Monthly Archives : June 2018

Emmanuel Macron’s Man-boy Dandruff Diplomacy

French President Emmanuel Macron showed Wednesday that he continues to take a flaky approach to international diplomacy. Shortly after the then-39-year-old took office last year, he decided that the best way to establish his seriousness as an international player was by squeezing President Donald Trump’s hand super-duper hard during their first meeting, which took place at a NATO conference in May 2017.…

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Trump’s North Korean Strategy is Terrifying Iran

The North Korean media reported Sunday that Syrian President Bashar Assad is due in Pyongyang for an official state visit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Much of the instant media commentary regarding the announcement claimed that it is nothing more than a testament to the deep, long-standing ties between the two isolated nations, whose rogue behavior has caused both to be…

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Who leads Israel?

Israel has a problem with its security brass. And this week we received several reminders that the situation needs to be dealt with. Since the Hamas regime in Gaza announced in March that it was planning to have civilians swarm the border with Israel, through this week’s Hamas-Islamic Jihad mortar and rocket assault on southern Israel, the IDF General Staff…

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