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Chuck Hagel – It’s the anti-Americanism, stupid

  Chuck Hagel hates Jews. Or should I say, he hates Jews who think that Jews have rights and that their rights should be defended, in Israel by the government and the IDF, in America by Israel’s supporters.    As I mentioned before, it is not at all surprising that Obama appointed Hagel, and I see little  chance that the…

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What is Fatah celebrating today?

Today Fatah members in Dehaisheh, outside Bethlehem celebrated the terror group’s special day by parading around in paramilitary uniforms, khafiiyehs and ski caps while brandishing rifles, axes, mock-up rockets and other terror paraphernalia. Click here to watch the video.   Still according to the wise men in high places, like Israel’s President Shimon Peres, Fatah and its leader Mahmoud Abbas…

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