About that demographic threat…The French are coming!!!

aliyah sign-up in France

The main guarantor of Israel’s Jewish majority has always been aliyah. Today, Jewish birthrates in Israel are higher than Arab birthrates in Judea and Samaria. They are converging with Arab Israeli birthrates. According to the latest data from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, whereas in 1985 Jewish births made up 69% of the total births in Israel, in 2013, Jewish births comprised 77% of the total births in Israel.

Moreover, the Palestinians are leaving, by the thousands and tens of thousands. Last year some 20,000 emigrated from Judea and Samaria, by official counts.

Add to all of this the fact that, as the article below reports, Israel is now absorbing French Jews in record numbers, and is also welcoming high and rising numbers of olim from other Western European countries and from Ukraine, and you understand why demography is Israel’s ace in the hole.

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