Interview on Secure Freedom Radio

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Yesterday I was interviewed by Frank Gaffney on his Secure Freedom Radio show. We talked about my latest article.


Also, Sen. Rick Santorum will be interviewing me on Friday at 0705EST on Bell Bennett’s Morning in America radio show.


And National Review Online Kathryn Lopez asked me to give her my thoughts on today’s bombing in Jerusalem. She actually caught me on the go and I responded briefly on my smartphone.


Here’s the link to the posting.


I had just finished an errand on Jaffa Street not far from where the bomb went off and drove to my next stop when the attack happened. I can’t count how many times I nearly missed getting killed. And I am not unique. Everyone here has a dozen or so stories about how we just missed getting blown to smithereens. It’s because the Arabs are interested in murdering us and so they go to where we are and set off bombs and shoot. So every place in Israel is at risk, and since we all have to be somewhere, we have all nearly been killed multiple times. 


In a totally unrelated matter, the University of Johannesburg voted today to boycott Ben Gurion University in Beersheba because the school supports the IDF. When I was in South Africa in October, the Jews were breathing a sigh of relief because the school had decided to defer a decision on the matter. I couldn’t understand what they were relieved about since the decision was deferred pending an investigation into the university’s ties to the IDF. 


The crazy thing about the Jewish leftists in the US who are trying to pretend that it’s okay to boycott goods produced beyond the 1949 armistice lines but not okay to boycott goods within the armistice lines is that they are the only ones who make the distinction. It is an untenable line that cannot be held. The campaign is to gain international consensus that Israel has no right to exist. Once consensus is reached then the shooting starts. By accepting that some of Israel has no right to exist they are facilitating the claim that none of Israel can be allowed to exist. 
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