The Tribal Update interviews Barack Obama

Latma’s  Tribal Update was the first Israeli media organ to receive an interview with US President Barack Hussein Obama.







And just imagine, he spoke with us in front of the cameras the same week he refused to evn have his picture taken with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.





Obama gave Netanyahu yet a new ultimatum. He wants us to give up the outskirts of Jerusalem, end all of our counterterror operations in Judea and Samaria, release 1000 terrorists from prison and end all Jewish construction in Jerusalem and he wants an answer by tomorrow – Shabbat. Does anyone want to seriously argue that this man isn’t an anti-Semite? And look, just as General Petreaus denied that he blamed the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan on Israel, Defense Secretary Robert Gates blamed the Jews. Netanyahu rightly made clear that this assertion is a complete lie during his speech to AIPAC. 
Oh, and if that weren’t enough, well, the administration is blaming the Jews for its failure to build an international coalition in support of sanctions against Iran.
And then, as my friend Michael Ledeen points out, there is the fact that the administration is justifying its insistence that Jews not be allowed to assert our property rights over the Shepherd Hotel in Jerusalem by recalling that the building used to be the home of Nazi agent Haj Amin el Husseini. That is, the US is siding with a Nazi war criminal against the Jews.


I hope you enjoy our show this week and distribute it to all your friends and families. And I wish you all a happy and kosher Pessach, the festival of freedom. In Israel, we strive for freedom every day of our lives. And our freedom is challenged every single day. At least we have figured Obama out. I hope that American Jews are beginning to wake up from their delusion that they can rely on the anti-Semitic left to defend them. And I hope that the American people are able to survive the Obama presidency and make a new contract with freedom that will see America emerging freer and better than ever before.


Hag sameach,