eliyahu 04/07/2009 at 10:45

    Beware Obama

  • Dr S McCosker 04/07/2009 at 11:53

    Kyle, sad to say, is correct. The Qur’an states that Paradise is what ‘allah’ the war-god of the arabs gives to those “who slay and are slain” in his ’cause’, that is, in Jihad against the non-Muslims.
    And when one looks closely at the doctrines of Islam, and at its law and practice throughout history, one finds that at its dark heart it strongly resembles a de facto human sacrifice cult, sacralising the act of murder: Muslims are taught to murder their lawful prey. A murdered Jew or Christian or Hindu becomes a Muslim’s ticket to Paradise. The mountains of corpses on the historic trail of jihad are so enormous – the Armenian genocide with its million victims being in fact one of the lesser instances – that one starts to suspect that jihad is waged in order for there to be these killings. The killings are not an accidental result, or even a brutal means to some other, political or dynastic end; they are an end in themselves. ‘Allah desired killing them [ prisoners], to manifest the religion’…so says one appalling Islamic scripture. There *must* be mass slaughter before any prisoners are taken.
    The lawful prey objects or sacrificial victims may be any of the following: a rumoured-/ declared-to-be-insufficiently-pure Muslim female; a non-Muslim who rejects or ‘blasphemes’ the amoral supremacist credo of Islam, resists jihad, refuses to be a dhimmi serf [or if he is such a serf, is – often falsely – accused of having infringed the Rules For Dhimmis ie total submission and then some]; or a Muslim who is deemed or claimed to be insufficiently-Islamic (and accusations of apostasy, blasphemy etc, against Muslims, just like the accusations of ‘zina’ or ‘dishonor’ or ‘rebellion’ against women, or the accusations against dhimmis, such as the Copts or the Pakistani Christians and Hindus, of ‘breaking the dhimma’ by ‘insulting Islam’, etc., are regularly made out of pure spite, one suspects precisely in order to have an excuse to kill).
    The language about non-Muslims – and about women, also – in the Islamic sacred texts and their interpretations, is overwhelmingly the language of dehumanisation and objectification; they are reduced to the level of animals, or even of inanimate objects – if the master is feeling expansive, they are pets or playthings or ‘toys’; but if his mood changes, their existence becomes moot. This also functions at a social/ communal level, since dhimmis know that *nothing* they do to try to appease the Muslim Mob will, in the end, save them if the Muslims decide to riot and kill them; the dhimmis may scrupulously keep all the draconian, humiliating rules imposed on them, pay the crushing jizya or ‘protection money’ cash on the nail, yet still find the screaming lynch mob on their doorsteps. They live, like an abused wife or severely abused child or the kidnapped victim/ plaything of a serial killer, from day to day, knowing that the Muslim who smiles at them one day, may slit their throats the next.
    The other point to remember is that Islam does not teach the Golden Rule – compassion is (theoretically, at least) to be practised toward fellow Muslims, but non-Muslims must never be sincerely befriended, they must be hated and treated with harshness, even cruelty; Islam does not recognise the principle of reciprocity, that is, Muslims seem to feel fully entitled to do absolutely anything to non-Muslims, with total impunity, while being outraged at the idea of being ‘done to’ in return.
    We are dealing with evil, my friends; with an ideology that exalts, validates, and artificially induces patterns of behaviour very similar to what psychologists call malignant narcissism. One might also speak of psychopathy or sociopathy; not however as a tragic accident of birth, but as a pattern enshrined in sacred texts, deliberately and consciously taught, imposed upon people who might otherwise have become what we Infidels call ‘normal’.
    That is what produces a society that fetes as heroes people who murder helpless children; that hands out candy when its own commit suicide in the act of mass-murdering the hated Others.

  • Ken Besig 04/07/2009 at 18:23

    The new Obama administration apparently believes that it can repeat the same mistakes that every preceding administration has made in the region and yet somehow they will enjoy success. The only way to bring the genocidal Arab/Palestinian war against Israel to an end is for an American administration to finally and publicly recognize that genocidal war for what it is and demand that the Arab side give it up. This will not happen of course, the Obama administration will busy itself with the useless and meaningless problem of Jewish settlements, and the possibility of any peaceful solution will perforce be put off for another several years, if not generations.
    I am personally perplexed by the Obama team which seems unable to understand that peace plans which are based solely on Israeli concessions, appeasement, and compliance are bound to fail miserably. Indeed, Israel has almost nothing left to concede and lacks even the national will to take any more chances. Moreover, the situation following these diplomatic failures has always been measurably worse by the only parameter that really matters, ie, the body count.
    Unless of course the Obama team doesn’t want to find a peaceful and mutually satisfactory solution in which case they are doing just fine.

