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Liberman F35

Time to walk away from US aid

  Next Monday, acting head of the National Security Council Brig. Gen. Jacob Nagel will sit down with his US counterpart Susan Rice and try to conclude negotiations about a new, multi-year defense assistance package.     We must all hope that he fails.     No clear Israeli interest will be advanced by concluding the aid deal presently on…

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Turkey and NATO — the end of the line

  Wednesday NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg insisted that the purge of thousands in the Turkish military – including a third of the serving generals – did not weaken the military.     Stoltenberg told Reuters, “Turkey has a large armed force, professional armed forces and…I am certain they will continue as a committed and strong NATO ally.”     It…

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tshirt in Hebron

Who speaks for American Jews?

  Last Friday, Peter Beinart and a few dozen Jewish anti-Zionists had a marvelous time in Hebron.     They wore funny blue t-shirts and sang about “tikkun olam” in two languages. They pretended they were civil rights activists. They videotaped themselves being brave. They got shown to the door by security forces after wrecking a Palestinian farmer’s grazing land…

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The Left’s “grassroots”

  It was an ironic coincidence that the same day the Knesset passed the updated, watered down NGO law, the US Senate Permanent Select Committee on Investigations published its final report on the Obama administration’s use of an Israeli registered NGO to run a campaign to bring down Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the 2015 elections.     Hours after…

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The first Iran war

  July 12, 2006 was the first day of what has become known as the Second Lebanon War. The name of the war, like most of the lessons taken from it, is off.     The war Israel fought in the summer of 2006 against Hezbollah was not the same as the war Israel fought against the PLO in 1982.…

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A note on my recent column on AIPAC

Following the publication of my column, AIPAC’s moment of decision, in the Jerusalem Post, the organization contacted the Jerusalem Post and insisted that the paper publish the following comment, at the bottom of my column. “This column makes a completely false accusation about AIPAC’s position,” Wittmann said. “AIPAC’s position has consistently been that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, should…

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AIPAC’s moment of decision

  Later this month the Republicans and Democrats will hold their respective conventions. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will officially become the presidential nominees.     Ahead of the conventions, both parties selected delegates to draft their platforms. The Democratic platform committee convened late last month.     As soon as the delegates to the Democratic platform committee were named,…

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Moral equivalence has become a moral atrocity

  We have reached the point where moral equivalence has become a moral atrocity. The smart set in the West has insisted, for over a generation, that Israel and the Palestinians are morally equal. There are extremists, on both sides, they say. Both sides are responsible for the absence of peace.     The first serious outcry against this lie…

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