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Panel on Israel’s borders at CPAC

Last week I was honored to speak on the main stage at CPAC along with Gov. Scott Walker, Cong. Lee Zeldin and Yishai Fleischer about what Israel’s map ought to look like. Here is the video of our presentation.

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Interview on Jewish rights, anti-Zionism and general Jew hatred

This is an interview I did last week for a Mexican Jewish website on my views on defending Israel, on Israel’s rights and on anti-Jewish discrimination. The writer asked me specifically about why I got angry at Anshel Pfeffer for falsely claiming that Israel’s communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines are illegal in a panel we participated in at the…

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Panel discussion on radical Islam

Monday I participated in a panel discussion on radical Islam at the Government Press Office’s Christian media summit. Here is the video of the panel. Here’s the official video. It doesn’t include my answer to the first question but it contains the entire question and answer session.

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