Update on The New Israeli Guardsmen

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Since my article appeared last week, I have been inundated with requests to help support the organization. Some people have asked to join. Others have asked to contribute.

For those who wish to join the Guardsmen, contact Ro'i Sonnenberg. His phone number in Israel is 054-638-3998.

As to contributions, the group is just completing the process of registering as a non-profit organization in Israel. Today they are opening a legal trust account where donations can be transferred. This is an account administered by an attorney. It is the legal way for non-profits to receive donations during the period that they are forming. Later in the day I will update this post with the bank account number where contributions can be directed.

As for tax exempt donations in the US, the Guardsmen is now in the process of determining which US 501C3 organization is best suited to act as their US counterpart. If you have suggestions, email them to me and I will place the group in contact with your suggested group.

 As for the Guardsmen's activities, well, here's a chronological update.

Apparently in response to the confrontation which I reported on from March 21, Arab Beduin sumbitted a complaint with the police against J. claiming that he threatened them with an M-16 and stole some of the calves. The only problem with their complaint – aside from being fabricated — is that they claim that the altercation occurred on the opposite side of the moshav and at the same time that J. was with me waiting for the police to arrive in response to his complaint that the Kablawis had sent their horses to his father's cattle pasture land.

Also on March 21, in an attempt at revenge, marauders destroyed 1.5 km of fencing around J.'s father's grazing areas and fields.

BUT while the Beduin and local Arabs begin targeting him, he and his Guardsmen have been quite active. On March 28 J. held a conference for ranchers in the Galilee to make them aware of the Guardsmen's activities and to get them involved.

On Staturday night, March 290, in anticipation of the projected Arab riots for Land Day, J. organized 65 volunteers from the area and from the Ein Prat pre-army leadership academy to stand guard in three key areas. They arrived Saturday night and patrolled throughout the night and will continue to patrol all day today.

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  • Marc Handelsman, USA 03/30/2008 at 16:53

    For those who have the financial resources, please support the New Israeli Guardsmen. These courageous men are on the frontlines protecting their families and friends. It would be a big help, if the New Israeli Guardsmen could launch an English web site.

  • charms 04/07/2008 at 21:59

    God bless America and our Militaries!!! Show your patriotic feelings to America. USA Patriotic and Armed Forces Charms are great way to show loyalty and support for your country and for people, which serve this country.


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