Rick Santorum on Jerusalem

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Senator Rick Santorum has an important oped in the New York Daily News today about how the Obama administration is breaking US law by not recognizing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. 


As he writes:


It is actually not well known that the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 made it U.S. law to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that the waiver provision of the act only applied to moving the embassy to Jerusalem. A letter to President Bill Clinton — signed by 84 U.S. senators, including me — articulated this point.


Senator Santorum makes the additional, worrisome point that Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney has refused to explicitly commit himself to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem if he is elected president. Rather than articulate a position on this and other issues, Romney has repeatedly stated that he will advise with the Prime Minister of Israel. As Senator Santorum notes, this isn’t a position.


Again, like everyone else, I support Governor Romney against Obama. But I think it is crucial that he tell us definitively what his policy on Israel — and other salient issues — would be. And again, the best way to do this would be for him to commit to appointing John Bolton his Secretary of State.


By the way, I happen to think that Senator Santorum is wonderful. The day Latma released our song We Con the World, exposing the media’s collusion with the Turkish terrorists who attacked IDF naval commandos aboard the Mavi Marmara, Sentator Santorum was guest hosting Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show. He gave me a long interview and played the entire song for his audience of more than a million listeners. 


He is a wonderful and true friend of Israel and his foreign policy positions have always been clear and wise.


It is pretty clear now that Senator Santorum is not going to be the Republican presidential nominee. But he is a great American and a great friend of Israel and for that he has earned my respect. I hope that he will play a big and influential role in US politics this year and for many years to come. 
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