  • Paul 04/07/2009 at 21:21

    Thank you so much for your wise and insightful words at this terribly troubling time.
    You really are a voice of wisdom in a megastadium of fools.

  • Luigi Frascati, Canada 04/08/2009 at 9:08

    Ms. Glick,
    I didn’t quite pick it up that way when I was reading European papers online last week. The Corriere Della Sera, Le Monde and Das Bild all reported the murder of Shlomo and the attempted murder of Yair in Bat Ayin, but the connotation was that they didn’t condone it as something to be expected if Jews live beyond the armistice line. The Corriere Della Sera in particular went on to specify that Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the murders. What the media in Europe also reported was that Yair Gamliel’s father is in jail serving a 15-year sentence for an attack on a Palestinian school. And they connected the attack on the two boys, for right or wrong, with Lieberman and his stance vis-à-vis the settlements in East Jerusalem. Lieberman, as it is widely known, is viewed as a right-wing extremist pretty much everywhere.
    The concern in Europe is that murders on the part of Muslim extremists and what it is perceived as the “hard line” stance of the Netanyahu Government vis-a-vis the two-state solution are both indications that the “question of the Middle East” will never be settled. Of course we all know here that it is not the two-state solution that will put the matter of the Middle East to rest.
    The specific reasons for the European attitude are threefold: first none of the EU members wants to spend on defense. Throughout the years they have grown accustomed to be defended by Uncle Sam for free, so they all basically took a free ride, save and except perhaps for Great Britain. Hence they are unprepared militarily and are fearful of a militant Islam. As a proximare result of their military unpreparedness they are concerned, furthermore, that a tough Israel will make Islam even more militant. Therefore they choose the lesser of the two evils and jump on the Israel-bashing bandwagon, on the assumption that there is only 7 million Jews whereas there is a billion Muslims, and so it is easier to beat up on the Jews.
    The second reason is that all European States, with no exception, have their hands dirty with sales to both Islam and Israel of “dual-use technology”, that is technology that has both civilian and military applications, and somehow believe that neither Islam nor Israel know that they, the Europeans, are invariably ready to jump in bed with just about anyone with money to spend. As it has been the case for these past fifty years or so now, the Europeans somehow assume to be supersmart and that everyone else is superdumb – I wonder where they picked up that particular idea from. Of course, we all know here that the truth is exactly the opposite.
    The third reason is that the Europeans are afraid that the clash between Israel and Islam will degenerate into WWIII. Because of this, as you correctly point out in the article, they believe that Palestinian statehood at the expense of Israel will placate all animosity. Again, as we all know here, this is outright dreaming. Besides, if I recall correctly, both WWI and WWII started in Eastern Europe. So one could arguably believe that the next world war, if there is going to be one, will possibly begin in Eastern Europe just as well. And considering the miserable state of that part of the continent, such an eventuality is not at all excluded.
    Change is on the way for the Europeans too, though. Not only has Obama demanded that NATO increase the military contribution to Afghanistan, he also wants the EU to give full membership to Turkey. On the first account Europe has promised to send only “military advisers” to Afghanistan, but certainly no combat troops. On the second account France and Germany are vehemently opposed to full membership of Turkey, on the ground that Turkey is in fact a Muslim country. Italy is not too far behind in the same opposition.
    It must be remembered that the Europeans, overall, are not only anti-Semitic. They are also anti-Islamic at heart, and the very last thing they want in their own backyard is a bunch of ragheads freely moving everywhere with their backpockets full of dynamite sticks. Each member State has already his fair shares of weirdos, and certainly they do not wish for some more. Because of this, all this great openness towards Islam on the part of Obama did not strike a chord with the Europeans, photo-ops notwithstanding. In fact, there are already signs out there that the novelty of the black President, the Obamania is beginning to fade away in Europe.
    All this, however, does not mean a newly-found openness towards Israel.
    Now, let me spend a couple of words about appeasing the unappeasable. We are living, unfortunately, through revolutionary times. It is not an armed revolution. It is a revolution of values. You correctly point out that it takes a certain type of person to hack a child to death with an ax. I agree.
    But now consider this: eight children died in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Five on American Flight 77 and three on United Flight 175. Ages ranged from 2 through 11 years old (source:
    _died_in_world_trade_center_attacks ).
    My question to anyone who cares to read these lines is this: what kind of a president does it take to bow to the head of state of the country of birth of fifteen out the nineteen hijackers?

