Latma updates and some happy house cleaning

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As regular visitors to this site know, Latma, the donor-funded Hebrew language media satire website has taken a break from our regular weekly satirical television on internet newscast The Tribal Update to explore new ideas. We’ll be coming back next week. In the meantime, here are a bunch of sketches we’ve worked on in recent weeks.

I hope you enjoy them all.
BSN News Network’s amazing plan for peace
The Peace Movement Leader’s amazing confession

Shaul Mofaz’s Rolodex
Israel’s Treasury betrays the cause of social justice
Improvising Jihad
In the meantime, this month, after eight years of being honored to work with the Center for Security Policy in Washington, I have transferred my hat to the amazing David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles.
I’ll remain at the CSP as the adjunct fellow for Middle Eastern affairs. At the Freedom Center I will serve as the Director of the Israel Security Project. And I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s the link to the flattering write-up on my move from Frontpage Magazine, the Freedom Center’s amazing online news source.
Next week I’ll post the link to donate to Latma through the Freedom Center. Also on Monday, I’ll be speaking in LA for the Children of Holocaust Survivors. Here’s the information on the talk. If you’re around, I hope you’ll join us.

An election that will set the course of U.S.-Israel relations for the next four years is a little more than three months away. Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors is proud to present, Caroline Glick, one of the most important Israeli commentators speaking on “Israel on the Eve of US Elections.”

Threats mount everyday against Israel and Jews worldwide. Israel faces the danger of a nuclear Iran while the international community dithers and engages in ineffective negotiations with the leading terror state. The United States engages in diplomatic attempts to ingratiate itself with the Muslim Brotherhood and formed a “Global Counterterrorism Forum” (GCTF) that excluded Israel from its proceeding this month. The administration appears to be making continual attempts to stop Israel from taking action to defend itself against a clear and present danger, but does not appear to have a plan to stop Iran from obtaining the ultimate weapon against the Jewish state.

$30 per person

Cash or check at the door

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For more information please call  (818)704-0523

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