The Leaker in Chief

Last month, provoked by the Obama White House’s penchant for routinely using top secret information to advance its political fortunes on the backs of US allies, agents and armed forces, Latma produced an English-language song we called Tell on Me, to the tune of the immortal words of Ben E. King’s masterpiece Stand By Me.

If you missed it then, here it is again.




I mention our work because this week a courageous group of former US Special Operations fighters posted a video where they spell out precisely how Obama’s leaks imperil US national security. It’s already going viral. When I watched it last night it had 57,000 views. Now it’s got nearly 250,000. 


Here it is if you haven’t seen it.



It would be terrific if by the elections more than 10 million people saw both videos. Please help Latma and these courageous American warriors get the message out.


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