Monthly Archives : April 2021

The Threats American Jewry Refuses to Face

After being forced by Covid-19 restrictions to celebrate Passover alone last year, like their Israeli brethren, American Jews were by and large able to celebrate the Passover seder with their friends and families this year. And as in Israel, American Jewish families reveled in their deliverance from loneliness on the Jewish festival of deliverance. But even the joy of Passover…

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The Israeli NeverNetanyahu Right’s Moment of Truth

A month before Israel’s March 21 general elections, I argued in Newsweek that they would likely result in continued political paralysis. Last week’s election was Israel’s fourth election for its parliament—the Knesset—since April 2019. Based on the polls, I argued that nothing changed—those late March elections would lead again to a stalemate and force the country into a fifth election in August 2021.…

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