  • Marcel Cousineau 04/08/2009 at 14:40

    peace with Islam ?
    It is IMPOSSIBE !
    Your peace with Egypt and Jordan is a false peace, ready to crumble once Israel gets off it’s submissive knees.
    When will Israel awaken from this delusion and face the truth that the 2 cannot co-exist. Israel and Islam will not co-exist for much longer. One will have to disappear.
    Do you have faith to see the end of this evil or do you accept this evil without end ?
    You have no faith or it is weak if you see Islam as not coming to a violent and unexpected sudden end.
    Your attempt’s to accomplish peaceful co-existence with evil are all doomed to failure ,a costly and painful one at that.
    The lie of Islam cannot live alongside the truth. Israel is God’s work in progress and nothing will end His work.
    The lie of Islam will have to dissappear for Arab and Jew to live together in peace and only the Holy One of Israel can accomplish this seemingly impossibe task.Hope in Him and look to Him alone.
    You keep believing the modern day false prophets and their lies of peace if Israel appeases unappeasable Islam ?
    When will you face the truth ?

  • lawrence kohn 04/08/2009 at 18:29

    The truth about the Palestinians may be part of Netanyahu’s understanding but what about Russia. It is unbelievable that the PM approved the sale set up by Olmert of drones to Russia. What are the Israelis thinking? Russia is the Palestinians’ ultimate sponsor and certainly the chief sponsor and supplier of Iran. Appeasing Russia won’t help a bit in Israel’s efforts to stop Iran.

  • Timothy Kriete FOR ISRAEL GENESIS 12:1-3 FOREVER MORE, NO BRAINER AMEN :):):) 04/09/2009 at 21:33

    NOT Sis, ALL Nations Shall Surely Be Judged By
    The God Of Jacob Whom Shall Send His Righteous
    Esther 4:14, Zipora Missed Her Opportunity To
    Serve The God Of Jacob And She Got Her Traitor
    To Israel Behind Thrown Out OF HER POSITION OF
    Genesis 15:1-6, Isaiah 54:17 & 59:19 PRAISE TO
    Stay Strong Caroline AND PLEASE NEVER EVER STOP
    Thy Eternal Brother And Servant FOR ZION’S SAKE
    Timothy Kriete-Bond Servant BY MY WILLFUL CHOICE

  • Timothy Kriete FOR ISRAEL GENESIS 12:1-3 FOREVER MORE, NO BRAINER AMEN :):):) 04/09/2009 at 21:41

    US vulnerable to EMP attack
    26 July 2004
    US vulnerable to EMP attack
    By Michael Sirak JDW Staff Reporter
    Washington, DC
    The US armed forces infrastructure, and American society at large, remain vulnerable to a debilitating attack by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by a high-altitude nuclear blast, a senior-level, congressionally appointed panel has warned.
    Several potential adversaries, such as China, are capable of launching a crippling EMP strike against the US with a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile, and others, such as North Korea or even terrorist groups, could have the capability by 2015, the panel said in its findings that it unveiled to US legislators at a hearing on 22 July.
    Panel members said this type of attack may be an appealing option, especially for an unsophisticated opponent. One possible scenario is a ‘Scud’ missile, with a modified nuclear warhead to maximise the EMP effect, launched from a barge off the US coast.
    While the US military has grown increasingly dependent on computers, electronics and information systems, it has relaxed requirements for EMP-hardened systems since the end of the Cold War and its overall record of adherence to its guidelines for such robust equipment “has been spotty”, they said. This trend continues “in the wrong direction”, the panel noted.
    Similarly, the US civilian critical infrastructure is not adequately prepared to deal with the effects of an EMP attack, according to the panel, which is known formally as the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. Congress created the panel in 2000 out of concern that this issue was not receiving enough attention.
    An EMP attack, for example, could place the nation’s electrical grid “in danger of fundamental collapse”, said commission chairman William Graham, who served as scientific advisor to US President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. The overall effects could be long lasting and difficult to recover from, he added. An EMP strike would also be likely to knock out non-hardened satellites in low-Earth orbit “within days or weeks”, he said, noting that commercial satellites are especially vulnerable. Interest in a big penetrating bomb is growing in some US defence circles, including the Defense Science Board (DSB), the senior policy advisory panel to the Secretary of Defense. It recommended in its February 2004 report on ‘Future Strategic Strike Forces’ that the Department of Defense “immediately undertake” a demonstration of a “bomber-delivered massive penetrator” weapon as part of a family of ultra-large bombs that would “improve conventional attack effectiveness against deep, expansive, underground tunnel facilities”.
    322 of 827 words
    End of non-subscriber extract

  • Brett 04/12/2009 at 8:33

    I couldn’t agree more with your article Caroline. Mr Obama has certainly solidified his following of World Leaders in his pursuit to destroy Democracy and strengthen the ‘HATERS’ resolve to annihilate people who wish to pursue peace within their own boundaries.
    I for one certainly ‘URGE’ that Israel fight for its right to survive. I fear that ‘if’ Israel capitulates or is overpowered the rest of the World will be the target for these ‘EVIL’ evil people.
    We are once again back to 1939.

