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Last week I taped an interview with Avi Schnurr, the Director of Israel's Missile Defense Association. I thought that PJTV would broacast it the next day, but it works out, they saved it for tomorrow so you'll be able to watch it then. In the meantime, yesterday they broadcast an updated commentary from me on Israel's elections and today they broadcast an interview I conducted yesterday with Prof. Avi Bell from Bark Ilan Law School. Prof. Bell is a specialist in international law and directs the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Global Law Forum. We discussed the international legal status of Hamas against the backdrop of the international human rights movement's renewed campaign against Israel in the wake of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

You can check out all the programs at http://www.pjtv.com/page/Middle_East_Update/88/

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  • Luigi Frascati, Canada 02/25/2009 at 12:17

    In essence, what Prof. Bell is stating is that Israelis are still persecuted today, just like the Jews in the 1930’s and ’40’s. A different type of persecution though, not a violent one but with equally devastating consequences nonetheless. While watching you and Prof. Bell on video, all of a sudden it has occurred to me to think of the deliberated insulting way Daniel Bernard addressed Israel all the way back in the days immediately after 9/11.
    Bernard was France’s Ambassador to Britain back then, and while talking about the Israeli-Palestinian issue during a private reception he referred to Israel as “ce petit pays de merde”, in English “that shitty little country”. Bernard’s line of thought was similar to Chas Freeman’s but in grander style. Bernard was accusing Israel of being the root of pretty much all problems of the world and the possible cause of a future WWIII. He apparently continued denigrating Jews in general, addressing American Jews as “those darn little bastards” and Israelis in particular (they stole someone else’s land and play martyrs all the times).
    I am not trying to stir up resentment against France by bringing up all this. Bernard is now dead and surely he has more impellent things to take care of than a bunch of Jews. What I want to bring to light, however, is the hidden anti-Semitism that still pervades Europe and which manifests itself in different ways – in this case under the false effigy of justice and the law.
    Prof. Bell refers to Spain and Britain as the two nations where the legal system is such that anyone can file with the judiciary a complaint against Israelis allegedly involved in the perpetration of crimes against humanity, whether ordinary citizens or those in command. But as a European-born myself, quite frankly I must say that the same could happen in France or Italy.
    Anti-Semitism in Europe is one of the many aversions to anything foreigner to European culture. The reason why anti-Semitism is at the forefront of all that Europeans have and still perceive as non-European though, if not anti-European, is that Judaism (the covenant between G-d and Abraham – thus the Abrahamic religions) is at the very core and foundation of Christendom (and Islam).
    As Christendom is at the very core and foundation of European civilization, it is inadmissible to the Europeans to discover the fact that they are, in ultimate analysis, a fraud (with Islam being the other fraud). In order to defray this fraud Christians have portrayed Jews, on and off throughout the centuries, as those who rejected G-d’s truth by committing deicide, that is by killing Jesus, whom they believe to be the son of G-d.
    Anti-Israelism is the political manifestation of anti-Semitism, a form of social and legal discrimination or, as in the examples made by Prof. Bell, a political mobilization against the Israelis, i.e. the Jews of Israel.
    Anyway, it was a very interesting video. A lot more interesting than watching Barack Obama telling Congress he will bankrupt the country in two years.

  • Aaron M. 02/26/2009 at 3:31

    In an interview, one of the few survivors of the Jonestown massacre described looking around as the Koolaid lines formed, thinking “where did all these fucking guns come from”.
    Considering how leftist thinking could very well amount to national suicide, at what point do you as an individuel ask the rehtorical question “where did all these fucking guns come from”? And at that point in a democratic society, what do you do about it?

  • Rory 02/26/2009 at 12:36

    I watched the video with Professor Bell and it seems to me that Israel should take offensive legal action against the various human rights organizations and individuals within them that are accusing them of war crimes. They are promoting things that in the least they have no legal proof to state publicly. It seems to me that if they are challenged in court it could be proven that they are knowingly promoting ideas they have no basis to state publicly as fact. How can you accuse a nation of war crimes without vetting your evidence? This would seem to be illegal to me. Israel shouldn’t be taking this lying down…it needs to wield a big legal stick or otherwise the accusations will continue unabated…


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