American Jew hatred on the march

The following is from Lee Whitnum, a Jew hating Democrat candidate for Joe Lieberman’s Senate seat.

We should remember that in the Democrat primary in 2006, Lieberman’s rival Ned Lamont heavily employed anti-Jewish innuendos, blaming neoconservatives, (that is, Jews), for the war in Iraq. His backers were unabashed in their use of anti-Jewish slurs against Lieberman and his family. 
And Lamont WON the primary. And the Democrat Party refused to back Lieberman in the primary. 
Obviously, Lee Whitnum the Jew hater featured below decided it makes sense to use her Jew hatred as a campaign asset.

Wonder whether President Obama who heads the Democrat Party will expel this bigot from the party. Wonder if the Jewish community will demand that he do so.
Oh, never mind.