Oops Bibi does it again

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In this week’s Tribal Update, the television on Internet program produced by Latma, the Hebrew’language media satire website I run, we discuss Netanyahu’s latest bid to freeze Jewish construction for the Obama administration. Jamil and Awad, our resident suicide bombers discuss how to explode in an environmentally friendly way. And as usual, we bring you all the latest news updates we think you should hear.




Here is the entire show.




Here is the clip of Bibi channeling Britney Spears.





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  • naomir 11/27/2010 at 19:27

    Shavuah tov Caroline and Latma team. You all have a wonderful sense of humor, but amidst the satire I sense the sadness. Bibi is selling out Israel yet once again, and for what? For promises that will never be kept. How many times will he and the Left have to be humiliated before the truth finally sinks in. May G-d continue to watch over us.

  • DaveP 11/27/2010 at 20:07

    The Palis are getting desperate. I wonder why.
    The ones reason I can think is that they are aware that the gravy train may be coming to a stop. The Western world, from where they get the cash, is in recession. Obama is now hampered by a GoP Congress with its hands on the purse strings. The EU is running out of money, what with the bail outs.
    Given the above, I think the Palis are going to do a “North Korea” – use guns and demand more bread. It worked before for both North Korea and the Palis.
    Israel – be warned.

  • Tony60 11/29/2010 at 22:45

    I’m always out there telling people how great LatmaTV is, sending links, etc. No one loves what you do more than I do, and I’ll keep being a fan. I appreciate that Latma takes on humor that we don’t have the guts to do here in the U.S.
    Did you really have to go for the cheap anti-Pope shot? I can get that crap from any left-wing site or show. Was it really relevant to your usual content? (And if you’re going to keep it up, tell your writers it’s “altar boys” not “choir boys.”)
    And I don’t take religious cheap shots at Jews–EVER. (Okay, how ’bout the one about the predominantly Jewish suburb in Minnesota that elected the only muslim congressman–twice.)
    I still love your site and Latma; I’ll get over it.


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