Yawning gap between Israeli public and media

Just to understand the critical importance of Latma in empowering the Israeli public to stand up to the Israeli media, look at these two stories.


First, from the leftist Haaretz newspaper, comes a story about a Haaretz poll that shows the Israeli public overwhelmingly thinks Netanyahu advanced the country’s national interests and did not harm Israel’s relations with the US during his trip to the US this week.


Notice how the reporter Yossi Verter bemoans the poll results.


Next up we have an article from Ethan Bronner in the New York Times. Bonner asserts that the Israeli public overwhelmingly views Netanyahu’s trip to Washington as a failure. To back up his claim he relies entirely on the Israeli media coverage of Bibi’s trip. And that coverage was overwhelmingly negative, as Bronner notes.


What the New York Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief fails to tell his readers however, is that the Israeli media represents the views of anywhere between one and twenty percent of the public. The fact that he refers to Kadima and Yediot as “centrist” doesn’t make them so. As Latma points out everyday, Yediot and its internet site ynet propagate as a matter of routine, the policy preferences of the radical left. 


As for Kadima, it is enough to mention that Shaul Mofaz, Livni’s “hawkish” number 2, openly advocates that Israel negotiate with Hamas. 


Here’s the Times story.


Thanks to the JCPA’s Daily Alert for posting these pieces side by side.