LA Jewish Journal writes about Latma

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As most of you who follow this blog know, last year I launched Latma, a Hebrew language media satire site. So far our accomplishments have exceeded our expectations and we have big plans to expand our operations in the coming year. 

Our work attracted the attention of veteran reporter Lou Marano who interviewed me and visited our modest production studio last month. This week the Los Angeles Jewish Journal published his write up of our work. 
If you have the means, please support our work, through the Center for Security Policy in Washington. If you don’t have the means, please make a point of telling your friends and relatives about Latma. If we are able to raise the money, among other things, next year we will begin subtitling all of our shows into English.
Meantime, tune into our site’s English translations.


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  • Marcel 12/24/2009 at 6:52

    I love your rotating Latma header.
    I can hear the opposition;
    How dare you turn the light on,now we are having a more difficult job and may have to scurry back into dark corners.
    The link is up at my blog for my two readers.
    I wish someone would come to the defense of the Jewish lower caste ‘settlers’ now fair game for attack from even the supposed right.
    This Jerusalem Post article
    Religious Zionists must disown the zealots
    needs a few correction :
    The Onus and the dysfunctional IDF
    The diabolical peace process has turned Israel on it’s head.
    The many examples of breakdown and decay can be seen by the IDF doing what Israel’s enemies have wanted to do since 1948.
    Another example is the gross failure of the IDF to defeat Hezbollah and Hamas ensuring another bloodier and costlier war after this enemy has rearmed with even deadlier weapons.
    The onus is not on the religious zionists but on those who made the failures possible by perverting the mission of the IDF and restraining their goal to please Washington and their Arab partners.
    The spineless politicians who cannot say no to Washington and do it’s bidding against Israel’s interests.
    These worthless politicians who have yet to be held accountable.
    It’s easy to go against the minority,that’s always been the modus operandi of the compromised.
    Stop covering for them dear Isi.
    They damaged the foundations and you are compromised and in bed with them.
    Leave the religious alone and go after the real culprits if you have the guts to.

  • Chana Wilner 12/25/2009 at 13:47

    Dear Caroline,
    thank you so much for your straight talk about the current political state here and Israel. Your keen understanding and saviness that you convey in your articles is eye-opening. Caroline, I’d like your thoughts on something that I’ve been thinking about. I do hope that you will say that I’m far fetched!
    Before this Obama was put into the White House it came to the attention of another friend who read about Obama’s escapades in Kenya and an individual he was connected to at that time, a cousin of his, Odenyga. I don’t know if we were correct in our understanding as to what took place at that time, but it appeared as if these conspirators attempted an overthrow of the Kenyan government. Please correct me if our information is wrong!.
    The government of Israel is taking a horrifying stand against the Hesder Movement and those living ing Judea and Samaria,(our holy land). Based on information that I read yesterday the heads of Religious Zionists together with the Hesder Yeshivas will not participate in expulsion of Jews there. This appears to be a planned sell-out that is being forced on our countrymen from this administration, and the rotten left wing Israelis. This could potentially escalate into G-d forbid a civil or religious war, pitting Jew against Jew(chas V’shalom) which could in turn bring down the Natanyahu government. Do you believe that obama could set up a puppet government in israael and enforce martial law. This individual is capable of anything and has his spies and puppets everywhere. Please tell me that I’m crazy, Caroline. thank you again Caroline, you are a breath of fresh air. Sincerely yours, and Shabbat Shalom. Chana Anne Zagorski


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