Latma’s newest episodes

I have been out of the posting loop for the past couple of weeks so I apologize that it has taken me until now to post Latma’s latest shows.


Here’s the Tribal Update from last week. It features an interview with former Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin, who like his colleagues on the Left who made careers in Israeli intelligence, has not been able to keep his big mouth shut about Israel’s most closely guarded secrets since he retired last year. We also feature a behind the scenes look at A Jewish Home’s unbelievably talented ad agency, and show you a candid camera video of the meeting between the three heads of the three leftist parties – Tzipi Livni, Yair Lapid and Sheli Yahimovich.




Here’s Avishai Ivri’s show from this past week.




And here is the Tribal Update from the week before last. It includes the song A Day Will Come and the Supreme Court’s deliberations on Hanin Zuabi’s appeal of the Central Elections Commission decision to reject her Knesset candidacy due to her support for terrorism.




And here is Avishai Ivri’s show from the week before last.



Sorry again for the delay in posting .Enjoy all the broadcasts. 


Oh, and here again, is the song A Day Will Come as a separate clip. The song itself begins at 2:08. 



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