Israel’s Supreme Court vs. Israel

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In this week’s Tribal Update brought to you by Latma, the Hebrew language media satire site I run, we feature “MK Aziz Abdul Messit” who gives us the rap about how Israel’s Arab community operates in the chasm between the Israeli Supreme Court and the Israeli people. 


We also feature an inside look at how Israel’s brave reporters will stop at nothing to bring viewers all the blood and guts they can dream up.


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Now here’s the show. Enjoy and spread far and wide.


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  • naomir 07/30/2010 at 14:34

    Caroline, you and the team deserve Academy Awards for this one. Absolutely fantastic and so true. Thanks once again.

  • Anonymous 07/31/2010 at 9:29

    The rap song is sheer (shir?) genius – and MK Abdul Messit is a wonderful addition to the Latma cast of characters. The slick veneer on the basic savagery … love it! But I hope we haven’t seen the last of his more forthright counterpart, the Minister of Uncontrollable Rage.
    Good point at the end of Messit’s song, that these savages would far rather live with the people they want to destroy than with the people they claim as their own “culture.” So if, G-d forbid, they destroy all the Jews in Israel, what next? They don’t know how to do anything BUT destroy.
    Keep up the good work. Everyone involved in these projects is brilliant – the lyrics, the acting, the singing, the camerawork, even the costuming and props. (Love Messit’s comb-over, and the dollar sign around his neck.)
    Oh, and Ronit’s smooching over the kiddie pictures is a wonderful touch. (“I want one” – good comment on the elitism of the egalitarians!) The look on Elchanan’s face is priceless. You guys are great.


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