Israel Media Watch Award Ceremony

On Sunday night Latma was awarded Israel Media Watch’s Abramowitz Award for Media Criticism. It was a terrific ceremony. Most of the Latma crew was present.

Here is a still photograph showing Minister of Communications Moshe Kahlon and IMW prize committee member Dalia Zelikovich giving us the prize.


IMW award Latma 20.2.11.JPG
Here is an interview I did for Arutz 7 explaining Latma’s work and our mission.




Here is IMW President Prof. Eli Pollack explaining the what the award is about.



Finally, for the Hebrew speakers among you, here’s a video of the actual ceremony.
Thanks to Boaz Arad from Anochi online journal and the Israel Ayn Rand Society for taking the video and letting me post it. 



Three other people won awards from IMW this year including my dear friend and colleague Khaled Abu Toameh from the Jerusalem Post. What makes Latma’s award truly special is that we were chosen in a vote open to the public. Out of over 4,000 votes cast, Latma won by an enormous margin. I think the tremendous outpouring of public support we received is a testament to the talent of our crew and to the fact that in our work we are giving voice to the sentiments and values of the great majority of Israelis who are tired of being ill-served by our unprofessional, biased media.