Israeli plan for East Jerusalem: A trial run in annexation

Ras Al Amoud


If you can get past Haaretz’s trademark anti-Israel bias, the article below substantiates my argument in The Israeli Solution that the integrationist trend among the Arabs of Jerusalem and Israel has positive strategic implications for Israel and must be used as a template for the extension of Israeli law to Judea and Samaria.

The article below also states, as I write in the book, that the counter trend is increased Islamic radicalism. The only true remedy for this trend — beyond facilitating integration– is strong, uncompromising law enforcement. And this can only be achieved in a meaningful way through reform of Israel’s radical, post-Zionist law enforcement system.


-Caroline Glick


Israeli Plan for East Jerusalem: A trial run in annexation


By Nir Hasson

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The government plan to strengthen Israel’s control over East Jerusalem, approved Sunday by the cabinet, did not emerge from a vacuum. It’s the product of a right-wing perspective that’s shared by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who also holds the Jerusalem Affairs portfolio. The essence of this approach is breaking down the issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the status of Jerusalem into components including economics, education and infrastructure.


It’s no coincidence that both Barkat and Bennett came to politics from the world of business, from which they apparently brought the notion that if you can’t beat them, you can buy them. They believe that the best way to take Jerusalem off the diplomatic agenda is to add funding and improve the economy in the eastern part of the city.


“The premise underlying the civilian elements in this plan is the existence of a close link between the scope and level of violence by East Jerusalem residents, and the standard of living in the eastern neighborhoods,” according to the announcement released by the Prime Minister’s Bureau.


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