Monthly Archives : April 2003

US forces within 50 km. of Baghdad

SOUTH OF BAGHDAD – The much awaited ground offensive toward Baghdad began at 2 a.m. Wednesday. By sundown, the US forces had decimated the Republican Guard   Medina Division's 14th Brigade and moved within 50 kilometers of the Iraqi   capital and into the 'red zone' defensive cordon, US military officials   said. US forces from the 3rd Infantry Division…

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Air attacks target Iraqi artillery near capital

Air attacks target Iraqi artillery near capital SOUTH OF BAGHDAD – As I sat with US Air Force Master Sgt. J.B. Bruening in   the shade of his humvee, the voice of a special forces operative came over   his satellite radio calling in F-14 air strikes against a weapons cache and   artillery pieces in Karbala. Bruening, 36, a…

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