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Avigdor Lieberman and Binyamin Netanyahu

Liberman’s first challenge

  Last week, a mob of 300 Muslim men in southern Egypt stripped a 70-year-old Christian woman naked and paraded her through the streets.   This Islamist atrocity came a few days before an EgyptAir flight from Paris exploded in the skies near Alexandria. It was the second passenger jet bombed by jihadists in Egypt in recent months.   Egypt…

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The Koch brothers meet the crackpots

    It’s no secret that American society and its political parties are in the midst of a period of profound instability. The presidential primaries revealed once again the vast ideological divide separating conservatives and liberals. They also revealed the yawning gap between primary voters in both parties and the parties’ leadership.   On issue after issue, from taxes to…

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Hillel’s moment of truth

  Two wars today are being waged against Jewish students on American university campuses. One is substantive, the other is institutional. The plight of the Jews at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island is emblematic of both.   The purpose of the substantive war is to deny Jews their freedom as Jews. As the guarantor of Jewish freedom, Israel is…

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9.4.16 LA

Reasons for optimism in the Republican race

On April 9, I discussed what I believe the Republican presidential primary race tells us about the possibility of a course correction in US foreign policy in the post-Obama era. I spoke at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat in Palos Verdes, California. Here is the video of my address.   Caroline Glick from DHFC on Vimeo.

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The fruits of subversion

  For the Obama administration, Israel’s security brass is an alternative government.     That is the lesson from an article published this week in Foreign Affairs by David Makovsky, a member of Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiating team during his failed peace process two years ago.     Makovsky wrote that the security brass’s unbridled vilification of Sgt.…

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Time for a new Israeli diplomatic initiative

    In a week or two, Israel will again be the focus of a well-dressed international lynch mob.     According to news reports, President Barack Obama intends to use the so-called Middle East Quartet, comprised of the US, the UN, Russia and the EU, as a tool to ratchet up Western condemnations of the Jewish state. The report…

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More than is absolutely necessary

    The strangest aspect of the current hullabaloo in Britain about anti-Semitism in the Labor Party is that it is happening at all. Since when has Jew-hatred been something that Labor feels it necessary to abhor? For more than a decade, the party, like the British Left from whence it emanates, has provided a warm home for Jew-haters.  …

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