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Netanyahu’s Upcoming Visit to China – Strategic Analysis

Why is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting China? Just how involved in the Middle East is China today? To explore Sino-Israeli relations following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announced state visit to Beijing, my guest this week on the Caroline Glick show is Carice Witte. Witte is the founder and executive director of SIGNAL Global, an Israeli think tank that focuses…

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Russia, Ukraine and the End of U.S. Superpower Dominance

In the aftermath of Russia’s conquest of Bakhmut, my guest on this week’s “Caroline Glick Show” is David Goldman. Goldman was perhaps the first commentator to point out the geostrategic implications of the Biden administration’s haphazard, sanctions-based plan to defeat Russia. As a guest on the “Caroline Glick Show” shortly after the Russian invasion began, Goldman warned that the U.S.…

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