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Castro’s greatest victory

  The Palestinians are loudly mourning the passing of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. PLO Chief and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas ordered flags in the PA to be flown at half-mast on Sunday to honor Castro.     They are right to celebrate him.     The Cuban Communist dictator, who murdered tens of thousands of his own people, imprisoned…

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The ADL’s new bedfellows

  In an interview this week with the Australian media, Jordan’s King Abdullah became the latest Arab leader to express hope that President-elect Donald Trump and his team will lead the world’s to date failed fight against jihadist Islam.     Like his counterparts in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Abdullah effectively ruled out the possibility that President Barack Obama will…

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Amona and the rule of law

  Israel’s rule of law is facing a serious challenge. Depending on how it ends, we will either see our democracy secured, or we will find ourselves trapped in an authoritarian legal order in which our laws and our legal norms are dictated to the public by a junta of unelected attorneys.     The site of the battle is…

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The Ellison Challenge

    The Democratic Party stands at a crossroads today. And so do the Jewish Democrats.     Out of power in the White House and both houses of Congress, the Democrats must decide what sort of party they will be in the post-Obama world.     They have two basic options.     They can move to the center…

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Israel in the Trump Era

    What can we expect from President-elect Donald Trump’s administration?     The positions that Trump struck during the presidential campaign were sometimes inconsistent and even contradictory. So it is impossible to forecast precisely what he will do once in office. But not everything is shrouded in mystery. Indeed, some important characteristics of his administration are already apparent.  …

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Tim Kaine, Clinton and three dead GIs

  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has largely escaped scrutiny in the US presidential election now drawing to a close.     But as Americans make their ways to the polls, one of the final issues worth considering is what Kaine’s inclusion at the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s ticket tells us about the likely…

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Trump’s true opponent

    As these lines are being written it is Thursday morning in the US. Wikileaks announced hours ago that it is about to drop the mother lode of material it has gathered on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.   Previous Wikileaks document drops set the stage for FBI director James Comey’s letter to Congress last Friday, when he informed lawmakers…

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Netanyahu’s critical foreign tour

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trips to Australia, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan might be the most significant diplomatic visits he makes in his tenure in office. The trips will take place against the backdrop of two major international shifts that cast Israel into uncharted waters as a small state with a dizzying array of strategic threats arrayed against…

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