  • Avi 04/14/2009 at 6:41

    No surprise – Obama has hobnobbed with and praised Rashid Khalidi. His pastor was Jeremy Wright whose opinions on Jews are public. Obama will do anything to sign a deal with Ahmanedijad in Tehran and return to Washington waving his “Peace in Our Time” paper. While he betrays the sacrifices of brave American soldiers, tyrants wring their hands in glee at their good fortune in being handed this ‘sucker’. Israel can only rely on itself, taking proactive steps to secure its lasting existence. I have full confidence that we Israelis have it in us to endure regardless of our leadership and Islamic nukes. Don’t mess with the Jews!

  • Ellie Katz 04/15/2009 at 1:02

    To Marcel Cousineau, regarding your assessment of Israel, I would urge you to restrict your critique of Israel to it’s government. The average Israeli is not represented by the Israeli government. One notable example: When Ariel Sharon organized a Likud referendum on the Gaza Expulsion, he stated that the results would be honored. The “plan” was soundly rejected by the Likud, and that rejection was ignored. In the same way, the “average Israeli” understands reality. But her government has been bought off, the game is rigged. Voting in Israel doesn’t matter one whit. There is no difference anymore between Labor, Likud, Kadima. The rhetoric may differ (by a little) but the results are the same. It’s a game of musical chairs and the average Israeli, tired of being lied to, really is at a loss of what to do about it all.
    The last Prime Minister that could truly be respected was the late Menachem Begin, Z”L. I well remember his face, close-up on American television. It was sometime before Camp David, and he was being challenged in some way, of course, being accused of “intransigency”. Quietly furious, yet dignified, Prime Minister Begin stated in no uncertain terms “We are a sovereign nation”. Since those days, Israel is increasingly treated as a vassal of the United States. It is in need of a complete overhaul of it’s political system. How that will come about, or if it is even possible, I’m not sure. But if she is to have any hope of survival as a sovereign nation, Israel needs to be independent of the United States, especially where her foreign policy is concerned.
    Instead of wasting our time beating up on already heavily victimized Israelis, which is beginning to sound to me like those who blame Holocaust victims for getting on the trains (what would YOU do if you were clearly outgunned by Nazis and their collaborators, those guns being trained not only on yourself, but on your grandparents and your children, and you knew most if not all of your neighbors would turn you in if you escaped??) — ahem, I digress — I suggest we look to those who’s energies are directed aggressively towards a solution. Specifically, Professor Paul Eidelberg of “The Foundation for a Constitutional Democracy” has some ideas. He is clear in the need for Israel to achieve an independent foreign policy, and has some ideas on how it can be done.
    Another idea man, MK Benny Elon, has some workable proposals. These ideas are not brand-new. But Rabbi Elon notes the daily displays of suicidal insanity by Hamas demonstrates for all the world the non-viability of a Palestinian state. He calls for the dismantlement of the refugee camps, the rehabilitation of the refugees, for Gaza Arabs to have Egyptian passports and be taken in by Egypt, and for the West Bank Arabs to have Jordanian passports, for the responsibility for their well being to be assigned to the Jordanian government, and to stop financing such masters of misery as UNRWA, to discontinue UNRWA’s mandate. These proposals are receiving positive responses, even from leftist parties such as Kadima, as well as the US.
    R’ Elon has an established record of meaningful solidarity with the victims of the Gush Katif and Amona expulsion victims. He stood with them, suffering right alongside them in their tragically failed efforts to save their homes and communities.
    To Ron Grandinetti, don’t count on Fox News being fair and balanced for long. Even now, the language used when reporting on Muslim Terrorism has changed. Why? The Saudi’s have bought a 5% share. Saudi oil money is polluting the political landscape, as the increasingly difficult financial circumstances we in the West find ourselves in encourages the spineless among us to bow and scrape in order to recapture petrodollars.
    Best to all true lovers of true peace,
    Ellie Katz of Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz


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