Head of Yale’s Education Policy Committee — confessed plagiarist

Fareed Zakaria - plagiarist.jpg


Another one for the annals of higher education.


Fareed Zakaria, TIME and CNN’s media star and Obama foreign policy advisor and media flack has been caught plagiarizing. See here.


Both media outlets have suspended him. 


Interestingly silent in this scandal is Zakaria’s other major professional home: Yale University. You see, in addition to his well known media and political associations, Zakaria also serves as the chairman of Yale University’s Educational Policy Committee. He also serves on the Yale Corporation’s Investments Committee.The Yale Corporation has had no response whatsoever to Zakaria’s transgression. 


While plagiarism is a horrible thing in the media, it is about the biggest academic crime known to man. And yet, again, Yale has taken no action against the plagiarist who heads its education policy committee. 


Nice university they’ve got there.