Finally, Obama leads from the front: The Hamas-FAA move against Ben Gurion



Below is a link to J.E. Dyer’s article about the FAA ban. She is right, This is an act of aggression by the Obama administration against he Jewish state. The fact that there is no FAA flight ban on Pakistan, where civilian jetliners have been downed by the Taliban again just makes clear the double standard at work here.


This was a presidential decision. It was a decision to harm the Israeli economy and make it difficult for Jews to come to Israel.

The American Jewish community should be standing outside the White House right now demanding that Obama rescind this discriminatory, anti-Jewish ban. Every Jew should feel personally threatened by this move. Because every Jew is threatened by this move to isolate Israel and harm its economy in time of war.


-Caroline Glick


Finally, Obama leads from the front: The Hamas-FAA move against Ben Gurion


For whatever reason, the Obama administration wasn’t willing to wait and lead from behind on this one.  Within hours of a Hamas rocket landing near Ben Gurion airport – for the first time in the current conflict – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an order banning U.S. carriers from operating there.  As many readers will have heard, a Delta Airlines flight headed for Ben Gurion on Tuesday had to turn around over the Mediterranean and divert to Paris.

The ban is in effect for 24 hours, starting at 12:15 EDT on the 22nd.  The ban will be revisited at the end of the 24 hours (which at this point is about 10 hours from now).


A number of European nations have followed suit.
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