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Democrats and anti-democrats

The day after Israel’s latest Knesset elections, Democrats in fourteen states in the US voted in Super Tuesday. This year’s Democratic presidential primaries pit the party establishment, represented by former Vice President Joe Biden against the party’s activist base comprising revolutionary socialists led by Senator Bernie Sanders. Their fight casts in stark relief the dismal state of both the Israeli…

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The straetgic cost of Israel’s political instability

When Israel BeitenuĀ  party chairman Avigdor Liberman abruptly resigned his position as Defense Minister last November and started the countdown to the Knesset elections in April, he plunged Israel into a state of political instability. Following the April elections, by refusing to serve in a government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and so forcing Israel into a second election,…

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A note on Tuesday’s elections

The US media coverage of the Israeli election has misrepresented the results of Tuesday’s vote. This isn’t necessarily deliberate. Israeli elections are inscrutable for most foreigners, particularly for Americans who are used to the clarity of the presidential system and two-party system. Here are a few of basic facts about how the vote has gone, and where Israel is likely…

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