Hats off to our intrepid warriors in Dublin

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Works out that led by Ambassador Boaz Modai, the Israeli Embassy in Dublin has finally taken its “kick me” sign off its backside and decided to give the Irish anti-Semites a piece of our mind.


And for their efforts, of course, our intrepid representatives in the land of St. Patrick have raised the hackles not only of the Irish, but of their enablers at Haaretz and the New York Times.


As Jonathan Tobin at Commentary reported, not only did the embassy post a picture of Mary and Jesus and write that if these two Jews tried to walk around in Bethlehem today they’d be lynched, they posted a Latma video from two years ago where we attacked the anti-Israel propaganda that passes for Middle East coverage in the execrable Irish media.


Apparently intimidated by the criticism, and feigned indignation of the Israel haters who don’t like to be reminded that they are Israel haters, the embassy removed the posts from their website and apologized for giving offense to these touchy bigots. 


Well we at Latma say we salute you! We haven’t been so proud of Israeli diplomats since January 2004 when Zvi Mazel, then ambassador to Sweden literally turned the lights off at an anti-Semitic art exhibition in Stockholm where a Palestinian mass murderer was portrayed as a heroine.


If you have a few moments free, I urge you to email the embassy in Dublin and praise them for finally going on offense. Encourage them to keep it up. 


Also email the Israeli Foreign Ministry and tell the bosses how much you appreciate the courage of our diplomats and hope that their behavior reflects the guidance that they received from Jerusalem. Also be sure to mention that if this courage does not reflect that guidance, then the guidance should be updated to align with their brave and effective actions.


Oh, and when you’re done with that, please contribute to Latma from the US by clicking on this link! 
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As this story proves, our work stands the test of time. Help us make more timeless satire that drives anti-Semites stark, raging mad!


Now here’s the video.


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