Monthly Archives : March 2010

The March of the Red-Green Brigades

The Red-Green alliance is on the march. On Wednesday, the leftist-controlled European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a resolution endorsing the Goldstone Report. That report, it will be recalled, denies Israel’s right to self-defense by alleging that Israel’s actions to defend itself from illegal Palestinian aggression during the course of Operation Cast Lead were war crimes. The resolution did more than…

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On the eve of Biden’s visit

The Israeli media sported banner headlines this morning proclaiming that VIce President Joe Biden’s goal during his visit here this week will be to force Prime MInister Netanyahu to stand down on Iran. I just spent the evening at Netnayhu’s father, Prof. Benzion Netanyahu’s 100th birthday party. Prof. Netanyahu ended the evening with a short address in which he stated…

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Biden’s lost cause

US Vice President Joseph Biden’s job is about to stop being easy. Indeed, it is about to become impossible. On Monday Biden will arrive in Israel for a three-day visit. Biden, who will meet with Israel’s leaders, will be the most senior official in the cavalcade of senior US officials that have descended on Israel in recent weeks. Biden will…

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