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Speech at rally for judicial reform

On September 7, I spoke outside the Supreme Court in Jerusalem at a mass rally in favor of judicial reform. The event was held on the eve of the Supreme Court hearing last week on a petition from a U.S.-funded far left group asking it to abrogate an amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary. The Supreme Court has no power…

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Dershowitz Parts with the Israeli Left

In my breakdown of the news last week I focused on the increased violence of the Left’s direct actions against the government. In recent weeks, the left has embraced more and more tactics that characterized Antifa’s violent riots in the U.S. in the summer of 2020. To watch on Youtube, click below. To watch on Rumble click below. To listen…

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Conversation with Conrad Black on Judicial Reform

This week’s Caroline Glick Show is a special one. Last week I was in Toronto and had the privilege of having a conversation with Lord Conrad Black about judicial reform in Israel. The conversation was sponsored by the Toronto Zionist Council and is brought here in full. To watch the conversation on YouTube, click below. To watch the show on…

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