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I’ve been remiss in posting the recent editions of the Tribal Update from my Hebrew language media satire website Latma. Since prolonged travel home to Israel from a month-long sojourn in the US prevented me from writing my column for Friday’s Jerusalem Post, now is a good opportunity to bring on the last three Tribal Updates.

This week’s show features the Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable rage Tawil Fadiha visiting UN Headquarters in New York and Barak Obama’s Reality Perception Adviser John Indenial discussing Obama’s Nuclear Summit in Washington. 

We thank Pamela Hall for volunteering to film our actor Noam Jacobson during his visit to New York last week. 



Last week’s show came across the backdrop of the Haaretz spy scandal. It included a special commericial break for rose color glasses designed by Israeli traitor Tali Fahima. It also included an interview with Roeh Eder, a reporter for Yediot Ahronot’s web portal ynet in which he discussed how his paper is covering Israel’s latest diplomatic catastrophes.


Finally, our show from 2 weeks ago included a debate about the place of the Arab claim that Israel’s establishment was a catastrophe (Nakba) in the public school curriculum between the two sides represented in political debates on Israeli television. It also included a clip from the popular investigative reporting show “Fact,” hosted by Israeli leftwing extremist Ilana Dayan in which she interviewed an illegal alien from Sudan who accuses Israel of racially discriminating against him.


Latma’s version of Chad Gadya that I posted a few weeks ago has received more than 150,000 hits and it served as the anchor for a debate on a primetime news porgram which discussed the appropriate role for opposition leader Tzipi Livni in light of the Obama administration’s onslaught against the Netanyahu government. This shows that we are accomplishing our mission of widening the public debate in Israel in order to make it more relevant to the challenges facing the country.

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  • Terry, Eilat - Israel 04/25/2010 at 4:04

    Welcome back, I missed reading your column, all I found was a nice article by Sarah Honig & the usual wishy-washy crap from Mr Horowitz. Lately, I just skim the JPost, it’s as disappointing as Netanyahu & his side-kick, Ehud Barak.
    Thanks for the Latma with English sub-titles – it’s totally brilliant, so, why doesn’t Latma appear on JPost?


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