The Tribal Update

This week’s show from my Hebrew language media satire website discusses among other things the sorry tale of Uri Korb, the Assistant District Attorney in Jerusalem. Korb, who serves as the chief prosecutor in Ehud Olmert’s upcoming trial was forced to take a leave of absence this week. 


In his spare time Korb teaches law and a student of his who is suspected of having ties to Olmert’s defense team taped him joking with his class about the Supreme Court justices. He criticized Supreme Court President Dorit Benisch for claiming among other things that former President Moshe Katzav must be tried for rape because he is guilty and referred to the justices as “donkeys.”


Yediot Ahronot, whose owner Noni Mozes is friends with Olmert reported the story in a banner headline in its weekend paper last Friday. Benisch responded immediately saying that Korb must be barred from appearing before courts.


If you have trouble understanding the second sketch, you can refer to my column on the subject of the New Israel Fund from a few weeks ago. Naomi Chazan is the head of the New Israel Fund.


So now, without further ado, here’s this week’s Tribal Update.