The Trump-Netanyahu alliance

  When they met on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin were both walking wounded.   Netanyahu arrived in Washington the center of a criminal investigation the chief characteristic of which is that selected details of the probe are regularly leaked to the media by anonymous sources who cannot be challenged or held to account.     These…

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The Livni-Fayyad two-step

    MK Tzipi Livni is apparently well regarded at the UN. According to media reports, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called Livni and offered her the position of under-secretary-general.   Guterres’s offer to Livni is supposed to be a trade-off. Livni will receive the appointment in exchange for the US canceling its veto of his plan to appoint former Palestinian…

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A beautiful friendship

  Less than a week after he was inaugurated into office, President Donald Trump announced that he had repaired the US’s fractured ties with Israel. “It got repaired as soon as I took the oath of office,” he said.   Not only does Israel now enjoy warm relations with the White House. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in the…

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jiahd paris

The evolving threat of jihad in the West

  One of the most important stories related to the September 11 attacks was the one that was deliberately left largely untold. That story is the response of some Muslims in America to the massacre of nearly 3,000 people by Islamic supremacists in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.   According to a Washington Post article published on September 18, 2001, in Jersey…

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trump in oval

The Trump way of winning the war

  The PLO is disoriented, panicked and hysterical. Speaking to Newsweek this week, Saeb Erekat, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s chief conduit to Israel and the Americans, complained that since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, no administration official had spoken to them.   “I don’t know any of them [Trump’s advisers]. We have sent them letters, written messages. They…

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The lessons of Roosevelt’s failures

  Is US President Donald Trump the new Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Does his immigration policy mimic Roosevelt’s by adopting a callous, bigoted position on would-be asylum seekers from the Muslim world?     At a press conference on June 5, 1940, Roosevelt gave an unspeakably cynical justification for his administration’s refusal to permit the desperate Jews of Nazi Germany to…

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Israel’s moment of decision

  Over the past week we were given new evidence of what many assumed for years. Former president Barack Obama and his administration weren’t interested in bringing peace to the Middle East. They were interested in harming Israel.   Last Friday, Makor Rishon published an interview with former Foreign Ministry director general Dore Gold. Gold told the paper that Obama’s…

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Merkel jihad

The Holocaust’s unlearned lessons

  The day after US President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the leaders of far-right parties in Europe convened in Koblentz, Germany.     Two days before their January 21 conference,  one of the leaders of Germany’s far-right AfD party made clear why so many people fear the rise of nationalist forces in Europe.   Speaking at a rally in Dresden,…

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Netanyahu’s shameless opponents

  Over the past week, Israel was subjected to the diplomatic equivalent of a lynch mob in Paris. It received unexpected assistance from Britain, which twice in two days departed from its traditional anti-Israel stance and blocked the Paris conference’s anti-Israel declaration from being adopted as the official position of the European Union.   Also over the past week, outgoing…

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Trump, the pistol and the olive branch

  With a gun on his hip, on November 13, 1974, PLO chief Yasser Arafat stood before the UN General Assembly and made the West an offer that it didn’t refuse.   At the end of a long speech in which he rewrote history to erase all connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel and criminalized the…

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