Latma has a new show

A couple of months ago, Latma launched a new show hosted by Avish Ivri, our content editor. It’s called Mishpat Ivri, which literally means, Hebrew Law, but I’ve dubbed his show in English “A Hebrew’s Word.” (Ivri, in Hebrew means “Hebrew.)

His show is geared towards the domestic audience and so until now I haven’t really thought it was important to put out a version with English subtitles, but he’s getting so good that I finally decided to let our foreign supporters in on our new operation. So here is Avishai’s latest. The show generally runs about 2.5 minutes so it’s great for those with short attention spans.



Now here’s our regular flagship, the Tribal Update. On this week’s show we celebrate the start of the 10th season of Channel 2’s flagship leftist satire show “Eretz Nehederet” or Wonderful Land. 


We also bring you the alter ego of Nissim Mishal, the leftist Channel 2 TV host who entrapped Naftali Bennett into stating that he would be personally incapable of throwing Jews out of their homes.


And, of course, much much more.


Enjoy both shows and spread them far and wide.


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