Yale stalls for time on the admitted plagiarist in charge of its education policy

In a statement to the Yale Daily News, Yale President Richard Levin said he is “in the process of convening a meeting of the Yale Corporation Committee on Trusteeship to discuss the process of reviewing the matter, which we take very seriously.”


“The matter” Levin was referring to was Yale Trustee Fareed Zakaria’s confessed plagiarism. As I mentioned yesterday, Zakaria was suspended – albeit briefly — from CNN and Time for plagiarizing an article on gun control. 


Levin’s statement is amazing because in one sentence he managed to draw out the process of having to accept and contend with the fact that the head of the Yale Corporation’s Committee on Educational Policy is a plagiarist as much as he possibly can. He is “in the process” of “convening” the fellows in charge “to discuss” not how quickly they can can this cheater, but “the process” again, not of firing Zakaria, but of “reviewing” the open and shut case of his cosmic unsuitability to be in charge of Yale’s education policy. But not to worry, because he and his colleagues “take very seriously,” the fact that Zakaria has no credibility as a scholar.


Nice work if you can get it, determining education policy for Yale. I thought that was supposed to be a good school. Guess I heard wrong.