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The straetgic cost of Israel’s political instability

When Israel Beitenu  party chairman Avigdor Liberman abruptly resigned his position as Defense Minister last November and started the countdown to the Knesset elections in April, he plunged Israel into a state of political instability. Following the April elections, by refusing to serve in a government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and so forcing Israel into a second election,…

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Syria – The War Everyone Must Fight and No One Can Win

Saturday morning’s violent clashes along the Israeli-Syria border between Israel on the one hand and Iran and Syrian regime forces on the other occurred against the backdrop of multiplying acts of war and violence among a seemingly endless roster of combatants. To understand the significance and implications of the clashes – which saw Israel destroy an Iranian drone that penetrated…

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Trump’s Dealing with North Korea

In my weekly video talk with Avi Abelow we discuss the recent discourse surrounding President Trumps dealing with North Korea. While many people are responding by saying that any military strike on North Korea would bring dead Koreans, and can not be considered, John Bolton asks these people in return “well what about dead Americans” from a nuclear North Korea?…

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