Why we must fight and why we will win

What follows are two videos that popped up on YouTube over the past week. 

The first, a Jew hating screed by a protester at the Occupy Wall Street protests shows what we are up against. Watch and try to find any difference between what this man says and Nazi propaganda.


The second video is Pat Condell’s latest video.


When I first became aware of Pat Condell’s videos several years ago, I was frustrated. On the one hand, he clearly understood the threat to freedom posed by Muslim supremacists. On the other hand, he was anti-Israel.


In the video below, Condell defends Israel against its detractors. The reason it is important is not so much for what he says, although, as always he makes a compelling, eloquent case. The reason it is important is that it shows that the war of ideas is important, and we can and will win it. 


Not all people who oppose Israel are brain dead, evil Jew haters like the leftist in the first video. Some are amenable to reason and willing to reassess their views in the face of fact and reality. They are the people we need to reach and we can reach them.


We can win this war against evil. It is a hard fight, and often a frustrating one. But it is the moral and existential battle of our times and therefore we are both obliged and privileged to be on the side of good.


Here’s the monster.




And here’s Pat Condell: