The UN’s anti-anti-Semitism and Japanese earthquake woes

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This week on The Tribal Update, the weekly television on Internet news satire show produced by Latma, the Hebrew-language media satire website I lead, we go to the UN for a Purim  interview Johann Phlegmat about the UN’s attitude towards Israel. Phlegmat and his UN comrades break into song as they show us their new anti-anti-Semitism class.


We also explore what the media view as the most important casualties of the Japanese earthquake and the Palestinian response to the Palestinian massacre of the Fogel family last Friday.


Happy Purim!


Here is the full episode.



Here is the UN anti-anti-Semitism clip.



I hope you enjoy the show and spread it far and wide.


In other Latma news, at the Knesset’s Aliyah, Absorption Public Diplomacy Committee’s hearing on the use of the Internet to promote Israel internationally on Monday, I confronted Google/YouTube’s representative in Israel about the companies’ apparent anti-Israel policies. I discussed Latma’s success in defending Israel abroad through our revolutionary use of satire. Here is a link to one of the many write-ups of the hearing.


And here’s a photo of yours truly and Latma’s manager Shlomo Blass at the committee hearing. 




Last month we signed a contract with Israel state television to produce a pilot show of the Tribal Update for television and this week our work on the pilot shifted into high gear. Wish us luck.  We’ll submit the pilot in late May.


Latma is funded through contributions to the Center for Security Policy in Washington. If you would like to support our efforts, you can contribute by clicking here. It takes you to the online contribution page to the Center for Security Policy through Network for Good. To earmark your donation to Latma, please write “Latma” in the box marked “designation.” 


We just registered a non-profit organization — The Zionist Incubator — here in Israel that will be able to accept donations for Latma from outside the US. As soon as we open our bank account I will provide information about how to donate. 


Thanks again for your support for Latma and its important work in developing a public discourse in Israel that is relevant to the challenges facing our country.



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